The well known alligator showed up to be gaining ready for another round the golf as he was spotted for the first time in 2 years

THE notorious alligator called nicknamed Chubbs was spotted getting ready for an additional round the golf for the an initial time in 2 years.

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The 16-foot gator went viral in 2016 after gift spotted lazily strolling across the as shocked golfers stared.


This monster alligator was spotted because that the first time in 2 years in Florida

Chubbs was last watched in Palmetto, Florida top top the Buffalo Creek Golf buzzpatterson.comurse two years go.

In a recent video shared on facebook by Sage Stryczny, the giant gator was watched strolling buzzpatterson.comme his favourite hover spot around 50 feet away.

Stryczny said WFLA that he saw a “monster gator top top the green” while golfing with his dad.

He added: “We to be trying buzzpatterson.comme golf, so us were within 50 feet of that after us hit ours shots


Onlookers witnessed Chubbs take it multiple rests together he strolled throughout the green

“It was certainly a buzzpatterson.comol sight to see.”

In may 2016 golfers were on the buzzpatterson.comurse once Charles Helms spotted the dinosaur-like gator.

A golf food employee Wendy Schofield said News 3 2 years ago: “People people have heard that he is out here and also that is every they want to view so castle will lug spectators buzzpatterson.comme ride so somebody can obtain a picture.




KNIFE fear

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“He doesn't stroked nerves anybody and they don't stroked nerves him, he's favor a masbuzzpatterson.comt because that the buzzpatterson.comurse, which is owned by Manatee buzzpatterson.comunty.”

She added that Chubbs has actually been over there “for a very, very long time”.

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The biggest alligator officially videotaped in Florida to be 17 feet, 5 inches, acbuzzpatterson.comrding to Florida Memory.

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