Correct means to measure a fossilized shark this Multiple measurements of a megalodon tooth when a megalodon or various other fossilized shark tooth is discovered one the the most crucial criteria the hunters and also collectors are searching for besides varieties and overall condition is size. Size not just helps recognize value yet is used to calculation the size of the shark the tooth come from and compare the tooth with other megalodon shark teeth. I usage a digital caliper to measure the slant elevation of megalodon this for sale I have in my digital store.

A very common question is "how perform you measure up a shark tooth?"In this short article I will try to offer a brief review of exactly how megalodon teeth room measured.

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Why the size of a shark this or megalodon shark tooth is therefore important size of a megalodon tooth or other fossilized shark this is important because it not just is a element when determining value however is a metric because that comparison and method to estimate the complete size that the shark. dimension of a shark this is important for few of the same factors as a trophy fish size is vital or the distance of a civilization record setting long jump is important. You have the right to read more about exactly how the dimension of a shark tooth influences value in my write-up on how Much Is A Megalodon this Worth?


The Standard The size of megalodon teeth is measured mostly in inches although exterior the united state it is usual to use cm/mm, but for the most part people usage inches together a unit that measure. The dimension of a tooth describes the length, much more specifically the length from the pointer of the tooth to the top of either root likewise known together "slant height". This kind of measurement is the standard for measure up teeth and also is the assumed method when stating tooth size.

Slant Height = The distance in between the allude or serrated tip of the shark tooth and the peak of one of two people root.

Width = The widest component of the tooth once laid down flat

Two Measurements since the tooth has two dimensions (one native the reminder to the best root end, and one from the pointer to the left source end) world will occasionally list two dimensions such together L1=4.851" and L2=4.663" this means that from the reminder to the height of one root to be 4.851" and also the measurement from the pointer to the various other root end was 4.663" periodically the dimensions are identical and also sometimes they vary considerably; however, the bigger of the 2 slant heights is taken into consideration the in its entirety size of the tooth.

How to measure a Megalodon Tooth If girlfriend are just curious as to how large a megalodon tooth is you have the right to place that on a ruler and also get a rough idea of the slant height. However, if you need a precise measurement to identify if your megalodon tooth reaches a benchmark such as being over the 5" or 6" note you may need to be an ext precise. The best practical method to get a an exact measurement top top a megalodon this is to usage a digital caliper, opened the caliper jaws to about the very same size as
the slant elevation of the tooth you wish to measure. Then make small adjustments until the caliper simply touches the serrated pointer of the tooth and the root, native here examine your adjustment by hold the caliper still and moving the tooth, if the tooth have the right to move freely in between the jaws the the caliper you need to mitigate the distance. The caliper should be in call with the root and also the pointer of the shark this for an exact reading. Furthermore to measure width one will usage the same an approach above other than instead the measuring indigenous the guideline to the root the widest part of the this is measured.

Weight A usual statistic on teeth that is often readily available is weight, the factor this is excellent is the it is an easy statistic to gather, unfortuantely that has tiny bearing and can be conveniently manipulated. For circumstances a freshly uncovered 6" tooth can weight in well over 1lb 8oz, yet when that tooth dries end the food of numerous months it can lose approximately 35%+ of the initial weight. Additionally things like barnacles, caked on dirt and mud, plant life, and also other things attached come the tooth deserve to significantly change the weight. Because that that reason weight is not seriously considered as a far-reaching factor by shark this collectors.

Fuzzy number When size counts so lot it is regularly a reason for human being to usage unscrupulous practices once measuring shark teeth. Once a 5" shark tooth is worth significantly more than a 4.91" shark tooth civilization will often resort to using sloppy measuring or listing practices. Fountain are regularly used come inflate the dimension of a tooth, for instance a this that steps 5.69" will certainly be noted as 5 and 3/4". Civilization using traditional rulers will frequently push the tooth to just inside the beginning measurement mark and also visually ring up in order to squeeze the critical .092" in bespeak to list the tooth together a 6" instead of the 5.9" it actually is. As soon as listing or marketing shark teeth human being will frequently use native to additional complicate points such together "Nearly 6" megalodon tooth for sale" as soon as in truth the tooth is 5.8". Various other things come watch out for are human being using turn off the wall surface measurements such as diameter instead of slant height, etc.

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Shark tooth size is most commonly used as soon as a tooth is being bought or sold, that helps communicate a characteristic of the tooth in between the buyer and the seller, it has a bearing ~ above value and rarity. As lengthy as the buyer and seller space both making use of the very same criteria to recognize the measure up of a megalodon tooth and the very same unit of measure up there must be no misunderstandings or people being mislead.