Robocalls are automated phone call calls v prerecorded messages. This calls have actually increased in recent years because modern technology has made the cheap and easy for robocallers to do calls from all over in the people while hiding their identities by displaying fake Caller id information.

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To learn more visit the Federal trade Commission (FTC) or the Federal interactions Commission (FCC).

Stop annoying and unwanted calls. has 4 ways to help you block call on your house phone. If girlfriend haven’t already, sign up for:

Call BlockCaller IDAnonymous speak to RejectionCaller ID/Call waiting

Spam Alerts

presenting Spam advises


If you space a Fios Digital Voice customer you have the right to register with Nomorobo, a free, third-party company that identifies recognized robocallers and also telemarketers and stops your Fios Digital Voice home phone from ringing. Nomorobo will certainly not job-related with’s timeless voice service.

collection Up Nomorobo v the link that is sent to your email*Click Activate in the Nomorobo section of the Phone administration PortalRead the Nomorobo description and also click Acknowledge, this will activate coincided ringReturn come Nomorobo"s website to complete the it is registered process

*If you do not get the email, check your spam folder. Perform not send the very same email more than when in a 5 minute period.

Watch the video for more information.

National execute Not speak to Registry

You have the right to register your house or mobile phones with the national Do Not speak to Registry. Come register:

Call 1.888.382.1222 (TTY: 1.866.290.4236)

Call Blocking automatically blocks phone call in the network native telephone numbers which space invalid or ~ above a DNO (Do no Originate) list. These are numbers that have to not be making calls in the very first place. These calls space terminated in the network and also never reach your device. Blocked calls room not command to voicemail.

There are various other online call blocking services and also call blocking gadgets that block undesirable calls. Check your neighborhood retail store, search online, or you can purchase speak to blocking gadgets at the equipment Store:

For unwanted cell calls, think about using an anti-robocall device like Caller name ID to get alerts on just arrive spam calls and also easily report and also block undesirable numbers on her mobile phone.

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Fios Digital Voice calling features

Anonymous contact Rejection

You have the right to use Anonymous contact Rejection to disapprove most phone calls indigenous callers who have actually blocked the display screen of their telephone number from being watched from Caller ID. When the company is on, your phone will not ring if callers have blocked the screen of your number. Instead, callers will hear an notice saying the you space not accepting clogged calls. They will be instructed to cave up, unblock their number, and also dial again if they want to with you.

The organization does not block phone call made come you from outside your neighborhood calling area or v operator assistance. Every calling features are subject to availability and compatibility restrictions.

To collection up Anonymous speak to Rejection, authorize in come your My account and also select:

Account Manager > Calling Features > Incoming speak to Block > Reject every Anonymous Calls > Activate Incoming call Block

You can additionally use the My Fios app by selecting:

Phone Options tab > Calling Features > Block just arrive Calls > Block anonymous Calls

Incoming call Block

You can regulate your calling attributes through the my Fios app and also My

manage in the my Fios application

Block number in the My Fios app by selecting:

control in mine

Block number manually or block numbers in your Phone book in My by selecting:

Calling Features > Incoming call Block > Reject phone call from details numbers > Add or Browse her phonebook Activate Incoming speak to Block

Block numbers from your contact Log, through selecting:

Calls and also Messages > Locate the number you desire to blockName or Number > Call Block

Block worldwide numbers by selecting:

Account Manager Administration > International call Block > choose International Numbers the you want to block> Save Settings

perform Not annoy

How to activate perform Not annoy To activate and/or deactivate perform Not Disturb using your Fios home phone, press: *78 to activate and/or *79 to deactivate

Block number in the My Fios app by selecting:

Phone Options tab > Calling Features > Do not Disturb 

Don’t have the mine Fios app?

Download now

To activate in My, authorize in and select:

Account Manager > Calling Features Do not Disturb > send every calls to a Pre-recorded execute Not Disturb message or send all calls to Voicemail

To activate carry out Not Disturb with scheduling select:

Account Manager > Calling Features Do no Disturb > Set execute Not Disturb follow to a schedule > get in a Start and End date and also time > Add Schedule

After the scheduled execute Not Disturb entry is added, you have the right to open the Do no Disturb tab or your Calendar to watch your schedule.

Note: If you room looking to manage blocking annoying and unwanted calls refer to Incoming contact Block over to setup and also manage features.

speak to Trace

Traditional call features

Anonymous call Block

To activate or deactivate Anonymous call Block, press:

*77 to activate Anonymous speak to Block or dial 1177 on rotary or pulse-dialing phones, listen for a recording or confirmation tone*87 to deactivate Anonymous call Block or dial 1187 on rotating or pulse-dialing phones, listen for a record or check tone

Note: after you activate the service, that will continue to be on till you deactivate it.

