Don’t it is in fooled through the rocks the she’s got —because those rocks room worth way much more these days.

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Back in 2002, Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez through a 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring from Harry Winston, precious at the moment an estimated $2.5 million, swiftly sparking a fancy diamond craze.

And just as J.Lo’s job has continued to soar in the almost two years since, for this reason too has the worth of the rosy, radiant-cut sparkler, according to a trio of web page Six Style’s go-to diamond experts.

“Ninety percent that diamonds come from one place: the Argyle mine in Australia, which announced its closure in 2020 and stopped manufacturing this year,” Ajay Anand, CEO of rarely Carat, said us.

“Since 1983, the Argyle mine has been a major producer the the world’s ideal pink diamond supply and the go-to for an elaborate pink diamonds. The mine yields a rainbow that colors, from pinks to blues to violets and also the rarest that all: red,” that continued.

Anand estimates that Affleck would need to fork over approximately $4 million because that the same stone today.

Jennifer Lopez (and her dazzling pink diamond engagement ring) at a “Gigli” push conference in 2003.WireImage

The clear Cut‘s founder and also CEO, Olivia Landau, shared an similar estimate, similarly pointing to the Argyle mine’s closure together a crucial reason because that the ring’s near-doubling in value.

“Although the is unlikely the mine produced numerous pink diamonds in the 6-carat range, the closing of the mine has actually driven up the price of sophisticated pink diamonds,” the gemologist shared.

And Mike Fried, CEO the The Diamond Pro, puts the splendid ring’s present value also higher.

Ben Affleck and also Jennifer Lopez in ~ the “Daredevil” premiere in 2003.Getty Images

“Our fancy color partner has created comparable rings to J.Lo’s, many recently 2 years ago,” he told us. “Thecost was about $10 million. I’d imagine the price of she ring would be closer come $11 million today.”

Fried emphasized that an intricate color diamonds —and pink in particular —are much rarer than colorless ones, and that the sheer dimension of 52-year-old Lopez’s provides it even much more so.

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Of course, it’s that one-in-a-million appeal that made the rock a perfect fit for the triple risk in the very first place. “He to be like, ‘I just wanted friend to have something the nobody else would certainly have,"” J.Lo called Diane Sawyer throughout a 2002 interview, phone call the ring “the most magnificent point I’ve ever before seen.”

Three cheers for one of pop culture’s many iconic couples —and engagement rings.Getty Images

And currently that Lopez and also Affleck, 48, have rekindled their romance, the “Argo” manager won’t need to look too far should he pick to popular music the concern again: follow to J.Lo’s previous publicist, Robert Shuter, she’s quiet in possession of the pricey piece.

“As much as ns know, Jen has actually never returned the ring,” Shuter told “Access Daily” in May. “So if things move forward through these two, gosh, she’s already got the many beautiful ring i’ve seen. It’s absolutely stunning.”