Galaxy’s leaf is full of unique shops and also immersive experiences. There space two custom building experiences at Galaxy’s Edge: Droid Depot and also Savi’s Workshop. ~ above our an initial trip to Galaxy’s Edge we decided building a custom droid in ~ the Droid Depot to be our peak priority. We have actually now went to Droid Depot countless times, built a 2nd astromech, researched personality chips, and also tested a Droid Depot backpack to assist you plan your very own experience.

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Updated January 2021

Droid Depot Location

Like lot of Galaxy’s Edge, the signage is ethereal or non-existent. The is best to usage a map or the my Disney Experience application to uncover your means around Galaxy’s Edge. One easy means to clues Droid Depot is to uncover four droids exterior a big building v doors on one of two people side.

Do I need A Reservation for Droid Depot?

Reservations space not required, yet a Droid Depot reservation is highly recommended. Building opportunities are restricted after Disney civilization COVID reopening. Click here for Disneyland Droid Depot reservations or right here for Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World.

Galaxy’s edge Droid Depot building Experience

The Droid structure experience is damaged into four parts: purchasing the droid, picking the end parts, building your practice droid, and also finally activating your droid.

Step 1: to buy The Droid


It seems a tiny counter-intuitive, but the first thing you do is acquisition your droid. There are custom BB and R units in a multitude the colors and some varying styles. Sample piece for both R and also BB units space inside a cage follow me the queue for the register. We additionally found a personality chip because that our droid and brought that through us to avoid having to wait in line twice.

Elizabeth knew she want a BB unit and also was hoping because that one in purple. There space occasional component shortages, so before paying because that our BB unit us surveyed the parts conveyor belt. We observed plenty of violet BB parts gliding by and completed our purchase.

After paying for your droid a cast member gives you a components basket. This basket has actually an insert indicating what components are required for your particular droid type.

Step 2: pick Out your Droid Parts


Take your droid components basket to the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt slides past with whatever you need to make your custom droid. Combine items are videotaped together, for example the two fifty percent spheres for a BB unit, so girlfriend only need to grab one.

Although the Droid Depot was extremely busy ns did no feel that actors members rushed us v the droid component choosing process. We grabbed each of the parts we needed off the the conveyor belt and also placed them in the basket. Us watched the belt because that a complete rotation prior to moving on come the building procedure to make certain we had actually the parts we chosen best.

Step 3: construct Your custom Droid


After you have accumulated all of her droid parts in the basket, a cast member will direct you come a structure station. The building station has Ikea-type step-by-step instructions for placing your droid together. At an initial the instructions seemed daunting, however as we started the procedure we discovered it was pretty easy.

If you get stuck in the building procedure you can push a button to alarm a technician that can assist you. Us were may be to put our BB unit in addition to very small assistance indigenous the technician. Most pieces either click with each other or twisted closed, however a grasp of pieces should be screwed with each other using an electric screwdriver located at every droid structure station.

Pro tip: If you have purchased a personality chip for her BB layout droid the is finest to install it if the droid is not totally assembled.

Step 4: Activate Your tradition Droid


After building your droid the is finally time come activate it and also a technician assists in this process. The tech locations your droid in one activation pod wherein a simple controller is combine to your droid. Push a switch to activate the droid and also indicator lamp on the plank light up to display the activation process.

After a couple of seconds her custom developed droid comes to life, and also it is time to box it up. The Galaxy’s sheet Droid Depot provides a cardboard moving box as component of your acquisition price. The cardboard box has actually openings where you can see her droid connect all roughly Galaxy’s Edge.

Droid Depot Custom developed Droid Cost

At time of posting BB and R units space the exact same price and also currently offer for $99.99 each. Additional accessories differ in price.

Galaxy’s leaf Droid Depot Personality Chips

I heard many talk about Droid Depot personality chips yet could not discover any details information until I actually checked out Galaxy’s edge to research study the Droid Depot. Personality chips come in a variety of colors, but the colors room not the only defining characteristic.

There space three varieties of droid personality chips: very first Order, Resistance, or Scoundrel. Each form of personality chip comes in two colors. We have two scoundrel personality chips, one in every color. The droids reaction similarly, yet have various chirps and also tones since of the slim variation between the different color scoundrel chips.

You have the right to identify which kind of chip it is by looking at a symbol on the earlier of the personality chip box. Very first Order personality chips have actually a first Order symbol, make her droid speak in reduced tones, and your droid is much more likely to connect with other very first Order droids or areas.

The Resistance personality chips have a Resistance price on the ago of the box. Droids through this kind of chip are much more likely to stop anything to execute with very first Order and also interact in locations that it seems to be ~ friendlier come the Resistance.

Elizabeth opted because that Scoundrel personality chips, which have actually a distinct symbol on the back of the box. Scoundrels look out for their own interests, reflecting no certain allegiance to either the first Order or the Resistance. Our scoundrel droids get exceptionally nervous in the very first Order areas. They even made a sort of whimpering beep as soon as we visited very first Order Cargo. Our scoundrel droids seem most comfortable and chatty in the key marketplace, but are not a vast fan that the Resistance basic either.

