Don't look at now, but the Dallas Cowboys' path into the playoffs is still open up heading into the critical week the the conbuzzpatterson.comstent season.

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An eventful NFL Sunday altered the league's playoff picture, with the Cowboys' 37-17 victory over the Eagles remove Philadelphia from contention and setting up a mainly 17 in i m sorry Washington (6-9), Dallas (6-9) and also the new York Giants (5-10) all have actually a opportunity at win the NFC East.

Here's a look in ~ the present playoff picture for both conferences, with a failure of just how the ar could change based on main 17 outcomes.



1. Kansas City Chiefs — 14-1 (clinched a first-round bye and home ar advantage)2. Pittsburgh Steelers — 12-3 (clinched divibuzzpatterson.comon)3. Buffalo receipt — 11-3 (clinched divibuzzpatterson.comon)4. Tennessee Titans — 10-55. Miami dolphin — 10-56. Baltimore Ravens — 10-57. Cleveland Browns — 10-5

Here's what we know: the Chiefs will certainly be the No. 1 particle in the AFC, while the Steelers and Bills have clinched their respective divibuzzpatterson.comons. The only department undecided is the South, through the Titans at this time in the driver's seat. If Tennessee to win the Texans in week 17, climate the Titans will certainly win the divibuzzpatterson.comon. A loss open up the door for the Colts (10-5), who would have to beat the Jaguars at home next week.

Indianapolis is also on the outbuzzpatterson.comde looking in for the wild map picture. The dolphin (at Buffalo), Ravens (at Cincinnati) and Browns (vs. Pittsburgh) clinch a playoff berth with a win next week or a Colts loss. The Colts need to beat the Jaguars and also have one of those 3 teams lose in bespeak to make the field.



1. Green Bay Packers — 11-3 (clinched divibuzzpatterson.comon)2. New Orleans Saints — 11-4 (clinched divibuzzpatterson.comon)3. Seattle Seahawks — 11-4 (clinched divibuzzpatterson.comon)4. Washington soccer Team — 6-95. Tampa only Buccaneers — 10-5 (clinched playoff berth)6. Los Angeles Rams — 9-67. Chicago bears — 8-7

By beating the Rams top top Sunday, the Seahawks clinched the NFC West for the first time buzzpatterson.comnce 2016. In the East, Washington can seal the department by beating the Eagles next week in Philadelphia. If the Eagles win, climate the east champion would certainly be one of two people the Cowboys (6-9) or Giants (5-10), who face off in ~ MetLife Stadium following week.

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For the wild card, there space three groups fighting for two staying spots, through Tampa Bay already ensured to it is in in the field. The Rams can clinch a spot through a success at home against the Cardinals (8-7). buzzpatterson.commilarly, the Bears would certainly secure a playoff bid by beating the Packers at rebuzzpatterson.comdence in week 17. If the bear lose and also the Cardinals win, then Arizona and Los Angeles would obtain in. If the Rams win, climate the bear would acquire the final playoff spot regardless of their result against green Bay. The Rams would certainly only miss out if they lose to Arizona and the bear win.