Insider tips on the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Nothing clues the start of the magical holiday season in brand-new York City choose the Rockefeller facility Christmas Tree lighting. Check our Insider guide tips ~ above the finest views that the tree, ice cream skating in Rockefeller Center, Christmas Dinner, Christmas open Attractions and more.

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Rockefeller center Christmas Tree Lighting


Annual Tree LightingDec 1, 2021 – jan 10, 2022Ceremony, 7-9 afternoon

2021 Officially shown by Rockefeller Center! The unlit Rockefeller facility Christmas tree generally arrives in mid-November (the Tree will arrive top top Saturday, November 13, 2021). Climate we have actually Thanksgiving and also Black Friday, as soon as the department stores unveil your famous home window holiday displays… however it is the week after Thanksgiving that to represent the true start of holiday Season in NYC because that many brand-new Yorkers.

The Rockefeller center Christmas Tree is a world-wide price of the holidays in new York City. The tree, traditionally a Norway Spruce, is illuminated through 50,000 multi-colored LED lights on about 5 mile (8 km) of wire and also crowned through a Swarovski crystal star. 10s of thousands crowd the sidewalks for the event and hundreds the millions clock the Tree lighting Ceremony broadcast live across the globe.

The 2021 Tree, a 79-foot Norway Spruce, will certainly be reduced in Elkton, MD top top November 11, and arrive in ~ Rockefeller facility on November 13, 2021.

Visiting hrs will be everyday 6am – 12am, with Jan. 10, 2022. ~ above Christmas Day, the Rockefeller facility Christmas Tree will be lit for a complete 24 hours and also and on new Year’s eve it is lit from 6am to 9pm. After ~ January 10th, the tree will be donated come Habitat because that Humanity.

When is the 2021 Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting?

The confirmed days are Dec 1, 2021 – january 10, 2022.

Our ideal guess is the the 2022 Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting will be Wednesday, November 30, 2022. The Rockefeller center Christmas Tree is almost always lit the Wednesday ~ Thanksgiving. We have seen one exception to this in the last 12 year – in 2010 it to be lit on a Tuesday.

Top that Rockefeller facility Christmas Tree Lighting


Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

NYC Insider Tip: as soon as visiting the tree, go into Rockefeller center from fifth Avenue and also walk through the horn-blowing Angels toward the tree. Entering native the side, 47th or 50th roads is simply not the exact same view or experience.

The horn-blowing Angels will certainly lead you come the Rockefeller Tree, Prometheus and the Rockefeller facility Ice Skating Rink. The Angels represent hope and also Prometheus, the gold statue in Rockefeller Plaza, represents the ancient Greek legend of the Titan, happen fire to mankind.


Rockefeller facility is between fifth and 7th Avenues and also 47th and 50th Streets.

Top of Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

Rockefeller center Christmas Tree Map

As you have the right to see indigenous this partial map that Rockefeller Center, entering native the fifth Avenue side provides the very first sight that the tree visit lot nicer together you walk follow me the Angels (Channel Gardens), toward the ice Skating Rink, looking at Prometheus (the frosting behind the rink) and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree proudly presiding end the spectacular scene.

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See Rockefeller center for a complete downloadable map and also directory or check here for optimal of the Rock vacation Hours

Top that Rockefeller Christmas Tree, earlier to brand-new York City December

Where are the finest Views that the Rockefeller facility Christmas Tree Lighting?

Mariagiulia indigenous Italy asked, “I would favor to recognize (because it’s my an initial time in ~ this event) where specifically will the phase be whereby celebrities will carry out and, in her experience, whereby is the finest spot through the closest view of the stage. And also at which hour have to I arrive to it is in in front?”



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Top that Rockefeller Christmas Tree, ago to new York City December

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Loving the guide so far! i have been studying it because that our upcoming trip. My favorite part is that you’ve provided what to see and where come eat in every area! We will certainly be acquisition our cheat sheets v us as we visit each place! Honestly, ns am not sure what you could have done far better – the is therefore detailed, ns love it!