Think about your residence or apartment. Is that 1,000 square feet? 2,000 square feet? 5,000 square feet? Maybe also 10,000 square feet? chances are it"s still about 200 times smaller than the largest house in the people if girlfriend can speak to it that.

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To find the largest residence in the world, we need to travel every the method to southern Mumbai, India. Named Antilia, this exclusive home developed in 2010, is the biggest in the world, coming in in ~ 400,000 square feet. It also happens to it is in a 27-story skyscraper.

The largest house in the world

Believe that or not, the whole 27 floors are completely used as residential room by Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India and also his four household members. Astaff the 600is compelled to maintain the residence 24 hrs a day.

Not just is it the biggest "home" in the world, yet it is also the most expensive residential residential or commercial property in the world, coming in at end $1 billion.

Source: A.Savin/WikimediaThe structure was designed by a Chicago-based architectural firm called Perkins and also Will and was built by one Australian construction company called Leighton Holdings.

The skyscraper residence stands at over550-feettall, andeach the the27 floorswas constructed with extra-high ceilings. When you take into consideration the mean ceiling height, the building could"ve had up to 60 floors with standard floor construction.

What"s in the house?

But what can one family of 5 usage 27 floors for? ~ above the roof, there is enough room for 3 helicopters come land ~ above the array of helipads. Right listed below these helipads, there is a floor scheduled for waiting traffic control management. Below that sits the key residence part of the structure. Moving down from here, there room maintenance floors, guest apartments, a swimming pool and also spa, the end gardens, a 50-seat cinema, and also of course,at the bottom, there are six floors that parking v room because that over 200 cars.

Not just is the home too much in opulence, yet it additionally boasts some impressive engineering. It have the right to withstand one earthquake up to eight ~ above the Richter scale. The whole structure was additionally designed come conserve power as much as possible, using passive ventilation and also using the garden because that cooling.

When the passive energy effectiveness isn"t enough, there"s also a massive "ice room" provided to store the home cooler than any kind of other building in the city.

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All this goes come say that the world"s biggest house is quiteexpensive and also perhaps a small unnecessary. Valuations ar it at end $1 billion,but the Indian media has speculated the it cost $2 billion to construct. This calculation was verifiedwhenthe director of marketing because that the design design firm that designed Antilia shown the expense in an interview v Forbes magazine.

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So, the largest residence in the human being is more than likely a lot enlarge than where you"re living ideal now,but don"t feel also bad... At least you don"t need to pay its electrical power bill.