If you"ve ever downloaded an app on the iphone or iPad you"ll feel appropriate at house downloading—and re-downloading—apps on the brand-new Apple TV. There are, however, a few differences that space worth noting.

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How come download apps on the to apologize TV

The easiest means to download apps top top the to apologize TV is appropriate from the Featured section.

Launch the App Store application from your house screen.Make certain you"re on the Featured tab.
Navigate to an application you desire to download.Click on the app icon.Click on Get for complimentary (or cost-free with in-app purchase) apps, or the price because that paid apps.Click Buy come confirm.

If you desire to learn much more about an app before deciding, friend can accessibility the complete description.

Swipe as much as highlight the description.Click the highlighted description to view more.Click on the Menu button on the Siri remote to go back to the app page.

If you desire to obtain a closer look in ~ the screenshots, you have the right to magnify them as well.

Swipe down to highlight a screenshot.Click the highlighted screenshot to take it it complete screen.Swipe right or left come switch in between the screenshots.Click top top the Menu button on the Siri far to go back to the application page.

How to launch apps on apple TV

Once you"ve download the app you want, you can just launch the from your house screen.

Swipe up, down, left, or best on the touchpad to acquire the app you want to launch.

Click on the app come launch it.


It"s that easy!

How to re-download apps

If you"ve currently bought an app, or if a developer has made one Apple TV variation of among your iphone phone or iPad apps easily accessible as a "universal purchase", you"ll uncover them in your Purchased tab.

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Launch the App Store app from your house screen.Swipe over to the Purchased tab.Navigate to an app you desire to download.Click on the app icon.Click the Download native iCloud switch to restore the purchase.

You can additionally see the increased description and also screenshots, same way as above, if you want to make certain you really want to re-download the app.

How to search for apps

It"s early on days on the apologize TV application Store and so over there aren"t any kind of Category or top Charts to examine out yet. That means if an application isn"t in the main Featured section, the only way to find it is come search...

Launch the App Store application from your residence screen.Swipe over to the Search tab.Swipe under to the digital keyboard.Start beginning the surname of the application you want to find.Swipe come the app you desire to download as quickly as you check out it.Click top top the app icon.Click ~ above Get for free (or totally free with in-app purchase) apps, or the price for paid apps.

Click Buy come confirm.


There"s likewise a list of apps trending in search, so if you"re in search of a well-known app, you can find it right there.

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More on apple TV apps and games

You can likewise download apps using promo codes, though not directly. And once you"ve download or re-downloaded one app, you can move that around and even delete the if friend want.