You’ve been questioning God for help and think you’re not getting response from Him. But you’re probably missing what he is saying. So right here are 6 signs God is speaking to you, so you can finally start hearing Him.

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If you’re prefer me, did you do it had many occasions in her life once you want God come speak come you, however He appeared deafeningly silent. and also I wouldn’t be surprised if, prefer me, her frustration has boiled over much more than once, wait for a solution that never seems come come.

And back — in a moment of overwhelming frustration and desperation — ns once straight asked God to offer me a burning bush moment (not surprisingly, that didn’t), mainly I just waited impatiently because that an answer.

Maybe she there best now. Praying because that clear direction — a vision, a dream, or a word — for this reason you have the right to know specifically what come do. And also waiting, waiting, waiting for an answer that doesn’t come.

Unfortunately, you might wait forever. Due to the fact that God often doesn’t answers the way you desire or expect. Therefore you miss out on Him altogether, then mistakenly think He’s ignoring you.

Or possibly God is trying to get your attention, but you keep lacking the methods that he is speaking come you.

So stop talk around some indicators God is speak to you ideal now.


2. Sign God Is speak To girlfriend —Audibly

Before you discount this authorize of God speaking to you, remember the Jesus spoke audibly and directly to Saul ~ above the Damascus road.

Falling come the ground, he heard a voice speak to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” “Who room you, Lord?” Saul said. “I to be Jesus, the one you room persecuting,” the replied. “But acquire up and also go into the city, and also you will be called what you should do.” The men who to be traveling through him was standing speechless, hearing the sound yet seeing no one.

Acts 9:4-7 (CSB)

You may think God doesn’t job-related this means anymore. However, I have the right to testify that He does since He’s spoken audibly to me. And also in the moment, my life changed totally and irrevocably.

3. Sign God Is speak To you —Other People

One of the indicators God is speaking to girlfriend is wise counsel from other people. This deserve to take various forms.

For example, choose Moses, you may receive wise advice:

When Moses’s father-in-law saw everything he to be doing because that them the asked, “What is this you’re doing for the people? Why space you alone sitting together judge, while all the human being stand around you indigenous morning till evening?”…“What you’re law is not good,” Moses’s father-in-law claimed to him…Now listen to me; ns will give you part advice, and God be v you.

Exodus 18:14, 17, 19a (CSB)

Or, choose David after Bathsheba-gate, you may receive wise correction:

Nathan said to David, “You room the man! for this reason says the Lord, the God the Israel, ‘I anointed girlfriend king end Israel, and I delivered you the end of the hand the Saul. And also I provided you her master’s house and also your master’s wives into your arms and also gave you the home of Israel and also of Judah. And if this were too little, i would add to you as lot more. Why have you despised words of the Lord, to execute what is evil in his sight?

2 Samuel 12:7-9a (ESV)

Or, favor the Ethiopian eunuch, you might receive way teaching:

And the Spirit claimed to Philip, “Go over and also join this chariot.” so Philip ran to him and heard him analysis Isaiah the prophet and also asked, “Do you know what you room reading?” and also he said, “How can I, uneven someone guides me?” and also he invite Philip come come up and also sit v him.

Acts 8:29-31 (ESV)Double check Godly Counsel

Just ensure that the wise counsel you get is also godly counsel.

Dear friends, execute not believe every spirit, however test the soul to see if they space from God, due to the fact that many false prophets have gone out right into the world.

1 john 4:1 (CSB)

You have the right to do this by reading your Bible and also knowing oh my gosh word because that yourself. For this reason that once other world counsel you, you understand if what they’re speak is in line through God’s word.

4. Authorize God Is speak To you —Visions and Dreams

All throughout the Bible, you can find plenty of examples the God speaking to human being through visions and also dreams, in various circumstances.


2. Oh my god Audible Voice

Perhaps did you do it heard testimonies of world hearing God speak to them. Perform you think that God deserve to speak audibly to you? If you’re wonder if this has actually happened and you’ve to let go it, nothing worry; girlfriend haven’t. Believe me, you’d have to be fully spiritually blind, deaf, and also dumb to miss Him if the does.

3. Way Counsel

Do you get wise counsel v teachers and a godly friend or two however doggedly i have dissolved it? You probably usually perform this as soon as their way advice doesn’t line up through what you want to do. So you miss a clear authorize that God is speak to you.

4. Visions & Dreams

Has God provided you visions or desires that you diminish or disregard? You’re most likely to perform this as soon as the vision He provides you no the big, vital one you’re looking for. However listen come the voice of experience and also wisdom:

Do no despise these tiny beginnings, for the mr rejoices to check out the job-related begin.

Zechariah 4:10a (NLT)

5. Your Inner Knowing

Is your gut informing you that something is turn off or that you must make a radical change in her life, yet you reject it? the feeling might be a authorize from God. For example, your unhappiness is an extremely likely God informing you that something is dorn in her life that needs fixing.

And you’re most likely rejecting it since you’re afraid of what you know you need to do. Or because you just plain don’t desire to perform it due to the fact that you’ll have to provide up gift comfortable.

6. Clogged Paths

Are friend tenaciously trying to plow ahead on something that God is blocking? Kudos come you because that being persistent in follow what friend want.

In fact, you may select to ignore this authorize of God speak to friend so that — by hook or by crook — you’ll acquire what you’re going after. But you won’t discover the joy and satisfaction you hope is waiting for friend there. Not when you’re follow what God doesn’t want for you.

How come Hear as soon as God Is Trying to Speak to You

Now girlfriend know exactly how to identify some indications God is speaking to you. And also you’re mindful of some methods that you might be the one act the ignoring, no Him.

So now, stop talk around how you deserve to become an ext in song so girlfriend don’t miss what God is trying come tell you.

1. Space you listening?

You’ve been repeatedly praying increase a storm about your present problem, right? and not hearing earlier from God about it? That might be your difficulty right there: you’re doing every one of the talking and also none that the listening. So try to be quiet and listen.

2. Room you in step?

When you praying and looking because that a sign from God in answer, inspect to watch if you’re in action with His native in the area you’re praying about. If she not, you currently have her answer.

3. Are you willing?

God may be speaking to girlfriend through sign after sign. However you might be hiding your head in the sand since His answer will require you to it is in brave.

But girlfriend don’t have to be fear because, without fail, God’s setup is always better than yours.

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friend just have to trust and also obey Him with the discomfort, which will leap her spiritual expansion forward by leaps and also bounds.