Microsoft Office Download and also Install guide PRINTABLE INSTRUCTIONS  Installing Microsoft Office because that Windows Login v your UTAD credentials. Click on the Install Office apps button.








depending upon your browser, click Run (in leaf or net Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox) allow Microsoft Office to download to your computer. This may take number of minutes relying on your internet link speed. ~ downloading, click the Run option. Office will begin to install. Click the Sign In button. The email deal with field need to be populated from the ahead screen. Enter the current UTAD password in the Password Field, climate click Next. If the Sign In Office screen appears, choose Organizational Account. When at the "Meet sky Drive" screen, click Next. Choose the office background of your choice, then click Next. Optional Office 2013 uses a tour must the user desire to take it it. If you would like to bypass the tour, click No Thanks. Microsoft Office will proceed to install. Please be patient.  This may take several minutes. As soon as at the "You"re good to go" screen, this means the Microsoft Office Suite the applications has actually been set up successfully. Click every done! to complete the installation. That"s it! once Microsoft Office completes installing, the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite have the right to be discovered in the Start Menu-All Programs-Microsoft Office .

Installing Microsoft Office for Mac OSX

click the Install Office apps icon. Choose Office 2016
allow the download to complete. Native there, operation the Office for Mac Installer. This might take several minutes depending upon your internet connection speed. After to run the Microsoft Office for Mac download, dual click ~ above the Office Installer Folder. When opend right into the Microsoft Office installer, click Continue. Read and also accept the patent agreement, climate click Continue. Certain the license commitment had been read the click Agree. Upon arrival to install location screen, select Install. Installation Microsoft Office for Mac OSX walk require bureaucratic privileges. If prompted, get in your administrative password for her Mac and then click Install Software. Permit the installer to install Microsoft Office onto your Mac. This might take number of minutes. As soon as the environment completes, click Close. After the Microsoft Office installer has ran and also completed, the Get began with Office  should appear. Click on authorize in v existing Office 365 subscription. If the sign right into Office display screen appears, pick Organizational Account. At the Sign into Office screen, enter your UTADusername

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, then click Next. In ~ the Activate office screen, get in your UTAD password in the password field, then click Sign In. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and The college of Toledo because that the firm name field. When completed, click Continue. At the help Improve Office Screen, price the inquiries to your discretion. As soon as complete, click Continue. You room complete.

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Microsoft Office is now installed. Walk to the applications folder to open up applications