Microsoft Office 2010 is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. Office 2010 was released to production on April 15, 2010, and also was later on made easily accessible for retail and also online purchase on June 15, 2010. The is the successor to Office 2007 and the predecessor come Office 2013. Research study and advancement of Office 2010 started in 2006, prior to the release of the predecessor.

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I also sellMicrosoft Office experienced Plus 2010 Product vital ($30/key). If you want to buy that you deserve to visit:

Microsoft Office skilled Plus consists of Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and access 2010.

(Source:Microsoft Office 2010 totally free Download for home windows 10)

1.Link Microsoft (for both windows 32-bit and 64-bit): you click here

You will certainly see connect from Microsoft

If you can’t access the link from Microsoft, you obtain the brand-new link here:

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter has actually Microsoft indigenous 2010,Microsoft Excel 2010

How to download Microsoft Office 2010 Starter for free 2021

Step 1: friend click the document you download and also wait for a moment.



Done.If you usage Microsoft Office 2010 pro Plus/Standard, you carry out these steps below to usage Office 2010 in ~ 180 days.

How come activate Microsoft Office 2010 pro Plus without product crucial for complimentary 2021

You have the right to read these articles to know:

(This method activates Microsoft Office 2010 Volume. Therefore you require to transform Office 2010 sleeve to Volume. I include a video clip guide below)

Step 1: girlfriend downloadthe Office 2010 license papers library then you extract it.

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if exist "%ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOffice14ospp.vbs" collection folder="%ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOffice14"if exist "cd /d %ProgramFiles(x86)%Microsoft OfficeOffice14ospp.vbs" set folder="cd /d %ProgramFiles(x86)%Microsoft OfficeOffice14"


If you usage Windows 10 you have the right to copy and also paste in cmd easily

Step 4: You transform your Office 2010 sleeve license to volume one

cd /d c:libraryfor /f %x in ("dir /b *") carry out cscript %folder%ospp.vbs /inslic:%x

Step 5: Make sure your pc is associated to the internet, climate you paste these codes in cmd

cscript %folder%ospp.vbs /inpkey:VYBBJ-TRJPB-QFQRF-QFT4D-H3GVBcscript %folder%ospp.vbs /inpkey:V7QKV-4XVVR-XYV4D-F7DFM-8R6BMcscript %folder%ospp.vbs / %folder%ospp.vbs /setprt:1688cscript %folder%ospp.vbs /act

Done! your Office 2010 has actually been activated successfully. Please examine the activation condition again.

You deserve to watch this video clip to know just how to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 without Product an essential 2021:

Features the Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft 2010 came up with advance photo and media modifying tools.With amplified paste switch you can choose from multiple alternatives that conserve your time and effort.Sparklines and also Slicer space newly included features in Microsoft Excel 2010 that carry out you extra summery and far-ranging details about your data.PowerPoint 2010 an increase a very useful feature, “Broadcast on slide Show” that let you broadcast her presentation instantly

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