On job Day in 2013, the new York article declared the largest free-flying American flag in the civilization was unfurled top top the George Washington bridge. It was presented by the port Authority of brand-new York and brand-new Jersey to honor the functioning men and also women throughout the country. It to be an outstanding 90 feet high and 60 feet vast as it hung vertically under the top arch the the new Jersey tower ~ above the bridge. It is rather a vision to see.

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Flag top top the George Washington Bridge

It"s flown throughout various holidays each year though it"s right now down because that bridge improvements until December 2019. But is it really the largest US flag flown in the country?

In Gastonia, NC over there is a much bigger flag measuring 65 feet through 114 feet. It paris atop a 225 foot pole i beg your pardon was put up by the Gastonia AMVETS write-up 920 in 1999.



AMVETS write-up 920 Flag in Gastonia, NC

It have the right to be seen from 30 mile away yet is that the largest American flag paris in the world? up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin they case to have actually the tallest one.



Flag at Acuity in Wisconsin

At 60 feet by 120 feet it"s comparable in dimension to the flag in Gastonia. However it paris on a 400 foot high flag pole. A monument at its basic honors Veterans that have been killed in action. This pole is a beast weighing in at 420,000 pounds through an 11 foot diameter in ~ the base. We don"t recognize of a bigger flag pole in the country. It shows up their case of the tallest flag is accurate. But is it the highest and also is the the largest?In pleasant Grove, Utah, the flag they contact "Big Betsy" is a chuck 78 feet through 150 feet. No inquiry this flag is bigger than this others. But do they paris it? Not only do they fly it, however it soars over a 600 foot canyon. It"s an outstanding spectacle.



Big Betsy Flying over Pleasant Grove, Utah

Utah has been flying huge Betsy because that the previous 5 self-reliance Days. Therefore to it is in fair to the others who asserted to have the biggest flying flag, they made those claims prior to Utah presented this substantial version that Old Glory.It shows up that this is without doubt the largest flying us flag in the world. Over there is a bigger flag as shown in the Guinness book of world Records. It"s recognized as the Superflag and measures 225 feet by 505 feet. The weighs 3000 pounds and takes 500 civilization to unfurl the which they"ve excellent at Superbowls and also other events. However have lock flown it? On might 1, 1996 the Superflag was hung at Hoover Dam.

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Superflag in ~ Hoover Dam

The Superflag is own by Ski Demski and he displayed it to pay tribute to the Olympic torch as it to be carried throughout the dam ~ above its way to Atlanta. It to be a one time occasion of paris this monster flag. So that holds the title of being the largest US flag ever before flown. Large Betsy hold the distinction that the biggest US flag still being flown. You have the right to see it for you yourself in pleasant Grove, Utah ~ above this freedom Day.Check the end this short video for the patriotic story of the making of big Betsy.