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As we experience rise in Collaborate usage, us made the decision to disable some Collaborate features. We will proceed to evaluate the consumption to identify when we can reactivate castle again. Learn more from the assistance Bulletin in Behind the buzzpatterson.com.

Polls are an excellent to connect your attendees and also keep castle interested. They have actually so numerous uses.

Example: save your attendees" fist by providing them methods to participate. Begin a conversation by asking your attendees their opinion on something. Ask concerns to see just how well they understood what you presented. Or usage reflective concerns to aid them retain what girlfriend presented.

Attendees answer to your poll by picking one of increase to five responses. Girlfriend decide just how many selections attendees see.

Polling is not supported in the Bb student app. Any kind of students using Bb student won"t be able to participate in polls.

Watch a video about polls

The adhering to narrated video clip provides a visual and also auditory representation of some of the information had on this page. Because that a detailed summary of what is depicted in the video, open the video clip on YouTube, navigate to an ext actions, and also select open up transcript.

Video: Polling in buzzpatterson.com Collaborate v the Ultra experience reflects you polling in action.

Create polls

Use polls to offer your attendees methods to take part and provide feedback. 

Select share content.Select Polling.Select Multiple selection or Yes/No Choices.Optionally, form the poll question or leave it blank. Vote questions have a 110 character limit.If using Multiple Choice, give up to 5 answer choices. Type your answer choices or leaving them blank. Answer selections have a 90 character limit. If you leaving the selections blank, attendees view numbers for their choices.

Screen readers just announce the numbers because that each choice. If you have actually attendees that use display screen readers or you leave the selections blank, make sure attendees know what choice each number represents.

Select Start.

Immediately after starting your poll, you have the right to see an overview of poll responses. This overview gives you a response count because that each choice. It even tells you how numerous attendees haven"t responded yet. If you desire to see just how each attendee responded, or also who hasn"t responded, walk to the Attendees panel.

Moderators can also respond to the poll. For this reason, you are additionally counted in the No an answer count as well.

The polling overview doesn"t continue to be open. Open it by selecting Polling.

From below you can select to lock the poll to present responses to every attendees or prevent the poll.

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Lock the poll to present responses to attendees

Select Polling to open up the poll overview. Pick Lock poll to display the responses to all attendees. Attendees watch the summary count the the responses only.