With 28 points indigenous 10 games, Brazil lead the qualifying competition through nine wins and also a draw. Argentina room placed 2nd with 22 points.

Argentina"s Lionel Messi celebrates v teammate Nicolas Gonzalez after scoring versus Uruguay during their 2022 world Cup qualifying complement in Buenos Aires. | AP

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Lionel Messi was amongst the scorers together Argentina beat rival Uruguay 3-0 on Sunday, hours after Brazil’s run of continuous wins in 2022 FIFA human being Cup southern American qualifying ended in a 0-0 attract with Colombia. (More football News)

Brazil lead the qualifying competition with 28 point out from nine wins and the draw, six points clean of second-place Argentina after 10 matches. Brazil’s tally so far would have actually been sufficient to qualify for all civilization Cups directly since 2002.

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Ecuador stay in third spot v 16 points, marginally ahead of Uruguay based on the variety of victories. Colombia is in 5th place with 15 points. All three have currently played 11 matches. The top four teams earn direct entry come the FIFA human being Cup in Qatar next year. The fifth-place team have the right to still qualify via one inter-continental playoff.


Messi’s team was preparing because that a long, tense night in ~ the huge Stadium in Buenos Aires. Uruguay coach Óscar Tabárez selected a back-five tasked with avoiding Argentina’s an effective offense and also his team created most that the finest early opportunities, v Luis Suárez hitting the short article once.

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But a punch of luck aided Argentina in the 38th minute. Messi provided an overhead happen in an effort to assist Nico Gonzalez, who failed to touch it. But the ball gently and unexpectedly pass by goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, into the appropriate corner.

Luck once an ext was ~ above the Argentinian side in the 44th. A series of pass mistakes by both teams gave a clear chance to Lautaro Martinez top top the leaf of the box. Lautaro failed come hit the cleanly, but it was enough to move the ball into the path of a Rodrigo de Paul.

The second fifty percent started with Uruguay make the efforts to charge up front with substitutes Edinson Cavani and also Darwin Nuñez, but once again Argentina scored. Messi discovered de Paul on the right flank, and the midfielder sent out a low cross into the penalty box. Lautaro Martinez score from close range.

“I think us are cultivation a many in the level of our game,” Messi said. “We are now used to having actually the ball. Tonight was a hard match and we had to victory it. It all came out perfectly.” Argentina’s next an obstacle will be against Peru. Uruguay will take trip to Brazil.


Brazil had actually the best methods of the encounter and forced Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina to do three an essential saves. The most important was in the 84th minute in a close selection finish by substitute Antony.

Neymar went back to the Seleção ~ a suspension, but was turn off pace, lacking several passes and also running with apparent difficulty. He left the pitch instantly after the last whistle. Brazil coach Tite stated in a news conference too much is supposed from his star player every one of the time.

“He is superb player because he makes impressive plays, that does that exceptionally and not ordinarily,” Brazil’s coach said. “He is a special player, we understand it. And he was likewise well marked, periodically by 2 players.”

Tite tested out lineup or development changes, as he promised. His defensive midfield was Fabinho and Fred for the an initial time. He also used wingers Raphinha and also Antony in the second half, following their superior performances in the 3-1 win at Venezuela.

Colombia’s next match will additionally be at home against Ecuador.

Also ~ above Sunday, third place Ecuador shed 2-1 in ~ Venezuela. Enner Valencia opened up the scoring for from the point out in the 37th, but Venezuela turned its fortunes with objectives by Darwin Machis so late in the first half and also Eduard Bello in the 64th. Ecuador remains on 16 points and also last-place Venezuela has actually seven.

Ninth-placed Bolivia irritable seventh place Peru through a 1-0 success at La Paz. Ramiro Vaca score the only goal of the conference in the 85th. Peru remained on 11 points and Bolivia boost to nine points in the standings.

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Eight-placed Chile win sixth place Paraguay 2-0 to reach 10 clues in the standings and also maintain its possibilities of qualifying. Ben Breteton opened the scoring in the 68th and Mauricio Isla added a 2nd in the 72nd. Paraguay remains in sixth location with 12 points.

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