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Stay on building at the Knott"s Hotel and also you"ll gain accessibility to the best pricing top top tickets. Why would certainly you want to stay all over else?

No issue the time of year you"re visiting, there is always something unique and exciting happening at Knott"s Berry Farm.

This all-new 4-D interaction dark drive takes guest on an amazing journey with dynamic show scenes the honor the standard Bear-y tales attraction.

Since 1934, this family-style dining restaurant has actually faithfully served its classic fried chicken dinner made famed by the handmade biscuits, boysenberry pie and Mrs. Knott"s nation fried chicken.

Don"t miss out on a minute of the fun! You"ll find every one of the calendars and hours because that Knott"s Berry Farm and Knott"s Soak City here.
Learn essential information because that what come do prior to you leaving home, what you will do it see and experience once you arrive, and also how to do the many of her visit—safely—while she here.
Knott’s Scary farm yard is the largest and also most haunting Halloween event in southern California, through unimaginable scares and innovative thrills that can’t be discovered anywhere else.
April 12, 2021Update

Buena Park, Calif. –It’s official: Knott"s Berry farm yard is reopening its gates next month as the template park safely resumes consistent operations with minimal capacity and brand-new reservation requirements. The park will reopen to season passholders may 6, v plans because that a cool reopening come the general public on might 21 because that a summer-long, Knott’s 100th Anniversary Celebration. "The Knott"s family Reunion" looks come reunite family and friends in a safe and also fun atmosphere after a year-long closure because of COVID-19.

New and also unforgettable experience await in honor of the park"s 100 years of background and family members fun for all. During the 100th anniversary celebration, guests have the right to experience the brand-new Knott"s Bear-y Tales: return to the Fair, a 4-D interactive dark ride that pays tribute come the standard attraction from 35 years ago. Guests also will have actually the chance to accomplish Knott"s all-new lovable costumed characters and enjoy distinct evening entertainment together Knott"s Summer Nights returns through live music, DJs, and one-of-a-kind food and drink specialties. In addition, the template park is to plan a nightly ceremony featuring multiple attractions lighting increase the evening and culminating in a special minute with the redesigned illuminated K-tower. Guests also will find festive brand-new park décor, consisting of special picture settings that pay homage to favorite attractions indigenous the past and commemorative merchandise celebrating the park"s huge history. These are just a couple of of the plenty of special surprises that deserve to only come from her friends in ~ Knott"s.

The anniversary celebration event runs through September 6, 2021. In accordance with current state guidelines, capacity will certainly be minimal and accessible to California inhabitants only v reservations forced for both single-day visits and Season Passholders. Ticket sales and reservations will certainly be available beginning April 26 at 10am PST.

All 2020 and 2021 season passes purchased through may 5, 2021, will certainly be precious through might 5, 2022. Knott"s Season passes are now available starting at $101 or six easy payments that $13.50 ~ an early stage payment. Yellow Passes room $135 or six simple payments of just $17.00 ~ an early stage payment. Information about Soak City Waterpark will be comes soon. This offers end on June 20, 2021. Applicable taxes and also fees apply. Payment plans are only available

The safety and also health of our guests remain our top priority. Knott"s Berry Farm proceeds to follow state, county, and local health and wellness guidelines. There room several ongoing safety measures and operational alters established to ensure guests" safety. Ours current strategy is noted on our park website. For more information top top the park"s latest updates, please visit

For much more information about this year"s milestone celebration, reopening, "Knott"s Bear-y Tales: go back to the Fair," and also Knott"s Season Passes, please visit Sign up with the conversation in ~ Knott"s this year using#buzzpatterson.com100 #buzzpatterson.comGrandReopeningor#buzzpatterson.comFamilyReunion.

We space encouraged and also excited by the current announcement that came out of the California Governor’s office about the reopening of template parks in the state. We know that it’s to be a lengthy year, and as our most loyal guests, you have actually been very patient v us together we have actually navigated through this complicated time together.

As us look front to reopening our gates, we still have actually some job-related to do. Native hiring and also training new associates to functioning with federal government officials top top finalizing guidelines, we will certainly work tough to ensure the we have the right to reopen our park safely for every to enjoy. Our plan is to welcome you earlier to Knott’s Berry farm this May.

