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Microsoft Office is among the much more expensive to adjust of performance software most people will purchase. The new Office 365 will cost you approximately $9/month, and a stand-alone copy the Office 2013 costs over $100 also with a discount. That’s no so expensive, every se, if you need to use Office every day, but if every you have to do is kind up a couple of letters and organize your personal finances, it’s certainly expensive.

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You can use LibreOffice or Google Docs for free, or if you have actually a Mac you can use Apple’s iWork apps for much less 보다 Office costs. But what if friend really would rather simply use Microsoft Office apps, due to the fact that they work an excellent with the records you already have and you’re currently used to them?

You’re in luck. In ~ the brand-new, you have the right to use straightforward versions that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for free in her browser. They’re the exact same Microsoft Office apps you’re provided to, only they run online and also are 100% free. In this tutorial, I"ll display you just how to make brand-new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations utilizing Office, because that free, and also how to open and edit your existing records online.

Office Online: The cost-free Office You"ve always Wanted

It"s really Office, just online—and free

The new Office digital is actually nothing dreadful new. Ago in 2010, Microsoft included "Office net Apps" to their Skydrive digital storage service, which allow you edit your Office records online with a an easy copy of Office 2010-styled apps. It worked nice, yet was constantly hidden within Skydrive. Currently that they"ve freshly rebranded Skydrive together OneDrive, they"ve also set the Office internet Apps totally free to live ~ above their very own as Office Online, complete with a brand-new Office 2013-style UI.

Now, prior to we gain started, it"s crucial to settle a bit of confusion. These totally free Office apps are internet apps—that is, they run in your net browser, and also yet they feel an ext like an "app" 보다 a standard site. Friend can"t download them top top your computer or Mac like you have the right to install typical Office apps, and also they won"t work-related when you"re not associated to the internet. That"s not a huge problem, though, because most the us space online all day already. Ideal of all, Office Online saves the files you make online to OneDrive, i m sorry you deserve to sync for totally free with her Mac or pc to view your papers when you"re offline. That"s not too negative for free.

With that, let"s gain started.

Creating a new Word paper Online

To start using Office because that free, every you"ve obtained to execute is open your browser, walk to, and select the application you want to use. There"s online copies of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote you can choose from, as well as contacts and calendar apps and the OneDrive virtual storage. To shot it out, let"s pick the word Online icon. You"ll an initial need come login with a Microsoft account (an account friend may have actually from Hotmail, Xbox Live, or Skydrive), or girlfriend can create a new account because that free. Then, secs later, you"ll view a display asking if you"d choose to do a brand-new blank document, browser templates, or open up a paper from OneDrive.

Getting started in native Online

If you want to develop a empty document, simply click the New blank document button. Otherwise, click the Browse templates switch to pick from the traditional new paper templates you"d view in your PC once you make a new Word document. Here you can look with the top templates or browse v the categories of templates available. When you"ve uncovered the perfect one, select it, climate click the green Open in indigenous Online button.

There"s dozens of templates you deserve to use in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint online

You"ll have to click one more button to conserve the file to your OneDrive storage, and then you"ll watch the complete Word Online app open in your browser with your template. Whatever should look very familiar if you"ve used any kind of recent versions of Word. There"s the toolbar on optimal with the default tools—and essentially anything in the normal Home tab is quiet there, consisting of font and also alignment options, styles, lists, and also more. Your normal key-board shortcuts will work-related as normal, so you have the right to tap Control-B or Command-B to make text bold, because that instance. Or, girlfriend can pick text, and also a mini formatting toolbar will show up over your cursor just as in Office apps on your PC, wherein you can readjust font options and more on the fly.

Editing a theme is an extremely easy, simply as you"d expect. Friend can choose the placeholder text and images, and add the text and content friend want instead while maintaining the very same formatting. And as you"re typing, word will immediately check your document for assignment errors through the language of her choice, and will show the word counting at the bottom of the app. It"ll even immediately save the record as you"re working.

The basics that Word room all there, because that free

You"ll discover the remainder of the devices you require to modify your file in the various other ribbon tabs in the app. There"s less tools 보다 you"d discover in native on her PC, however you"ll at least find an easy tools to include your own pictures or clip art from Microsoft and tweak them, in addition to table, header and footer tools, web page layout options, and more. If you can"t discover anything, all you"ll should do is type the command you want in the search box in the height center, and also it"ll uncover the option for you. And if you want the ribbon out of the way to provide you much more space to edit, just double-click ~ above it and also it"ll hide away, all set for you to re-open it when needed.

Search inside the ribbon to find the tools you need, or assist articles from Microsoft.

The other Office digital apps work just as nicely. You deserve to make a brand-new PowerPoint presentation online, finish with dozens the pre-made templates or using the default architecture themes that you"d intend in PowerPoint. There"s just a pair transitions and animations, but everything else is consisted of in PowerPoint Online, including SmartArt graphics and also slide notes. You have the right to duplicate slides, copy content in between them, insert your own pictures, and also more. You can also click the Slideshow button in the bottom left corner and present your presentation full-screen ideal from PowerPoint Online.

