We have one adult pair of Bat-Eared Fox available. This is a completely unrelated zoo born pair, both pets are brand-new bloodlines in the USA. We are USDA licensed, serious inquiries just please.



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2 BEAUTIFUL healthy WHITE MARBLE foxes AVAILABLE. THEY have BEEN PETTED IN educational PROGRAMS and also LOVE ATTENTION. THEY space FED organic FOOD and HAVE all RABIES SHOTS. Choose UP IN southern FLORIDA OR WE deserve to HIRE A licensed TRANSPORTER. IF YOU space IN FL...


we have actually male and female Fennec foxes available. They space hand raised, socialised , and looking for their brand-new home.

We have 3 kittens still available. One masculine snow, one male light silver, one conventional dark silver- girl. All raised underfoot, through dogs, cats, fox. Fearless and friendly. 9 weeks old, very first shots and also wormed. Contact or message for more pics or info.


We have actually 3 kittens quiet available. One masculine snow, one male light silver, one typical dark silver girl. All elevated underfoot, v dogs, cats, fox. Fearless and also friendly. 9 weeks old, very first shots and wormed. Speak to or message for an ext pics or info.


I have actually a 6 month old Arctic Fox because that sale. She is fully vetted and spayed. Her surname is Foxy. She is sweet and sassy, depending on her mood. Really playful. She is great with dogs.. She was purchased from a breeder so she will certainly come with that paperwork.

3 year old, woman Artic Fox shade morph. She has had actually one litter of puppies. Not a pet however would do a an excellent breeder and/or ambassador animal. USDA facility and would favor not come ship.

Fennec Foxes

I have 2 female Fennec Foxes for sale. They were born on Sept 6th 2021, and are tho on the bottle. Pics in the add were taken on Oct 20th. Speak to or email if you live in a legitimate state and have questions.$3000.00 eachThanks,Ryan BlakleyWalte...

Red Fox female. Jae won & Shipping available!

Beautiful, mrs Red Fox. She is 5 - 6 month old. She will certainly make a good breeder or display. Not aggressive, simple to job-related around, however too timid to it is in a pet.Just $299.99! To acquisition or for information, come by the save or contact us at 850...

7 year old woman adult Fennec fox. Has actually never to be exposed. She can be handled with time. She walk not choose men. Closing our zoo so many pets will it is in re-homed. Please major enquirers only. Choose up in Stillwater, yes sir only.

Breeding Foxes for sale

mine friend that owned Sundowner Fox Farm has died and I to be trying to help his widow by offering his reproduction stock. Over there are about 25 reproduction pairs available, countless color choices including part albino whites, red, silver. The price is $150 a pair. Deserve to s...

Fennec fox

Fox for sale $350 to current fox owners. The is past the bonding period but would certainly make a great companion for one more fox.Call for inquires.1 male Silver Fox

Should you pick a Fox?

Before thinking about buying a fox, there are some things you must know. An initial of all, owning a fox is not like owning a cat or a dog. These are wild animals and are subject to special regulations. This regulations vary from state to state. For instance, if friend live in Arkansas, you cannot import foxes from various other 19 states, consisting of Ohio, Texas, Montana or new York. However, girlfriend are enabled to record a fox in the wild and also keep it as your pet without any type of permit. In Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Virginia, friend can additionally capture foxes in the wild, however you are forced to salary a yearly fees of between $15 and $30. In Illinois and also other several says you are not permitted to record a fox in the wild, however you have to purchase one native the save or a license is granted breeder. In most of these states, you must keep your fox in a pen at all times. Thus it is important to inspect up with your state’s certain regulations regarding foxes together pets.

Another necessary thing you require to recognize is that foxes need to be domesticated. You must be prepared to invest time domesticating them if friend really desire to gain the services of owning a fox as a pet.

Domesticating a fox

Domestication is much much more than taming. If domesticated, a fox deserve to exhibit affection in the direction of you. Domestication consists of breeding, giving attention, playing with your fox and careful monitoring. A good daily habit contains walking her fox top top a leash. However, you have to ensure that it is legal in your state come walk your fox around.

Patting and also brushing your fox should also be part of your everyday interactions through your tiny pet. Together she gets to understand you, you have to make certain you treat her kindly and also show her the you space not the understand here, yet the friend. The fox have to be supplied to you touching it anywhere so that method when a vet touch the fox for health and wellness checkups, the fox will already be provided to it/

Housing a fox - The prominence of a for sure Environment

One of the many important elements of owning a fox as a pet is housing. Foxes can live either exterior or inside, however it is encourage to construct a comfy real estate that fits your brand-new pet. Because foxes are extremely active creatures, they need a large pen of at least 200 square feet. When structure the fence, dig down about 2 feet in the ground and also put the fence in the feet in bespeak to prevent foxes indigenous digging and also escaping the pen. Additionally, height off the fence in bespeak to protect against the fox from climbing out. There are plenty of reported cases where the fox has regulated to escape the pen by climbing the end of it.

In addition to the fence, you must purchase or develop a big dog house and equip it through blankets and also hay. Carry out not forget about the food.

A healthy and balanced Diet - enable your Fox to reap Life

Usually, foxes eat fruits, vegetables and little animals once wandering in the wild. However, you can likewise feed your fox life meat, fish and top-quality dog food. Grown foxes consume around 1.5 pounds that food per day. Carrots and cabbage are a must in a healthy and balanced diet, as they help improve the cradle process. However, try not come feed your fox potatoes and tomatoes. In the end, the high quality of her fox’s diet have the right to be i found it by the problem of the fur.

The Bottom Line

Owning a fox as a pet is definitely a one-in-a-lifetime experience, both exciting and time-consuming. Try to make your fox feel as comfortable as feasible by playing v her regularly, giving a shelter, food & water and also by utilizing a vacuum, shampoo, brush and also nail clippers to keep her clean. In the end, her fox will certainly be more than thankful for everything you’ve done because that her.

A team of two foxes are referred to as a skulk or a leash.The male fox is referred to as a reynardThe female fox is dubbed a vixenA baby fox is dubbed a kit.

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I stayed in Northern MN top top the Red Lake, and also Squaw Lake reservations . I had a fox together a pet. They room a most fun and very loyal. Everyone requirements to remember lock can"t just eat dog food. The persons we had had been taken through DNR and brought to us due to the fact that people didn"t carry out their due diligence. Prior to you acquire one please speak to zoo keepers, read books, talk to DNR. It damaged my love to view them when we gained them. You need to remember lock are really social animals and need attention. Castle in a lot of methods like a 3 year old child. I"ll gain off my soap box now. I love them.They execute make great pets if you understand them.