For now, we are humbled by the astounding an answer we have received on ours Tasting events. Currently, our Taste the Boysenberry Festival is underway and will proceed to obtain guests together planned until might 2.

As announced previously this year, season passes purchased before park opening will be valid for the remainder that 2021, to add a day-for-day expansion in 2022 because that the number of days the park to be closed in 2021.

We can’t wait to celebrate 100 years of original household fun with you throughout our Knott’s Anniversary solemn event this summer. We particularly look front to creating brand-new treasured memories as we as soon as again open our gates and welcome ours family earlier to the farm. We’ll see you all genuine soon!


Jon StorbeckVice chairman & general ManagerKnott"s Berry Farm

To our Season Passholders,

We want to thank all of ourKnott’s Berry farm Season Passholders for your ongoing patience and also support throughout this extraordinary time. Knowing our closures have disrupted a brand-new year, we want to re-superstructure some vital updates come the 2020 and 2021 Season Passholder benefits:

as announced critical year, 2020 and also 2021 Season Passes and also purchased Season happen Add-On products (if applicable) will be precious for all of the 2021 season, once the park opens. Additionally, us will likewise be offering a Day because that Day Extension. Because that every day that the park is close up door in 2021, we will prolong season passes because that the same amount of work in 2022. This likewise includes Season pass Add-On commodities (if applicable).

Our Season Passholders remain really important come us and also we can’t wait come welcome everyone earlier to gain all Knott’s Berry Farm needs to offer.


Jon StorbeckVice chairman & basic ManagerKnott"s Berry Farm

A blog post from Jon Storbeck, Vice president & general Manager that Knott"s Berry Farm

We have actually been so grateful for the chance to welcome guests earlier to Knott’s Berry farm to enjoy our recently presented Knott’s Taste the Calico event as well as the distinct experiences in ours California Marketplace, in spite of the obstacles that have come through the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to thank our guests and also associates for making Knott’s a safe ar to visit throughout this complicated time.We evaluate everyone’s support and also cooperation with the park’s new health and safety actions – we are acquiring through this together.

Although we proceed to work-related with federal government officials and health and also safety specialists on emerging guidance to re-opening the full theme park, we space unfortunately still unable to announce an opened date.However, we remain optimistic for the remainder that 2020 and also want to share a couple of important park updates:

beginning August 21, guests have the right to enjoy one all-new out dining and also retail suffer in a way that only Knott’s Berry Farm could offer, with the all-new Taste that Knott’s. Broadening upon the Taste of Calico experience, Taste the Knott’s will certainly celebrate 100 years of classic flavors from around the park with distinct food, drink and also merchandise offerings. Guests might enjoy Taste of Knott’s throughout Ghost Town, Fiesta town and the Boardwalk area on weekends through September 13. We look forward to offering an ext of these distinct dining and also retail experiences till we space able come reopen the theme park fully. Also, on respectable 21, the Knott’s Berry farm yard Hotel will reopen for lodging. Guests may learn an ext about one-of-a-kind Taste of Knott’s hotel packages at In the meantime, guests may continue to enjoy choose offerings indigenous the California Marketplace including alfresco dining on grand Avenue native Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, Knott’s Chicken-to-Go Restaurant, the farm yard Bakery and Berry Market as well as items from ours specialty retail stores. Regrettably, early out to ongoing operating constraints related to the pandemic, us have had to do the very an overwhelming decision come cancel our very anticipated 2020 Knott’s Scary Farm event. The unique features the Scary Farm will certainly not enable us to operate within the constraints recommended by the CDC and public wellness experts. We know that this news is disappointing, however we look front with an excellent enthusiasm come making 2021 Knott’s Scary farm yard our best year ever. Once we can completely reopen the park, we look front to introducing Knott’s Bear-y Tales: go back to the Fair, our all-new 4D interactive dark ride the celebrates a beloved classic attraction v a reimagined gaming twist. Guests will certainly climb aboard themed vehicles equipped through “jelly blasters” to try to recoup stolen boysenberry pies together they travel with whimsical atmospheres such as the Boysenberry Pie Factory, Frog Forest, Fortune novelist Camp and also Weird Woods. The ride culminates in a celebration in ~ the ar Fair.

