Lewis Hamilton continued his dream because that a record-breaking eighth people championship after securing win at the Saudi Arabia grand Prix.

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Hamilton and also Max Verstappen disputed a series of events with the drivers’ championship ~ above the line and will now get in the last race in Abu Dhabi fully level on points.


Hamilton celebrates his success in Brazil top top the podium with Verstappen

The seven-time human being champion started the gyeongju on pole, eight clues behind Verstappen in the standings, however with the Red Bull male down in 3rd on the grid.

The pair are now both on 369.5 points however what does Hamilton should win the F1 title? buzzpatterson.com has actually all you to must know…

What walk Hamilton must win the F1 Championship?

There are just 26 points still available for both Hamilton and Verstappen – 25 because that winning and one for the fastest lap.

Four-time reigning champion Hamilton is currently trailing Verstappen in wins through the Saudi Arabia cool Prix acquisition him to eight win – one behind his rival.

However, the tiebreaker is still properly Verstappen’s as winning the critical race would certainly hand Hamilton the title outright, in which case the Mercedes driver wouldn’t need the tiebreaker anyway.

This also method that in the unlikely scenario the both guys crash out or carry out not complete in the points climate Verstappen would win the championship.


Hamilton and also Verstappen have gone wheel to wheel on countless occasionsWhat deserve to still it is in decided?

It’s not just the height two in the driver’s standings up for grabs as Red Bull also have an exterior chance of to win the constructor’s championship.

Mercedes (587.5 points) are currently ahead the Red Bull (559.5 points) v Ferrari feather to have actually beaten McLaren to third.

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McLaren would need another memorable one-two end up as they did in Monza to even stand a chance and even then Ferrari would need a an extremely bad day.

Haas would also love a chance to end up the season through at the very least one allude as they room the just team right now on zero v one gyeongju to go.