If you have actually turned ~ above Anonymous contact Block, number on Priority call or pick Call Forwarding lists will certainly reach you even if the numbers room blocked.

call Block

This service subject to access for brand-new customers based upon location. If you at this time subscribe to speak to Block you will continue to receive it.

Calls made come you from outside your neighborhood calling area, through operator assistance, or from cabinet phones and some service phones can not be blocked. All calling attributes are subject to accessibility and compatibility restrictions.

By adhering to the voice-recorded instructions, friend can include the number of the last person who called you, add a brand-new number, or adjust an currently number on your list. The voice-recorded instructions will also tell you exactly how to add to your list if her list is full.

To activate or deactivate your contact Block list, press:

*60 or dial 1160 on rotary or pulse-dialing phones*80 or dial 1180 on rotating or pulse-dialing phones

Note: In part areas, you need to press 3 to contact Block off.

call Intercept

Call Intercept choose up incoming phone call that carry out not have a valid phone number. Callers must determine themselves prior to the speak to Intercept function rings your phone and also plays the taped name the the caller. You must have Caller ID come use call Intercept.

Customers in CT, DC, DE, MA, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VA who at this time subscribe come the product and remove it will certainly not have the ability to re-order.

Call Intercept is not available for rotary dial service. All calling features are subject to accessibility and compatibility restrictions.

The first time girlfriend use contact Intercept, speak to toll-free 1.800.527.7070 indigenous the phone that has speak to Intercept and follow the voice prompts to collection your protection PIN. After ~ you set your security PIN, you can call into the system from any type of phone come make changes to your contact Intercept settings.

To manage your existing call Intercept call feature:

Call toll-free 1.800.527.7070 and also follow the voice prompts toEstablish your security PINIf you’ve forgotten your PIN or override codeTo turn call Intercept on or offTo include or eliminate numbers from your Priority Caller ListCall 1.800.435.7986 (1.877.611.7607 Spanish) to have your pin resetTo bypass contact InterceptPriority callers deserve to bypass contact Intercept through entering your 4 digit speak to Intercept Override CodeYour phone will alert you through a short-short-long ring and also “Priority Caller” will appear on your display

Call trace initiates a trace of the last call you received. You can use this attribute to map unlawful or threaten calls that alarm, frighten, or harass you. All calling attributes are subject to ease of access and compatibility restrictions, some calls might not be traced.

Your phone call is currently equipped for contact Trace. To activate the service, just press *57 (rotary phones dial 1-1-5-7). Charges and fees because that using call Trace might vary.

Note: You have to repeat the steps over each time you desire to map a call.

How to take it further action by establishing a case

Some states require you to trace two or more calls to establish a case. The records of all traced calls will certainly be released to a legislation enforcement agency only. The action taken by law enforcement might vary by area.

Note: this company is no longer obtainable to new customers. If you right now subscribe to this service, friend will continue to receive the service, but you will certainly not be allowed to re-subscribe to it if you eliminate it or carry it to an additional customer in ~ your present location or come a brand-new location.

Before you use execute Not Disturb, girlfriend must very first set increase the list of numbers you desire to block. Girlfriend can change your do Not Disturb perform at any kind of time.

To program perform Not Disturb company call 1.800.527.7070, select:

Do not Disturb Service, enter the critical 4 digits of your phone number together your momentary PIN and also follow the instructions to readjust to a new, irreversible 4-digit PIN

To program do Not Disturb company call 1.800.527.7070, enter:

10-digit phone number > Do no Disturb PIN, monitor the recorded instructions to make the adjust you want to make

To activate Selective speak to Blocking:

Press *67 or dial 1167 top top a rotating dial phone, hear for the check tone, followed by the dial tone and dial the phone variety of the party you great to callThe word "Private" or "P" will appear on the screen unit of the referred to as partyYour speak to will be clogged for one-time use only

Selective call Blocking turns off after every call. You must reactivate the organization each time you want your telephone number blocked. If the referred to as number has Anonymous contact Rejection activated, your speak to will not be answered.

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Note: not every calls have the right to be blocked. Calls to 911, toll-free (800 or 877) or 700/900 services, and also some 311 solutions cannot it is in blocked. Call to some wireless customers may not it is in blocked. All calling attributes are topic to access and compatibility restrictions.