The first step to aid migrant youngsters at the border is to understand why they have actually left the only residence they have ever before known. In current months, hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children have arrived at our southern border seeking defense from the violence, climate disaster, and extreme poverty that have actually ravaged main America. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee service is urgently working with our network of organization partners, neighborhood groups, and also volunteers to attend to the an important needs of this children and also work to reunite them v a family members member below in the unified States.

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As a person of good will, we know you are here to learn more about just how you deserve to partner with, prize the call to serve, and also join’s long tradition of offering protection and also welcome to unaccompanied migrant kids at the border and beyond.

Children in ~ the border, prefer all children, worthy love, safety, and also support, and we ask you to sign up with us in celebrating their safety and welcoming them into our country and our community. We invite you to download our Hope for the southern Border Toolkit, which shares an ext about how you can obtain involved.

Foster family members are urgently needed to assistance the boost of unaccompanied migrant youngsters coming come the joined States. We ask the you and also your household consider this chance to serve and assist migrant children in need of a loving residence until they deserve to be rejoined with your U.S. Sponsor.

Your donation is an act of service. Your support directly helps and our partners as we work conveniently to unite children with your families and ensure that they have what they need to start their lives in the U.S. Your support helps us protect and welcome this children, as well as provide access to critical services including educational opportunities, medical and mental healthcare services, and access to legal business providers. 

Your advocacy communicates to our country leaders the the neighborhoods they stand for stand with migrants and refugees. Recently, city council Menendez (D-NJ) and Rep. Sanchez (D-CA) introduced the US Citizenship action of 2021, president Biden’s groundbreaking immigrant reform proposal. The plan addresses an essential areas that immigration law that have not to be addressed in decades.

Among its many provisions, it improves the household reunification process by to reduce visa backlogs and creates a pathway come earned citizenship for around 11 million immigrants in the country without legal status. 

The passing of this act would assist and also protect unaccompanied youngsters who space coming to the United states seeking safety by re-starting the Central American Minors (CAM) program. This program permits children in central America to apply from their house country for re-unification with their parent or relative with legit status in the U.S. and avoid the long, dangerous journey to the border. More top top CAM. 

By emailing or calling her representative in Congress, friend are raising your voice in support of unaccompanied children and their families.

In time of trial, confidence plays an important role in finding hope. Migrant children and also families room our fellow kids of God, and it is our sacred calling to welcome the stranger in need. Please examine out our Prayer Hub, a location for human being of faith to respect the trip of ours migrant and also refugee brothers and sisters.

The instance at our southern border, and also our immigration system an ext broadly, is facility and changing rapidly. We invite you to share resources such together this with friends, family, congregations, and also community members to help migrant children and spread awareness of the challenges facing unaccompanied children and also how we all can help. 

Step One

Watch the Webinar we just hosted, where our specialists cover this urgent situation. 

Step Two

Check out our FAQ come learn more about the case at the border and better understand just how we gained here. 

Thank you because that standing through in our initiatives to protect and also care because that children and also families in ~ our border.

Whether you offer once or monthly, her donation will allow Lutheran Immigration and Refugee business to provide intensive help to newly arrived refugees in America, place vulnerable youngsters in safe, loving homes, reunite them v their love ones in the U.S., and to empower brand-new Americans to end up being successful, contributing members of your communities.

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Other methods to assist Migrant children and families in America

Interested in donating stocks, make a to plan gift, or disbursing from your Donor recommend Fund? See our complete list the other methods to give aid to refugees in America.