For mrs polar bears favor Anuri, the bike of life includes mating, denning, and giving bear to cubs.

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After feeding with the summer and fall, obtaining as lot weight together possible, pregnant woman polar bears prepare to go into maternity dens to provide birth to your cubs. To develop a den, the mrs digs a little snow cave in a snowdrift —just large enough for she to revolve around. She then waits because that the snow to close the entrance tunnel and totally hide the den under the snow.

Wild polar be afflicted with cubs room most frequently born in December. The mother gives birth to 1-3 cubs, with twins most common. The family remains in the den until spring. While in the den, the mom bear doesn’t eat or drink. She is devoted to nursing and caring for her cubs.


Polar bear family members generally arise from your dens in march or April as soon as the cubs are strong enough to endure in outside Arctic conditions and also make the trek come sea ice.

Now, mother bears have the right to start teaching your young exactly how to hunt seals top top the ice and also survive in the Arctic.


Polar bear cubs typically stay with their mother for 2.5-3 years, learning just how to hunt, feed, swim, and also survive.

Between the time they leaving their mother and are mature enough to mate, polar bear are dubbed subadults.

Polar bear are taken into consideration adults as soon as they space old sufficient to mate. Because that females, this is ages 4-6, for males 6-10.

By the time they reach adulthood, adult males usually weigh 350-600 kg (775-1,300 lb). Adult females typically weigh 150-295 kg (330-650 lb), despite some have the right to be larger.

In the wild, polar bear live an typical of 15 to 18 years, although biologists have actually tagged a few bears in their early on 30s.

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