Please store in mind that all 2020 Season Passes and add-on assets have been expanded through 2021.Our whole team is difficult at work acquiring ready because that what will certainly be a terrific year ahead, consisting of our rescheduled Knott’s 100th Anniversary celebration!

We all look forward to having fun safely because that the rest of this season and beyond.There’s tho plenty the summer fun to reap this year v the new Taste the Knott’s outdoor event, plus Knott’s California Marketplace retail and dining venues.

Again, I desire to thank you for your continued support.I expect to view you top top the Farm very soon!

A article from Jon Storbeck, Vice chairman & general Manager of Knott"s Berry Farm

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) issue remains a component of our daily lives, the team in ~ Knott’s Berry Farm continues to work-related with health and safety professionals as we plan for increased safety measures and operational alters throughout our park.We room in continuous communication through our state and also federal governments and also are looking forward to welcome you back just as shortly as it is safe to carry out so.Although ours reopen day is quiet uncertain, here are a few things we have the right to share:

Currently, guests have the right to enjoy choose offerings indigenous the California Marketplace consisting of items native Knott’s Chicken-to-Go Restaurant, farm yard Bakery and also the Knott’s Berry industry Knott’s Bear-y Tales: return to the Fair, one all-new 4D interaction dark ride that celebrates a beloved classic attraction with a reimagined gaming twist, is on monitor to open when the park reopens Knott’s Berry Farm, Knott’s Berry farm Hotel, pick locations in the California Marketplace and Knott’s Soak City remain temporarily closed till further notification Our Knott’s 100th Anniversary: A Knott’s household Reunion event will it is in postponed to 2021. Our team established that a celebration of this magnitude have to be done right. In order come observe and also respect society distancing and also other potential guidelines, we have made the decision to postpone this lot anticipated occasion so that we can provide this milestone the honor and also celebration it important deserves given the nature of the endure and new potential security guidelines, Ghost city Alive! will certainly not take place in 2020, however will be ago in 2021 through an all-new summer adventure organized by her favorite townsfolk that Calico

As formerly announced, we have prolonged the validity of all 2020 Season Passes and Season happen Add-On commodities through the 2021 season, add to we have actually paused simple Pay billing when the park is closed*.Likewise, us will continue to work with guests who may have prepaid single-day tickets valid because that days during our temporary park closure. Ticket inquiries may call us.

The safety of our guests and associates has always been and also will constantly be our peak priority.We want to assure you that as soon as we perform open, Knott’s Berry farm yard will proceed to it is in a safe and fun environment for all.Our team is 100% cursed to this promise.And we space working alongside industry experts and also government officials toward this common goal.We will store you updated as we relocate forward; in the meantime, we thank you for her loyalty and continued support.

*2020 Season Passes and also purchased 2020 Season pass add-on products (if applicable) will be valid through the 2021 Season according to happen type. Because that 2020 Season Passholders participating in our easy Pay Program, monthly billing has actually been suspended, and will remain suspended while the park is closed.When the park reopens, billing will resume.Passholders will have to be current on payment to receive both 2020 and also 2021 Season pass admission and also associated benefits.

A message from Jon Storbeck, Vice chairman & general Manager that Knott"s Berry Farm

As we all continue to navigate this extraordinary situation, we want to say thanks to you for your ongoing patience and support of Knott’s Berry Farm. Ours team would choose nothing an ext than to open our park and welcome friend back. Plainly that is no an choice for us ideal now, and our priority is to store everyone for sure --- ours valued guests, our amazing associates, and also our cherished communities.

Given the uncertainty approximately our park reopening, we want to share exactly how we will regulate 2020 Season Passholder benefits:

2020 Season Passes and purchased 2020 Season happen Add-On products (if applicable) will certainly be valid for the remainder the 2020 when our park is able come reopen. Additionally, 2020 Regular, Gold and also Platinum Season Passespurchased in ~ Knott’s Berry farm (as well as purchased 2020 Season happen Add-On Products) will continue to be valid v the 2021 Season, ending December 31, 2021. * for 2020 Season Passholders participating in our simple Pay Program, monthly billing has actually been suspended as of April 4, 2020, and also will stay suspended if the park is closed. When the parkreopens, billing will certainly resume. Passholders will need to be current on attempted payment to get both 2020 and also 2021 Season happen admission and associated benefits.