Droid Depot personality chips price $12.99 because that each chip purchased. Custom built droids come through a simple personality also without the purchase of an additional chip, but the chip to be an added layer of fun for us.

Using Your custom Droid In Galaxy’s Edge

Keep your Droid Contained

Droid Depot practice droids cannot roll v Galaxy’s Edge. Droids need to be within the carrying box provided, the unique Droid Depot backpack available for purchase, or otherwise secured.

The Droid Depot moving box is one okay means to transport a BB unit, specifically if the specialty backpacks are marketed out. The openings do it easy to see when our droid is talk or relocating in an answer to something in Galaxy’s Edge.

The handle of the cardboard crate is uncomfortable. The cardboard feels spicy after delivering it because that a while. Part way into our day in ~ Galaxy’s leaf I found a short tech method to do the handle more comfortable. I merely wrapped a pair of napkins roughly the manage to cushion the unstable edge. Although type of ugly, it operated really well.

We also tried utilizing a traditional backpack come walk BB through Galaxy’s Edge. The regular backpack was decidedly worse than using the listed carrying box from Droid Depot. The BB unit head kept gaining knocked off within the Jansport backpack, and also you might not tell as soon as it was connecting with prompts inside Galaxy’s Edge.

The Droid Interactions room Random

We constantly enjoy exactly how our droids seem to chirp and move as we explore Galaxy’s Edge. At first we assumed we knew when and also where ours droids would interact, however the much longer we spend in Galaxy’s leaf the an ext we discover the interactions are not fully reproducible.

Sometimes us would bring BB-5 come a place where she would become really animated, however the following time us walked previous nothing happened. At very first I was a tiny disappointed by this absence of consistency, yet then I started to evaluate that this randomness make the suffer feel an ext authentic.

Droid Depot practice Droid Size and Weight

We to be doing a carry-on-only trip thanks come my impressive Chester carry-on luggage. This intended it was essential to know how much an are I required to carry our droid home. Unfortunately, I could not find any type of measurements because that the practice droids before our expedition to Galaxy’s edge Droid Depot.

BB Unit Astromech Measurements

Our Droid Depot BB unit has the adhering to rough measurements: 10 inches tall (12 customs tall v antenna) by 7 inches vast by 7 inch deep, or about 25 by 18 by 18 cm. She quickly fit inside a standard size backpack through room to spare. Our BB unit weighs about 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg).

R Unit Astromech Measurements

Elizabeth likewise built a R unit astromech top top a different trip. The Droid Depot R unit has different measurements which vary depending upon whether the legs are folded with each other or urgent out.

The R astromech dimensions once unfolded are 12 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide by 8 customs deep, or about 30 by 20 by 22 cm. As soon as the legs room folded with each other the dimensions readjust to 12.5 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide by 6.5 inch deep, or about 32 by 20 by 17 cm. Our R series droid weighs in approximately 3.2 pounds (1.4 kg).

Droid Depot crate Measurements

Included in the price that the droid is a simple cardboard transferring box. This box is a tall hexagon shape. Rough measurements for the Droid Depot box are 10.75 inches vast by 10.75 inches deep by 18 customs tall consisting of handle or 27 by 27 through 46 cm.

Droid Depot Backpack

The best way to carry your custom Galaxy’s sheet astromech is in a Droid Depot backpack. This specially design backpacks occupational for both R and BB astromechs and have part clever features.

We previously had actually an issue with our BB unit. The head kept acquiring bumped off as we walked around with that in a continual backpack. The Droid Depot backpacks have a distinct chain that clips come the back of the BB head. This chain keeps the head safe in case the magnets obtain misaligned.

The bottom that the backpack has actually thick foam v two different cut outs come cushion the droids. One ar perfectly stop the rounded form of the BB unit if the various other supports the foot of the R unit. Us tested both of our droids and also the exact same backpack hosted them both equally well.

A pocket on the side of the backpack conveniently holds her droid depot remote. The front of the backpack zippers open and a magnet keeps the flap open. This design is perfect come let your astromech emergence out.

Another good feature the the Droid Depot backpacks are padded, adjustable straps because that comfort. Mine petite daughter to be able to bring her droid around Galaxy’s edge for hours without any complaints.

We’ve taken ours astromechs roughly Galaxy’s edge in a regular backpack, the Droid Depot backpack, and also in the initial box. Of every one of these options, the Droid Depot backpack is the most functional and also comfortable option.

Galaxy’s edge Droid Depot last Thoughts

Going into our first Galaxy’s Edge endure I was a little skeptical around building a custom droid at Droid Depot. However, having actually our own special droid renders our Galaxy’s sheet visits more fun. In fact, we enjoyed our an initial droid so much that we developed a R astromech, too.

The procedure to construct a custom droid is basic and exciting. Elizabeth loves both the her unique Droid Depot astromechs and has delighted in bringing them ago to Galaxy’s Edge plus playing v them at home.

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