A readjust in lifestyle may have you thinking about how to offer your Bluegreen timeshare. Marketing Bluegreen point out or main is very possible with the appropriate help. There are so many different direction to go, with cancellation or leave companies the end there that case they deserve to help. If you’re asking “Can I sell my Bluegreen timeshare?” you’ve pertained to the best place. We’ll provide you the step-by-step for this reason you deserve to sell your timeshare through confidence.

About Bluegreen Vacations


Make certain you understand what you very own with Bluegreen Vacations. If you’re walking to market your ownership or rent it out, make certain you know what you’re providing people! among our to represent can help you discover the documents you require if girlfriend aren’t sure.

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Those searching for Bluegreen resales love the outstanding amenities, fantastic customer service, and exciting areas that Bluegreen offers. What’s no to love about having accessibility to end 60 resorts in the brand’s portfolio? end 200,000 owner only include to the brand’s popularity.

Before You offer Your Bluegreen Timeshare

If you’re quiet on the fence about whether or not you have to sell her Bluegreen timeshare main or points, over there are options for you. If you feel like you just want to suffer something new, using a holidays exchange network can bring you to new corners that the world. Once you simply need a year or two off of using your timeshare, renting that out could really job-related for you!

Exchange her Bluegreen points On RCI

Before you decide to leave her timeshare property for good, think around what her vacation goals are. Are the accommodations or resorts with Bluegreen just not installation your take trip lifestyle any type of longer? By authorized the affiliated vacation exchange network, RCI, you can trade her Vacation Points. Take avenues at other resorts favor the Disney holidays Club, Hilton cool Vacations, Wyndham, and more. RCI members deserve to go top top vacations come Europe, Asia, or also Africa. Friend can likewise book a cruise with RCI Cruise discounts and also opportunities.

How to Rent her Bluegreen Points

Depending on your circumstances, you can opt for renting out your Bluegreen points. Whether you’re just not all set to give up your ownership or you’re can not to offer it yet, renting it out is a great option in the meantime.


Timeshare began as a means for buyers to very own vacations for life. Some can even pass on come other family members when the initial owner pass away. Before, families could travel come the same place every year for vacation. Today, travelers room much much more interested in seeing brand-new places, having flexibility and enjoying new experiences. Today’s timeshare owners find satisfaction v the points and money they conserve on vacations. However, once owners confront a lifestyle readjust or financial burden, the resale market have the right to help.

“Can I sell my Bluegreen timeshare?” The prize is yes, specifically when you have actually the appropriate resources and guidance. Whether you very own Bluegreen points, a solved or flex week, Timeshares only can assist you article it because that sale. When you’re feather to do a huge decision choose selling her timeshare, you should look because that a trusted resource. Timeshares Only produced the an initial global timeshare marketplace and also advertising company devoted to connecting owners and buyers. We room an proclaiming site and also we execute not insurance the revenue of your timeshare, however our advertising and also marketing strategy helps put more eyes on her timeshare for sale and also reach an ext prospective buyers,

Putting your Bluegreen Timeshare on the Resale Market

If you’ve decided to walk ahead with selling your Bluegreen clues or week, the an initial step is calling her resort. They will refer you to sources that can aid you obtain out of her ownership, safely and also legally. Our digital resale marketplace is a trusted resource to article your Bluegreen timeshare because that sale.

Timeshares Only has actually over 27 year of experience helping owners uncover relief from their timeshares. Attracting hundreds of buyers daily, we’re trusted by height developers and also named the number one recommended service. As professionals in the industry, we are committed to helping you offer your Bluegreen timeshare v trust and also security.

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Our Process

When you are all set to get started, we’ll walk over the details of her ownership. This will aid us to develop an eye-catching advertisement to short article on our resort marketplace. To do the process even much more seamless, gather up a copy of your deed and your latest maintenance bill. If girlfriend don’t have this, don’t fret. We can assist v finding every one of the ideal information. As soon as our marketing superstars put your advertisement together, it’s posted because that sale across a variety of platforms to attract the appropriate buyer.

After acquiring an offer, a licensed real estate agent from our preferred Brokerage, Fidelity actual Estate, can call you to walk over the details and also offer your closing services. We recommend using their services to facilitate the closeup of the door process, but it is entirely up to you. A Fidelity certified dealer can aid with negotiations, write contracts, and also navigate the right of an initial Refusal. Licensed genuine estate agents in ~ Fidelity specialization in the timeshare an additional market and will be the many knowledgeable resource to aid you v the whole closing process.

What is the appropriate of first Refusal?

The best of an initial Refusal (ROFR) is component of every timeshare ownership contract. Once you’re offering your Bluegreen timeshare or points, the signed contracts in between buyer and also seller have to be sent to the resort before the sale have the right to take place. Bluegreen will review all of the state negotiated, including the market price, resort, property type, and more. They have the right to exercise the ROFR under the condition that lock take place as the buyer and accept every one of the terms negotiated. Or, Bluegreen will waive the ROFR and enable the revenue to continue in between the original parties.

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After the ROFR is over, all of the final closing contracts are put together come sign. This final process also calls for a title carry company—your license is granted Fidelity real Estate agent will refer one or girlfriend may choose your own. Don’t forget to select a licensed and credible company!

Sell her Timeshare with Timeshares Only

Ready to write-up your timeshare because that sale? Timeshares only is a Member that ARDA, v an A+ Rating ~ above the BBB together an Accredited Business. Fill out the kind below to gain started, or call us currently at 1-800-610-2734.