Our Season Passholders represent some of our most loyal guests, and we want to ensure the you get a complete season of fun as promised when you purchased your 2020 Season Pass. This is a an extremely unusual time for all of us, and we again say thanks to you for your understanding and also loyalty come Knott’s Berry Farm.

*Scary farm Pass Add-On will be valid throughout 2020 only.

At Cedar Fair, the safety and also well-being of ours Guests and also Associates are constantly our optimal priorities.

As we continue to follow regional and national health and wellness directives regarded COVID-19, we desire to administer the latest update regarding our park schedule. Currently, Knott’s Berry Farm, Knott’s Berry farm yard Hotel, and California Marketplace room temporarily closed. That is our expect to reopen those nature mid-May or as shortly thereafter together possible. We think this decision is in the ideal interest of our associates, ours guests, and our communities.

We will proceed to work-related with guests who have actually prepaid single-day ticket or booked rooms throughout the time period of ours park closure. Additionally, for existing 2020 Season Passholders who room unable to usage their pass throughout our short-lived closure, we will prolong your pass by the number of days Knott’s Berry farm is closed.* because that ticket inquiries, please contact us or because that hotel re-bookings emailhotelinformation

We appreciate the support and cooperation of ours Guests and also Associates throughout this ever-evolving situation. Your loyalty to ours park is invaluable. Us look forward to seeing you soon.


Richard ZimmermanChief executive, management OfficerCedar same Entertainment Company

Beginning in march 14, Knott’s Berry Farm will certainly close temporarily with the finish of the month. We proceed to follow guidance from local and also state officials, and also the Centers for condition Control (CDC). If there have actually been no confirmed situations of COVID-19 in ~ our properties, we think this is the right decision because that our guests, associates, and also community.

Knott’s Berry farm yard Hotel and also California Marketplace will stay open. Us will occupational with our guests who have prepaidsingle-day ticket or booked rooms throughout the time period of our park closure.For ticket refund requests contact usor for hotel re-bookings emailhotelinformation

Our guests and also associates are thought about family. We have actually their well-being at the head of our decision-making. We room committed come responding to questions and also requests over the days and also weeks ahead and also appreciate everyone’s continued support and also patience together we control through this ongoing situation.


Richard ZimmermanChief executive OfficerCedar fair Entertainment Company

Cedar Fair"s highest priority is constantly the safety of our guests and associates. We recognize you continue to hear and also see news reports about the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and some the its effects approximately the world. The Cedar same team is very closely monitoring this evolving situation and are in regular contact with health agencies for information and guidance.

All Cedar fair properties intend to welcome guest in accordance with our published schedules, and also we proceed to carry out preventive steps as recommended by the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and also our very own health and also hygiene protocols. All our parks and resorts have high standards of cleanliness, i beg your pardon assists with illness prevention. We employ rigorous sanitation standards and also robust cleaning procedures, including:

Extensive and also ongoing training because that associates on maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace and environment because that our guests; specified intervals for constant sanitization that targeted locations throughout the day; countless and accessible handwashing facilities and hand sanitizer locations; Quick an answer to spills, trash and other situations; Daily and also frequent sanitation actions for restrooms, kitchens, dining surfaces, benches and also trash cans; Daily and frequent cleaning and "wash down" of outdoor locations, consisting of walkways and queue lines

The management team is communicating with our associates about illness prevention; this consists of guidance approve by the CDC. The CDC recommends daily preventive action to aid stop the spread out of germs. The CDC provides an ext detailed coronavirus information on that is website in ~

As always, we preserve close relationships v local, state, national and international public health and wellness authorities. We take their guidance when extr preventive procedures are considered necessary.

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Thank you because that your ongoing support and trust in Cedar Fair"s family of parks and also resorts.