Increasing evaporative demand is escalating summertime dryness severity in California and the West, according to climate researchers.

Evaporative demand is essentially the atmosphere’s “thirst.” the is calculated based upon temperature, humidity, wind speed and also solar radiation. The the sum of evaporation and transpiration native plants, and also it’s propelled by warmer worldwide temperatures, which have the right to be attributed come climate change.

The meteorological summer that 2021 in the contiguous unified States, which operation from June through August, bound the too much heat the the Dust key summer in 1936.

Evaporative need has pushed almost half of California into what the U.S.

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Dryness Monitor call “exceptional drought.” It causes faster drying soils and also vegetation, making fuels an ext dangerously combustible during the summer and also fall, the peak of California’s fire season. As a result, fuels burn faster and also hotter.

just how was your summer?