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compose a note to Paul Ryan


Dear previous Representative Ryan,I campaigned for you and Mitt Romney as soon as you ran countless years ago. I recognize you space Catholic and wondered how you might hate a man like Trump therefore much since of his view on abortion and marriage. You re welcome rethink her position



Support for Chaney

Happy to discover someone that understands democracy. The Red arrowhead 32nd NG division of Wis. And also Mich. Spent 4years near SE archipelago protecting Australia and stopping the advancement of the Japanese. Real men dealt with for freedom. 75 yrs. Later on 32nd NG asked to guard the funding of the united state from Americans.?


The world are informing you perform NOT CERTIFY!THAT method DO NOT!!! You job-related for the people!


THE fact CAME OUT! girlfriend ARE among THE DEEP STATE!! YOU room NOT one AMERICAN! walk AWAY!! WE desire YOU GONE! YOU space A COMMUNIST!!!!!


You Demon Crat!!!

You room not worthy to it is in a Republican. You are not a maid of the world as you are a Communist who desires the human being to serve you! loss on your knees and also ask forgiveness from the people you simply turn your ago on!!


Turn Coat

You space a venomous person and also shameful and should go earlier where you came from friend liar! rotate your R right into a D currently that you've shown who girlfriend really space you traitor to the REPUBLIC!!!



You room a fraud and a rhino and also you space an embarrassment to the Republican party! You have now stuck your nose out and also shown what one evil human being you are!! Rgen a look into all your previous doings and hopefully you'll be in Orange and Obama Hillary &Biden reason that's where u belong for treason!!

The following President of The USA

I quiet remember as soon as you say words ''I DONT desire TO look at WEAK IN front OF mine CHILDREN;Time is now to come ago and unite the republican party for the next president that the UNITED claims OF AMERICA

Fair And complimentary Elections

Dear Paul,How disappointed ns am in you and Romney. I campaigned for you. Together a conservative eteChristian, ns am discouraged the you space calling because that President Trump to concede. This was a fraudulent election. Mine children, your youngsters will suffer much if Harris-Biden complete the cheat. RINO


If possible, as a Wisc. Resident, ns would choose the money i donated come your projects back. Friend misrepresented yourself as a Republican. I in reality attended a few of her Townhall Meetings and also was tho under the impression you stood for our values, not the worths of the democratic Party.

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Mathew Strublic

Dear Mr. Ryan, Mathew has actually died. He functioned for you and also admired you. I am his mother. Together tirelessly as he functioned for the Republican Party, no one has actually said sorry he's gone. You space the one person he would have actually wanted to hear that from. So please take a minute to remember him. Also if you don't

The real Reason of Impeachment

The real reason because that impeachment is to hide the crimes and also protect their authors. I deserve to prove that. Please disclose the truth around the global crimes.


Universal Crimes: Testimonial

WARNING: THIS IS A an international AND AMERICAN CASE.Dear your Excellency;Please I need URGENTLY her Testimony around the crimes and their authors. You re welcome fill the end the form: regards.

A surprise Revolution!!

Trump will forever it is in a financial genius!With ‘RippleNet’ and the usage of xrp(crypto) together the brand-new currency, ‘He’ now has actually all the devices he must force change and do History! all the profession deals revolv about this an extremely fact. A truly ‘Free’ trade! and a brand-new WORLD money is born!

President's public Comments

Please ask president Trump to protect against name calling and making an unfavorable remarks around those he disagrees with. It's inappropriate for a president do those comments.

Fox affect In America

I was amazed and ashamed the you organize a place on Fox BoD.Fox started 20 years ago through lies. Now it is a loudspeaker for division, distrust, bigotry and also hate.I wonder how many viewers recognize that this is every to enrich Fox's AUSTRALIAN owner.Please battered this cancer organization.

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Gun Contol

I am a lifelong conservative, but like other conservatives I might leave the party if republicans don't carry out something to manage gun ownership/abuse. It's much easier to own and use a gun than very own a car. Please ask legislators to vote for stronger requirements for gun ownership


Mr. Ryan, you need to be embarrassing of yourself. You have gone against the Republican party and sided through the communists (oops) Democrats. Girlfriend made certain by blocking and making public comment, the again straight went versus the republican party who chosen President Trump, to stonewall his agenda. Sad

Ryan The Loser

Ryan if i was you ns would save you negative comments to yourself regarding Trump. Your ignorant direction not to assistance Trump permit the people who voted for him down. Her a loser and do united state a favor and disappear, you are a menace to the Republican Party. Go away and also take Romney v you...