Atlantic bluefin tuna are known to be one of the largest fish species in our oceans. You might be surprised by simply how large these creatures can get. So, what’s the best Atlantic bluefin tuna ever recorded?

How large Can Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Get?

To put it in one word: huge. And that word could even it is in an understatement in this context.

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Atlantic bluefin tuna are some of the largest fish types in the world, getting to an average length of 6.5 feet and also an average weight of 550 pounds.

And those are simply average figures!

Generally speaking, the Atlantic bluefin tuna is accepted as the biggest tuna species in the world.

To show just how big bluefin tuna deserve to be, some have actually clocked in at 1500 pounds and also at lengths of close come 8 feet, do it simple to view why this substantial fish is extremely coveted through fisheries and also used come feed whole populaces in cuisines all over the world.

However, this desire for bluefin tuna meat has actually led to overfishing in plenty of cases, which has put the species at some threat in state of permanent survival.

Why space Bluefin Tuna therefore Big?

Bluefin tuna have insatiable appetites and also a wide-ranging diet, definition they consume almost everything they come into contact with.

A bluefin’s habitat is the ocean, for this reason naturally, they feeding on smaller fish, crustaceans, squids, eels and a multitude of various other sea creatures.

So varied is a bluefin tuna’s food palate, in fact, the it is even taken into consideration to it is in an apex, or alpha predator. In other words, they have no one over them ~ above the food chain.

Considering what lock eat and how much, it’s not surprising that bluefin tuna are as colossal as they have the right to be in numerous instances.

World document Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Catches

There have actually been some massive Atlantic bluefin tuna catches in current history.

The biggest one at this time on document belongs come fisherman Ken Fraser, who caught a bluefin tuna turn off the coastline of Nova Scotia, Canada in 1979.

That fish weighed in at an astounding 1,496 pounds! to this day, no fisherman has ever before come near to equivalent this civilization record bluefin tuna catch.

Credit: IGFA/

It supposedly took Fraser 45 minutes simply to reel the in and another 10 hours to dehydrate the fish as result of all the seawater the consumes. What a story!

Most the the biggest Atlantic bluefin tunas have been caught, no shockingly, turn off the east seaboard that Canada.

Another big one was caught off the coastline of Prince Edward Island, nearby Nova Scotia, simply a year prior to the 1979 record catch. That bluefin weighed a whopping 1,178 pounds!

In 1985, a 1,116 lb bluefin tuna to be reeled in through fishermen, likewise off Prince Edward Island.

So chances are, if you looking to catch an Atlantic bluefin tuna, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia show up to be prime destinations.

Final Thoughts

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is a huge fish species, the largest of the tuna and also one the the largest amongst all fish species in the world.

Their large size and also speed have the right to make them difficult to capture, but when accomplished, they deserve to turn right into an instant fortune for fisheries.

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With few of the record records measuring in at end 1,000 feet each, the Atlantic bluefin tuna is truly among the majesties of the maritime ecosystem.