Rancher and also Bureau of Land management contractor Ladd Drummond prepares to close a pasture throughout a 2010 media tour at Drummond Ranch in Pawhuska to view wild steeds relocated by commonwealth agency. The family has supposedly been paid practically $24 million since 2006 because that the BLM contracts. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa world file


In its yearly list that America"s 100 largest landowners, The soil Report reveals that together of 2016 the Drummond family owns 433,000 acres of property.

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Pioneer mrs Ree Drummond; she husband, Ladd; and also their four teenage kids make their residence just two hours down the roadway from Oklahoma City in Pawhuska, i m sorry is wherein her husband Ladd"s family put down roots four generations ago.

Ladd is now a crucial player at Drummond floor & cattle Co, the notoriously personal family-held firm that Frederick Drummond began after getting here in this nation from Scotland in the late 19th century.

DailyMail.com acquired records revealing that since December 2006, the office of Land monitoring has given Drummond floor & livestock Co $23.9 million.

The biggest of these was awarded on brand-new Year"s night of 2015, and totaled just over $2 million, if the many recent was for $1,066,464 ~ above June 27.




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Britny Henderson, 19, was driving a 2013 Toyota Camry east on U.S. 70 just west that Durant as soon as a westbound pickup hit her car head on, state troopers reported.

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The state of Oklahoma made use of the death penalty because that the first time in practically seven year Thursday v the execution of john Marion Grant.