Social media data built up by NBC News found little engagement through the posts, which ideas at the efficiency of deplatforming.

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President Donald Trump go on the southern Lawn of the White residence after stepping off marine One on Oct. 21.Alex Brandon / AP file
Four months after former President Donald Trump to be banished from many mainstream social media platforms, he returned to the net last Tuesday through “From the desk of Donald J. Trump,” essentially a blog because that his musings.

A week due to the fact that the unveiling, society media data argues things are not going well. 

The ex-president’s blog has attracted a considerably smaller audience than his once-powerful social media accounts, according to engagement data compiled with BuzzSumo, a social media analysis company. The data supplies a hint the while Trump stays a politics force, his virtual footprint is quiet dependent on returning to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The workdesk of Donald J. Trump card is limited — users can’t comment or interact with the actual posts beyond sharing them to other platforms, an action couple of people do, according to the data. 

Trump’s new blog has actually attracted a small over 212,000 engagements, identified as backlinks and also social interactions — consisting of likes, shares and comments — received throughout Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also Reddit. Before the ban, a single Trump tweet was generally liked and retweeted thousands of thousands the times.

The blog posts come in the type of statements that are additionally sent to pendant via email. In the multiple day-to-day notes, trump has assaulted his political enemies and endorsed faithful supporters, continued to press false claims and also conspiracy theories, and also opined on news of the day.

Trump"s bans cost him the capability to interact with countless people: 88 million followers on Twitter, 32 million ~ above Facebook, and 24 million top top Instagram. Trump had just approximately 3 million YouTube subscribers, yet his videos on regular basis racked up numerous views.


A CNBC analysis of Trump’s tweets in January uncovered his most-liked tweets spread out disinformation. However the conspiracy theories and also name-calling the the former president has spread via his blog don’t seem to relocate the way they did as soon as Trump benefited indigenous the twin platforms the the White House and traditional social media. Trump card has referred to as his declaration a “more elegant” alternative to tweeting, telling Newsmax’s Greg Kelly in March, “I like this better than Twitter. Actually they did united state a favor.”

The most popular shares the Trump’s brand-new content came from conservative outlets and also activists. The top write-up on the blog, in which Trump railed against the on facebook Oversight Board’s decision to uphold his on facebook ban, garnered simply 16,000 engagements. 

Could people be share Trump’s write-ups through other means? not likely. An additional popular an approach of sharing, posting screenshots of posts, is likewise not an especially popular with Trump’s blog posts, racking up simply a few thousand share per write-up on average, follow to a find of photo text using CrowdTangle, Facebook’s society media evaluation tool. 

This is much from Trump’s an initial experience v blogging. Trump’s ahead blog, maintained in the mid-2000s on the website the the currently defunct for-profit genuine estate school Trump University, adhered to a similar structure however was accused ghost-written. 

A punch to the newest blog’s reach come last week as soon as Twitter booted an account with much more than 2,100 pendant that generally shared Trump’s blog posts. Despite a note in the bio that explicitly stated, “Not Donald J. Trumped Tweeting,” Twitter permanently suspended the account. 

“We’ll take it enforcement action on accounts whose evident intent is to change or promote content affiliated v a suspended account,” a Twitter spokesperson said.

Trump was either temporarily or permanently banned native Twitter, Facebook and YouTube complying with what the social media suppliers said was his glorification that the rioters in ~ the Capitol on Jan. 6. Trump’s Twitter ban is permanent, and also his temporary YouTube suspension will certainly be lifted when the agency decides that the hazard of violence is no much longer imminent. The size of his at this time “indefinite” on facebook suspension will be decided by the agency in the next six months, together ordered by the on facebook Oversight board last week. 

Trump’s deplatforming has actually caused political uproar, mainly from conservative politicians and also pundits that argue the the extensive bans are simply the latest instance of society media’s censorship the conservative voices. Research has actually consistently discovered no evidence of anti-conservative prejudice from the most well-known social media platforms.

The trump card blog’s short engagement number seem to indicate that the practice of deplatforming, or cutting turn off a user from their followers and thereby severing networks of common followers, is broadly effective and can be used to mitigate hate speech and glorification that violence from tendency platforms. It likewise seemingly restricts a windy figure’s capability to lure a comparable audience ~ above an different platform. 

A limited but cultivation body of scholastic research argues that while de-platforming deserve to clean increase a platform and also reduce the dimension of extremist communities, there are unintended consequences when a neighborhood migrates to their own, self-hosted platform.

Jeremy Blackburn, an assistant professor of computer science at new York’s Binghamton university who co-wrote several of this research, stated Trump’s move is even more limiting. 

“In the case of Trump"s brand-new platform, that is so technologically primitive that there is no method for his pendant to also migrate,” Blackburn said. “Who cares around a platform wherein you can"t even own the libs? There are plenty of various other newsletters that human being have been adding to your spam boxes for years.”

Trump’s team isn’t offering up on acquiring his messages earlier in former of a large, involved audience, though. Complying with ridicule that the brand-new blog, Trump senior adviser Jason fearbut told followers to host out.

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“President Trump’s website is a an excellent resource to discover his recent statements and highlights indigenous his very first term in office, yet this is not a new social media platform,” miller tweeted. “We’ll have additional information coming on that front in the very near future.”

Brandy Zadrozny is a senior reporter for NBC News. She consist of misinformation, extremism and also the internet.