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The wild boar (Sus scrofa) is a relative of the pig and native come Eurasia and also North America. Through the assist of humans, the types now enjoys a selection across the world and also can be uncovered on every continent except Antarctica.

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Wild boars and their pig brethren can prosper to large proportions. Residential pigs have actually the deluxe of being protected from predators, as well as usually being hosted in limit spaces, therefore they often thrive to higher sizes than wild boars. Wild swine space preyed on by tigers, lions, wolves, and also other big carnivores, avoiding most individuals from growing old sufficient to reach huge sizes. Even if lock don’t end up being prey, wild boar are constantly moving, hunting, and also foraging, i m sorry reduces your weight.

That gift said, there have been some massive wild boars taped in current years, and larger people still might be roaming in the depths of untraveled forests about the world.

Jamison stone and the largest Wild Boar on Record

A dog confronting a large wild boar

The biggest wild boar on document was shot in 2007 in Alabama and weighed 1,051 pounds!

In 2007, an 11-year-old boy from Alabama made hog-hunting history. Jamison Stone, who had been hunting due to the fact that the age of 5, took down a monster boar with eight shots indigenous his .50-caliber revolver. Using truck scales at the neighborhood co-op, the boy and also his father weighed in the wild boar at 1,051 pounds and over 9 feet in length. They estimated that over 500 pounds the sausage can be produced from the animal.

The wild boar’s head measure 54 customs around, through an 11 inch size from the pointer of the snout come its eyes. The shoulder girth measured in in ~ 74 inches. It is one huge boar! Like numerous hunting achievements, dispute does surround this hog’s weight and there have been claims pictures that the wild boar to be digitally altered. In addition, there have been subsequent reports the wild boar was domesticated until shortly prior to it to be shot. With controversy surrounding this wild boar, let’s take a look at some other huge boars that could difficulty for the location of “large wild boar” ever.

Hogzilla: A Georgia Mystery

Boar tusks can reach very big lengths

In 2004, insurance claims of a 12-foot long, 1,000 pound beast to be surfacing around the internet. Chris Griffin of south Georgia only had actually one blurry picture of Hogzilla as proof, so the insurance claims were regularly dismissed together fake.

Over 6 months later, experts from nationwide Geographic pertained to exhume the body and investigate the claims. They were able come judge the Hogzilla to be at least 800 pounds and also around 8 feet long. Not rather as impressive as earlier thought, but a rail beast nonetheless. Hogzilla did have actually a document for longest tusks on a phibìc American wild boar: one had actually grown to almost 18 customs in length.

A California Record

One of the most heavy wild boars (with trustworthy confirmation) was shot in California near ft Bragg. With just one shot, Joe Orth took down a 733 pound hog the beat the old California document by end 100 pounds. The head and also shoulders were kept by a taxidermist, however over 200 pounds of the wild boar were able to be turned right into bratwursts and also meat patties.

Largest Wild Boar Subspecies

Two boars in ~ a water hole

There space 16 well-known subspecies the wild boars. Let’s take a look at at several of the largest wild boar subspecies.

Ussuri Boar

The Ussuri Boar (S. S. Ussuricus) is thought to it is in the biggest of the wild boars. The Ussuri subspecies is discovered in east China and also parts of Russia, consisting of the Ussuri Bay and also Amur Bay. Adult males are frequently found over 500 pounds, v some people weighing also more. The load of a Ussuri Boar (or any wild boar for that matter) will differ wildly depending upon environmental components like food and water availability.

Carpathian Boar

The Carpathian Boar (S. S. Attila) is a huge boar subspecies found in Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, and adjacent areas. The average Carpathian boar weighs end 300 pounds, through some individuals reaching massive sizes of end 800 pounds when food is abundant. This subspecies will generally have dark hair and also longer lacrimal skeleton (eye sockets).

Middle asian Boar

The Middle oriental Boar (S. S. Nigripes) is another large subspecies that deserve to be found approximately Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and surrounding countries. Just like with various other species, the maximum weight of a Middle asian Boar fluctuates wildly depending on habitat and resource availability. Plenty of individuals have been found to weigh over 500 pounds. The Middle oriental Boar functions a lighter coat than plenty of other associated subspecies—much closer come a light gray than the normal dark brown or black.

Wild Boar Terminology

When speaking among wildlife professionals and hunters, wild boars room usually referred to with distinct terms based on their age. The huge boars listed above are referred to as “Grand Old Boars”, i beg your pardon designates a wild boar over 7 years in age. A “Pig the the Sounder” is a wild boar over 2 years in age. “Juveniles” space 1 come 2 year old, and also a “Squeaker” is a child piglet.

Are Wild Boars the largest Swine Species?

Domesticated pigs have the right to reach bigger sizes than wild boars

While wild boars can grow to epic proportions, they are no match for their tamed pig cousins. Big Bill, a hog the resided on a farm in Jackson, Tennessee, weighed in in ~ 2,552 pounds in 1933. It is over double the load of the heaviest tape-recorded wild boars! that was collection to be featured in ~ the Chicago civilization Fair, but the pig unfortunately broke a leg and had to be euthanized.

Domestic pigs generally have accessibility to limitless food, and also protection from predators and harsh weather, make it much easier for lock to reach the huge proportions that all swine are qualified of.

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The Giant woodland Hog

Giant woodland hogs are discovered mostly in dense forests in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Giant forest hog (Hylochoerus meinertzhageni) is known as the biggest swine types on average. While residential pigs and wild boars have individuals that grow to tremendous sizes, this Giant forest Hogs room bigger top top average. They deserve to weigh almost everywhere from 200 come 600 pounds, with bigger specimens standing almost 4 feet tall. The species is uncovered throughout the forests and also woodlands of Africa. They are known for your aggressive behavior, which is likely why the varieties was never trained in Sub-Saharan Africa.