Product/ service Question:

5d ago “Trying to attach my cellphone to fox sports Bet” 5d back “My picks that ns made is not corresponding at the finish of game . I have a picture of my choose . I won Money with the WS critical night” 10d ago “I can"t see the video game braves and dodgers”

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Request for info Question:

19h ago “Confuse around my it is registered number” 2d back “Won challenge how to case money” 24d back “Need assist logging in fight”

Account Question:

24d back “Can"t log in in” 27d back “Validation of mine account” 2M earlier “Reset account”

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

23d back “When activate football on my TV” 24d ago “I desire to publication ppv” 2M back “Cancel pacquaio ppv”

Refund Question:

15d ago “Refund” 2M ago “Want a refund ~ above the fight due to the fact that Spence is no fighting”

Payments and Charges Question:

22d back “Overcharged” 22d ago “Charged twice” 24d earlier “Billing”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

2M earlier “Ppv no coming” 2M earlier “Wrong order” 7M back “Where is KC royals game today top top Cox channel 47”

Staff Question:

2M back “No service” 2M ago “Bad customer service” 7M ago “Name of rental manager”

Other Question:

9h earlier “The World collection broadcast on Frontier in CT has actually gone digital top top both the audio and video. Both space breaking up and also the image is showing large pixels and also jerky motion. No happening on various other channels” 17h back “I had actually six success on the super 6 today” 1d ago “To insurance claim my money”
Fox sporting activities Pros and Cons

Pros: video game stream, fantastic nfl coverage, i m so sad they have actually a wide variety of events

Cons: Joe bucks biased gamecalling, Joe buck and troy seem also intimate, perform not use a-rod because that anything - he is tainted, disregard for viewing audience for greed purposes, Splits display screen with ads and also actual video game in progress

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