Carnival Sunrise is a new Sunshine-class cruise ship that cruised on her inaugural voyage in April 2019.

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Carnival Sunrise embarked on her inaugural trip from Norfolk, Virginia, in April 2019. Credit: Carnival Corporation.


The cruise ship functions a 61.8m-long AquaTunnel slide and a 64.6m-long Twister slide. Credit: Carnival Corporation.
Carnival Sunrise is in service with Carnival Cruise Lines, a brand of Carnival Corporation. Originally developed as Carnival Triumph in 1999, the cruise ship was renamed Carnival Sunrise in 2019 upon completion of a $200m bow-to-stern renovation in Cadiz, Spain.

The dry dock makeover the the ship delivered improved food, beverage and also entertainment facilities and also updated every staterooms to administer improved activity choices.

Refurbishment that the cruise delivery commenced in march 2019 and also was perfect in April 2019. The cruise ship undertook its maiden trip from Norfolk’s Decker half Moone Cruise Center.

The inaugural season contained four to 14-day voyages and covered destinations in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Bahamas, the Panama Canal, new England and Canada through the an initial four cruises from Norfolk.

By the end of October 2019, Carnival Sunrise arrived at fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the start of four- and also five-day Caribbean and Bahamas cruises from harbor Everglades.

Carnival Sunrise design and also accommodation details

Carnival Sunrise retains most of the functions of Carnival Triumph. It attributes two redesigned Captain’s suites and contemporary interiors through bright and pastel colours.

The 272.1m-long ship has a beam the 35.3m and gross tonnage the 101,509t. It deserve to accommodate 2,984 passengers and also 1,108 crew members.

The accommodation categories on the cruise ship encompass balcony, aft-view prolonged balcony, premium balcony, premium vista balcony, small suite, s suite, cool suite, extended balcony cool suite, and captain’s suite.

Other accommodation choices include ocean and interior watch accommodation through scenic ocean and grand ocean view, and also interior cabins through a picture window and also porthole.

Deck layout the Carnival Sunrise

Carnival Sunrise has a full of 14 decks, which has ten special passenger facilities.

Decks one, two, six, seven and eight attribute only accommodation units, including balcony, s view, interior, s suite and aft view prolonged balcony suites.

Decks four and five comprise a front restaurant, lobby, galley, guest services, atrium, gallery, and an aft restaurant.

Decks nine and ten function a pool, spa, Carnival Seaside theatre, Carnival WaterWorks, and a bar.

Deck 11 or the Spa deck has actually a jogging track, skycourt, ropes course, sports square, and the Cloud 9 spa and also salon.

Deck 12 or sun deck attributes club, Camp Ocean and also mini golf course, if Deck 14, named the skies deck, is the uppermost deck accommodating Serenity adults-only lounge and also an entrance because that the water slide.

Dining facilities

Dining framework on the Carnival Sunrise ship incorporate Cucina del Capitano, JavaBlue Café, Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse, The Chef’s Table, Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse, and also Lido Marketplace.

Passengers can pick from different bar venues, including RedFrog Pub, Piano Bar 88, Limelight Lounge and also a multi-purpose lounge.

Entertainment facilities on plank Carnival Sunrise

Carnival Sunrise offers both indoor and also outdoor entertain activities. The SportSquare is one open-area recreation complex with a basketball court, jogging track, table football, swimming pool tables, and a nine-hole miniature golf course.

Carnival WaterWorks attributes a 61.8m-long AquaTunnel slide, a 64.6m-long Twister slide, and a 75gal PowerDrencher tipping bucket and children’s area.

Serenity Adult-Only Retreat has chaise lounges, whirlpools and large parasols.

The Cloud 9 Spa functions health and also wellness centres, private treatment rooms, and also cardio and weight-training equipment. It additionally features a warehouse, which has actually different video and arcade games for all age groups.

An on-board shopping area includes retail outlets featuring fine jewellery, watches and also fragrances. It also houses Carnival’s branded spaces such together Hip Fish and also The Carnival Store.


The cruise ship is it is provided by a diesel-electric propulsion mechanism integrating 2 Wärtsilä-Sulzer diesel engines coupled to a pair of controllable pitch propellers with two shafts.

The propulsion system enables the ship to cruise at a maximum speed of 21k.

Carnival Sunrise itineraries

The Carnival Sunrise cruise ship undertook her seven-day inaugural voyage on 29 April 2019 from fifty percent Moone Cruise centre to cool Turk and Freeport.

It then sailed on 2 five-day trips to Nassau and also Freeport, complied with by 3 six-day trips to fifty percent Moon Cay, Nassau and Freeport.

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The cruise ship then embarked upon 4 to 14-day voyages from brand-new York. It likewise sailed ~ above several longer voyages, including a ten-day exotic east Caribbean itinerary and also a 14-day Carnival Journeys Panama Canal cruise.