PowerPoint Online has actually most of the slide devices you"d expect, consisting of Smartart.

Excel digital is equally nice, and also since spreadsheets space mainly around crunching numbers, you"ll likely have the ability to get whatever you should do in Excel excellent in Excel online unless you need macros and also add-ons. There"s all the traditional Excel functions and also graphs, along with basic tools to type your data and also templates to give you fast ways to crunch numbers. You won"t find the more advanced tools choose Pivot Tables, but if you open up an Excel document that already contains Pivot Tables in Excel Online, those Pivot Tables will proceed to work as normal and you can modify them fully online.

Excel virtual even includes a bonus feature: Surveys. This attribute feels most directly replicated from Google Docs Spreadsheets, because Excel on her Mac or computer couldn"t be provided for surveys, but it"s still nice to have. You deserve to use it come make basic online surveys, and also then testimonial the data from her responders in Excel digital or download the outcomes to your computer in a spreadsheet.

Excel"s tho the severe number cruncher you"d expect.

Editing an currently Office document Online

Now, if you currently have Office documents—perhaps indigenous a colleague or your boss, or indigenous an older variation of Office you had on another computer—you"ll desire to be able to view and edit them in Office digital too. That"ll take just one extra step. You"ll an initial need to walk to, sign in v your Microsoft Account as before, climate drag-and-drop your records to the OneDrive page (or mass upload them indigenous the Upload button). Alternately, you can sync lock to your account through the OneDrive Mac or pc apps.

Upload your existing Office documents to OneDrive to edit them online

Now, to open up your papers online, just click on your record and it"ll open in the ideal Office digital app, though just in the check out mode. To edit the document, you"ll have to click Edit Document in the ribbon, climate select Edit in native Online (or Excel/PowerPoint virtual if you"re editing and enhancing a spreadsheet or presentation, respectively). That"ll send you come the Office Online app we looked in ~ before, wherein you deserve to take benefit of every the an excellent editing features you need.

Collaborating in Office Online

The best part of editing Office files online is that it"s easy to re-superstructure them with others and collaborate on them in real-time. Come share a paper in Office Online, click the Share switch at the height of the window. There, you deserve to invite civilization directly to aid you modify a document, or you have the right to copy a link to share v others whereby they deserve to view or edit the document even there is no a Microsoft Account.

Word online supports comment on your common documents, to help you and also your partners keep up v what"s been changed, and also discuss potential changes. To include comments, pick text you desire to comment on, click the Review tab, and also select New Comment. Friend can likewise turn top top or off the comments sidebar from that same tab.

Share her Office files with anyone and co-edit lock live online, finish with comments.

Restore previous Versions of papers in Office Online

It"s so easy to accidentally delete component of your file only to realize later that friend deleted details you actually still needed—and that"s only less complicated if you"re collaborating with others on your documents. In Office Online, you"ll never need to worry about losing her work due to the fact that it immediately saves her work and backups ahead versions of your files. To gain back the previous variation of a file, just click the File button in the top left of the ribbon, select Info, climate click the Previous Versions button. That"ll open a list of the vault versions the your record that you can view online, restore, or download a copy for safe keeping.

Accidentally change something in your document? No problem.

Print and Save your Documents

When your work"s done and you"re prepared to share her document, you"ll most likely need to share a copy of your paper file or publish it out. That"s simply as basic in Office online as it would be in any type of other copy of Office. Simply click the File tab again and also select Print to print out a copy of her document, or select Save As and also click the Download button to conserve a copy that your document to her computer. The document that"ll download instantly is a typical Office record that"ll open up in any other copy the Office, or in Office alternates like iWork, LibreOffice, and Google Docs. Alternately, if you"re syncing your OneDrive records with her computer, her new record will immediately sync come your computer system so you have the right to copy the from her OneDrive folder and share it.

Print, save, and also share your records from the file menu

There"s one more nice alternative if you"re sharing your record online: you can embed one Office Online document in your website so others can read the online. Just choose the Share tab in the File menu, click the Embed button, and then click the Generate button, copy the code, and also paste it into your site. That"s a good way come share, say, her team newsletter document on your company site, or a spreadsheet that data in a study blog post.


If you"ve want to obtain Microsoft Office without having actually to salary anything, and don"t need the most progressed features indigenous Office, Office online is perfect equipment for you. Its cost-free copies of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote might have less functions than you"d expect and only run in your browser, but they actually work good and will certainly render the formatting that all her existing Office files perfectly.

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The following time you need to make a new document, spreadsheet, or presentation, or perhaps just need to edit a colleague"s Office document, give Office digital a try. You"ll likely uncover that it has the functions you need, and also that it works far much better than you"d otherwise have assumed.