Recently, i was connected in prepare the tender because that my organization during the lockdown period, ns invested nine days of hard work, ~ finalization, every the papers must be uploaded in the tender portal, i beg your pardon is not my scope, I need to mail every the preparing to my colleague.

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The location of this post comes in my way, How come Send large Files v Outlook?How to rise Attachment dimension in Outlook?

What happens next is a long story we will comment on later.

Before commencement:

What is the attachment size limit for outlook?

Outlook’s email customer sets a maximum limit of 20 MBs for every email attachment including email content. If you shot to attach beyond the limit, outlook with you out and flashes the post “The file you’re it is registered is bigger 보다 the server allows. Shot putting the document in a shared location and sending a attach instead“.


How come send big files through Outlook?

There are number of email business providers in the globe, through their maximum limit that 20 MBs to 25MBs per message, Microsoft outlook freezes the limit of 20 MBs for the user, in the scenario, it is an extremely transparent as soon as your mail server permits messages as much as 25 MB and also your attachment is slightly over the default 20 MB limit, you have actually the room to change Outlook max attachment dimension up to 25 MB.

How to rise Attachment dimension Limit?

Press Window+R
Type “Regedit” in operation dialog crate >> fight OkTechnically you gotten in the nerve of your system and also you are around to hack some minor settings.Copy and Paste – <ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice16.0OutlookPreferences> in the deal with bar that the registry editor.

I am making use of Outlook 2019


Find MaximumAttachmentSize value file >> twin click it.

Sometimes MaximumAttachmentSize is not existing in the folder follow these steps and add the folder:

Go come Edit the the it is registered editor.Click New >> DWORD worth >> File included MaximumAttachmentSize>, and also Hit Enter.Double click MaximumAttachmentSize worth File.


The value data enable you to connect the paper size, if you leaving it empty or zero you successfully disable the email attachment limit in her Outlook.

The default size of Microsoft outlook in the absence of MaximumAttachmentSize is 20 MB or 20480 KB.

After MaximumAttachmentSize you have to enter your desired attachment dimension limit in KB.

For instance: If you favor to set the dimension limit to 25 MB, you have to get in the worth 25600 and pick the decimal in the dialog box.

Finally struggle OK and Close it is registered Editor.

Technically you have revised the attachment limit v 5 MB more, no you can attach the paper size by 25 MB.

Important Information

What is the maximum dimension of an e-mail attachment in Hotmail – 10MBWhat is the maximum dimension of an e-mail attachment in Gmail – 25 MBWhat is the maximum dimension of an email attachment in – 50 MBWhat is the maximum dimension of an e-mail attachment in yahoo – 25 MB

Some of the email organization providers lug cloud service to their users which permits you come attach paper size much more than your limit and automatically upload your file in the cloud.

If you space using – It allows you to quickly upload the papers to the cloud and also send the connect to the paper through email, it is the beauty beauty of Outlook.

If her recipient or your mail server doesn’t assistance the size of the email you are trying to send, your email won’t it is in sent.

Bonus Tips:

Use One journey to send large files

Apart indigenous the over method, you deserve to use Cloud Storage free services (Google Drive/One Drive) to Send Large documents through Outlook.

Google Drive/One Drive is just one of the trusted and also reliable sources to transfer huge files utilizing a attach simply.

Here room the steps to make the happen:

Log in to your OneDrive account utilizing your Outlook credentials.Click on records from the upload area.


Select the record uploaded which was visible ~ above the screen and click the share icon or Right-click on the record that friend would favor to share and also click Share.


At this point, you have two options- you deserve to either go into the email addresses of every the human being that you desire to re-superstructure the record with, or you deserve to generate a link that you have the right to embed in the email blog post body.


It is recommended to copy the link, which you have the right to embed in the email message, then you should click the Copy connect icon.


Go earlier to her Outlook new mail window, and also simply hit Ctrl + V (shortcut key) to dough the copied link.


Resize large image once I send this message

In situation you attached pictures in any form in a new mail message, over there is an choice to reduce the size, friend can conveniently resize castle in Outlook making use of the Resize image feature.

Once you connect the image document in Outlook.Click the file tab indigenous the top left edge of the screen.Select Resize large images as soon as I send this message.


This feature only works when you affix the picture in outlook embedding photo won’t it is in resized.

Compress Attachments Size

Using WinZip, WinRAR cost-free tolls assist users to compress and reduce document size in ~ the predefined limitation that is 20 MB through default.

This method compresses the paper so smartly the you won’t notification the significant difference in between the original and compress file.

Right click on the paper and click “Add come archive”, another document is produced with the same name and also If girlfriend now check the properties of the compressed file you will certainly observe the size difference.

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Final Thoughts

Hacking regedit does not boost the limit collection by your company provider, In the situation of the business provider collection the attachment size of 10MB and also you tried come send the letter which is past the size, you’ll still get sending errors around the message being as well big. 

Other bonus advice are straightforward to use and also results space satisfactory. Breaking up a record and sending out multiple emails is another vintage choice rarely used currently.