An approximated 1.2 sunshine photos to be taken in the year 2018. It is a pretty huge number. So large that it’s rather abstract for our mind to even imagine it.

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come comprehend, if we transform 1.2 trillion into seconds — it’s more than 30,000 year of memory we captured just in 2018. Thanks to the tiny palm-sized beast in our pocket that made it feasible — the smartphone. 

But the not just clicking the photos, we additionally use our smartphones together a machine to save our data. If we want to save these memory handy, there room some personal and confidential picture we might want come keep private — far from anyone accessing or trying to break-in ours smartphone. So, if you room wondering how deserve to you hide photos on Android devices and also protect her privacy, below are the four basic and effective ways. 

How come Hide image on Android

1. Use Digital exclusive Vault

Digital personal Vault is a reliable gallery vault app that locks and also hides your photos, videos and also notes. This is by much the simplest and most efficient means to hide her photos on your phone. All you must do is download the app from the Play keep for free, set-up her pin and also import the media you desire to hide. Every the photos, videos and also notes room hidden and stored behind a PIN. Check these steps. 

Download Digital private Vault native the Play Store.When friend launch the application for the an initial time you’ll have to set-up a PIN and a recovery email. Once done, you space all collection to import, hide and also lock your photo or videos in the app. The app also permits you to create private notes to save your perceptible data such together passwords, bank account details and also other confidential information. Whatever is securely hidden and locked behind a pin.


Now, what makes Digital personal Vault much better than various other photo hiding alternatives on the list is the it comes v a bunch of advanced features such as — fake icon, decoy password and also individual folder lock for better security and also utility attributes like wireless syncing for rapid wireless transfer in between the app and desktop. It makes the process of hiding and also organizing the image seamlessly simple so the you deserve to keep all your sensitive and also confidential image on her phone with tranquility of mind. 

2. Usage Google photos Archive

Google image Archive alternative provides straightforward solution if you desire to easily hide the photos native the photo album. However, it will be still easily accessible in the find results and also in the save on computer folder. use this an approach not as to hide her sensitive photos but to quickly move them indigenous the main album. Here’re the steps. 


Open Google Photos application on your Android. Tap on the hamburger menu symbol on the top-left side of the screen.Select Archive.Click ~ above the add image icon to add on the top-left of the display screen beside the vertical three dots.Select the image you want to archive and tap ~ above Done.Selected photos will certainly be relocated from the key album to the save album.

3. Use native Hiding attributes – Samsung and also LG

Stock Android OS doesn’t come with a photo hiding feature but some an equipment manufacturers carry out it for better privacy. Samsung and LG are few of the manufacturers that administer such features. If your device is from one of these manufacturers you can follow these actions to activate the photo hiding feature.

Hide picture on Samsung Android Phone

Samsung tools running ~ above Android OS below Nogat comes with a feature referred to as Private Mode. Toggling ~ above this feature will enable you come lock and also hide photos in the gallery app. Here’s just how you can do that.

Open the Settings, scroll down to Privacy and safety and open Private Mode.Select how you desire to accessibility the exclusive mode. You’ll require to choose an alternative access an approach of PIN, Password or sample in addition to Fingerprints.Once done, you’ll have the ability to toggle on or turn off Private setting in her gallery and hide your media. 

New Samsung devices running on Android Nougat and above comes through a brand-new feature referred to as Secure Folder. This is an progressed version the the private Mode that offers some much better features. Here’s exactly how to rotate it on her device. 

Go to Settings and also tap top top the Lock screen and security or Biometrics and security.Select Secure Folder.You’ll need to sign in to your Samsung Account. In case you don’t have actually one, you’ll need to develop it. When done, click Continue and proceed.Select the lock method from the options — PIN, Password or pattern in enhancement to Fingerprint or Iris.Confirm the PIN, Password or sample again and click top top continue. Now you’ll be able to see Secure Folder icon in your app drawer and also home display screen where you can import and also hide her media.Hide picture on LG Android Phone

Even LG smartphones come v the feature that allows hiding the photos. Here, examine these steps.

Open Settings, scroll under to Fingerprints & protection and pick Content lock.Select the form of lock you desire to use — Password or PIN. Once done, friend can likewise toggle to use Fingerprints.Now open the gallery app and also go come the media folder you want to hide.Tap on the 3 dots top top the top right corner and also select Lock for the options.Once done, choose multiple photos the you desire to hide and tap on Lock. To accessibility these lock files, open the collection app, tap on the 3 dots and also select Show Locked Files. You’ll be prompted to get in the password, pin or fingerprint and then friend can accessibility the covert photos.

4. Hide Using document Manager on Android

You can also use a record manager come manually produce a covert folder and move her confidential files to it. This an approach is handy but is not the best option when it involves seamless organization and also viewing. Here examine the steps. 

Note: This is one old technique to hide photos but currently doesn’t assistance some devices. 

Open the document manager on your Android Device.Create a folder that starts v a period (.) adhered to by a name. For instance .nomedia.

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Once done, move the photos you want to hide in this folder and also they’ll be covert from the gallery or any type of other photograph app. Remember, although her photos room hidden, they are still obtainable as they room not locked. 

Since you are here, examine Digital private Vault, a gallery vault app the helps girlfriend store and also hide her confidential data on your smartphone.