All net e-mail services have borders on how big an attachment deserve to be as soon as it is sent out over e-mail. If you desire to send a huge attachment over e-mail (e.g., over 20 MB), you"ll need to use a different technique of share it. Listed below is extr information about how large of attachment you have the right to send, and also other methods of sharing files.

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What are e-mail attachment dimension limits?

All e-mail business providers have various attachment limits. The table listed below shows this limits.


These boundaries are because that messages received. If you"re making use of an e-mail business like Gmail, and send a huge attachment come someone v a various provider, it might not work since they have a smaller sized limit size.

E-mail providerAttachment limit
Hotmail10 MB
Gmail25 MB
GoDaddy20 MB
Mail.com50 MB
Outlook.com10 MB
Yahoo Mail25 MB
Zoho Mail12 MB

What happens when I send one attachment the is also big?

If friend send an attachment that is too big, you may receive a bounce back from the e-mail company with among the following errors.


It is also possible that a organization may autumn an e-mail, which method your recipient will certainly not receive the article you sent, and you space not notified.

Too big of attachment e-mail errors

552: post size exceeds preferably permitted.Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit.System Undeliverable, article size above outgoing message size limit.The dimension of the article you are trying come send over the worldwide size limit of the server. The blog post was not sent; minimize the post size and try again.

What services can I use for huge attachments?

What company you use depends on what you"re trying to share and what her recipient has access to top top their computer or device. Below is a perform of solutions in our recommended order.

ServiceAccepted files and advantages
Google DriveToday, it"s typical to have actually a Google account for at the very least one that their plenty of services. That permits accessibility to Google Drive, which offers 15 GB of free storage with a proprietary interface and some particular limitations.
DropboxDropbox is an additional excellent company that comes through a totally free 2 GB and also the capability to earn as much as 16 GB of cost-free storage. Also, v a Dropbox account, you deserve to share records with other human being who do not have one.
YouTubeIf you want to attach a video, there is no far better online service than YouTube. Also, what most civilization don"t realize is the YouTube videos deserve to be made personal which way only human being who girlfriend share the video clip link with deserve to view it.

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OneDriveWindows 10, home windows 8, and also all Office 365 customers have access to OneDrive, which provides to 5 GB of complimentary cloud storage. OneDrive provides it easier to share huge files (up to a maximum size of 10 GB) that cannot be sent over e-mail together an attachment. If you have subscribed to Office 365, you have actually 1 TB that OneDrive storage accessible to use.