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Battery Park, NY - brand-new York City (Manhattan) DepartureParking - parking is restricted near Battery Park. Public transport is recom­mended for your visit to the Statue that Liberty national Monument and also Ellis Island immigration Museum if departing from brand-new York. Visit for more information about public transportation to the frostbite ferry.

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By Subway - local 1 (7th way Line) to southern Ferry, or to express (Lexington way Line) 4 or 5 come Bowling Green, or neighborhood from Brooklyn/Queens R/W come Whitehall Street Station.


By Car - east Side - take FDR journey South, exit 1 southern Ferry Battery Park.West side - take Westside Highway south (9A) to Battery Park.


Liberty State Park, NJ - brand-new Jersey Terminal DepartureThe ticketing and also departure areas at Liberty State Park are located by the historic main Railroad of new Jersey Terminal close to the water. Parking ia available for a fee. This is perfect departure location for you if you room traveling by car, motorhome or exclusive bus. Liberty State Park is also obtainable by taxi, ferry and public transportation.


By windy Transportation - take the Hudson-Bergen irradiate Rail (HBLR) to the Liberty State Park Station, then walk or bike 1 mile ~ above Audrey Zapp journey to the ticket office area situated by the CRRNJ Terminal. From the ticket office/security time areas, walk 1/3 the a mile to the ferry gangway for departures.At the enntrance gate of Liberty State Park, the Hudson-Bergen irradiate Rail is easily accessible by route at the Hoboken terminal or Newport (Jersey City) Station. More information around NJ Transit"s Hudson-Bergen light Rail (HBLR)-Liberty State Park station.

By Ferry - Liberty Landing Ferry organization - from the world Financial Terminal in new York to the Liberty Landing Marina at Liberty State Park, NJ. Visitors v ferry tickets to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will obtain $2 discount top top Liberty Landing Ferry organization tickets.

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