My name is Lucas. I’ve taken 37 trips roughly the Sun. Ns am the husband come a exorbitant homemaking wife who educates our 10 children at home. We live in the Appalachian hills of western north Carolina whereby I serve as a Detective in ~ our Sheriff’s Office.

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We room a an extremely active family and love come homestead and also be adventurous. Over the year my capability to store up through the kids and do the things I have constantly loved slowly became harder and also harder as result of excess load gains. I went from gift a vain athlete in college with a wrestling weight of 184lbs and ketoproof coffee v MCT oil because that breakfast and also kept meal planning an extremely simple. Greatly my diet consisted of eggs, bacon, avocado, cheese and great greens. As soon as things obtained monotonous my an enig weapon to be buffalo wings v fatty blue cheese dressing. Ns lost around 35lbs that very first month. I couldn’t think the method the fat was melting off. The results were very encouraging and I was motivated.

In the 2nd month i became an ext focused in terms of my goals. I used intermittent fasting, which simply meant skip the fatty ingredients in my morning coffee and waiting till about 3pm to consume my big meal for the day. It was throughout this second month the I began to seek out alternative Keto recipes for few of the foodstuffs I had been missing. Ns lost around 25 lbs top top month 2. Friend should have seen the look at I gained when I went back to occupational down 60 lbs. I required a new uniform.

Month 3 obtained tough!!! By now progress was slow yet steady. I got a membership at anytime Fitness and also started load training and hitting the indoor Rowing Machine. Ns rowed like my life depended upon it. I lost 15 lbs by the finish of month 3, yet felt prefer I put on some muscle.

Month 4 ongoing to be steady and also I continued to fight the gym. I took about 3 weeks off Keto while security my calorie input on a an ext conventional diet. I found that I was able to maintain and even loose a little; however, i noticed “brain fog” and joint pain come back almost the day after i consumed my an initial carbs. I think i lost around 10 lbs this month.

Month 5 and 9 days right into month 6th: ns got ago on Keto with a vengeance! come cap points off in the direction of the finish of the month, i did a to plan 5 job water quick with two of my friends who room on Keto now too. I am currently breaking that fast really carefully and will it is in on Keto because that the following week or so, before I switch to a cyclical Keto diet for long term maintenance and also perhaps losing a few more pounds of fat.

I have now currently lost 100 lbs and also 10″ roughly my belt. Ns have eliminated acid re-flux and joint pain and also am sleeping prefer a baby. Now, ns am ago to enjoy it backpacking hikes with my children and also having my wife’s loving arms make it farther approximately my waist, (the snuggles feeling closer!). No to cite that during this journey, I have actually learned a ton about the person body and how it fuels.

My motto, “Keep Calm, Keto On!”

Thank girlfriend again because that this tremendous resource. Your website was crucial to mine success. 2 of my photos are my “before” pics ns found and the one in mine uniform is the “after.” i actually had no idea wherein this to be going to finish up therefore I never took an official “before” pic.

Godspeed come all, and also may you accomplish all that your personal goals!


1. What strategies did you rental to aid you obtain to your goal? What did you discover helped you acquire to your objectives best?

I counted calories and followed the macro calculator strictly for the first pair weeks it rotates I acquired a feel for what I could eat. I made a an option early to continue to be off the scales and to monitor success by beltline and also visual results. Drink plenty that water is important; i did not desire to it is in tempted to manipulate results with water weight (wrestling behavior die hard) for this reason I determined to count upon exactly how I felt and how my apparel was fitting together a measure of mine progress.

2. What is the most impactful change you’ve made to your diet and also why perform you feeling it’s to be the many important?

Lately, the most impactful ingredient of mine diet has been come pair KETO v Intermittent Fasting. That is a gunpowder strategy that has very great return because that the effort. Fasting is no for everyone, however for me it helped me acquire my head right about food. V time you obtain willpower and confidence and also that’s important for much more than just diet and also spills over right into other points in life.

3. What is the best single piece that advice girlfriend can give to someone the is just beginning out?

All the end commitment. Set your goals and make them “historical future” say, “this will certainly happen” and just carry out it.

4. Exactly how do you feel her life is currently that you’re at your goal?

My life is an ext active with less struggle.

5. What do you think about the biggest adjust in her day-to-day life?

I have actually been doing exercise much more regularly and being deliberate around my diet.

6. What go you carry out to uncover support throughout her journey?

Perhaps the most important question, because that me… mine family, friends, and coworkers have encouraged me the totality way; some have even joined in on all the KETO fun or are showing interest. Even more than vital as having actually a society network is having great information to base your plan upon.

7. What execute you at this time do to regulate your day-to-day diet?

Currently, my day-to-day plan is a little more relaxed. Ns use much less structure and planning than at the beginning now that i am an ext comfortable v the diet.

8. What is your favorite keto recipe from that’s become a staple?

So, i love come cook. Ns take a the majority of recipe concepts from and “make them mine own.” ns stock particular ingredients and also don’t always have every the specialty items. I like the fun pizza recipes and I obtain lots of casserole ideas. I’ve appreciated coming up through recipes the my own too.

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9. If there is one point that you could do in different way during her journey, what would certainly it be and why?

One thing I would have done differently that I have now remedied was to walk ahead and also bite the cartridge on a Ketone/Glucose Blood Monitor. The symptomatic indicators and also the pee strips did not provide me the type of information I would have liked to have actually had ago when i started. Much more accurate personal information helps as soon as you are beginning because whatever is new. Dealing with concrete numbers takes the end the guesswork and also makes for less doubt about what is going on v your body.