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A delivery receipt confirms shipment of your email message to the recipient"s mailbox, however not that the recipient has seen that or review it. A review receipt confirms the your post was opened.

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In Outlook, the blog post recipient can decline to send review receipts. Over there are other scenarios where check out receipts are not sent, such as if the recipient"s email program doesn’t buzzpatterson.com check out receipts. There is no method to force a recipient come send a check out receipt.

Request check out and/or shipment receipts for all messages the you send

On the File menu, pick Options > Mail.

Under Tracking, choose the Delivery receipt confirming the article was yielded to the recipient"s e-mail server or Read receipt confirming the recipient regarded the message examine box.


Tip: As a best practice, think about tracking only solitary messages of importance instead of every messages. Recipients who occasionally receive a notice that a check out receipt is requested on your message are an ext likely to send a read receipt 보다 if they are triggered every time that they receive a post from you.

Click OK to use your changes.

Track a solitary message

In a new email message, on the Options menu, in the Tracking group, select the Request a delivery Receipt examine box or the Request a read Receipt check box.


Compose her email and click Send.

Track receipt responses

Open the initial message that you sent with a request for a distribution or read receipt. This article is usually located in the Sent Items folder.

On the Message tab, in the Show group, pick Tracking.

Note:  Tracking doesn’t appear until at least one receipt has been received. After ~ you obtain the first receipt in her Inbox, it could take numerous minutes prior to the Tracking button is available.

Track every messages that you send

On the Tools menu, click Options.

Under E-mail, click E-mail Options.

Under Message handling, click Tracking Options.

Select the Read receipt examine box or the Delivery receipt examine box.


Tip: As a finest practice, us recommend the you think about tracking only single messages the importance instead of all messages. Recipients who periodically receive a an alert that a review receipt is asked for on your e-mail blog post are less likely to revolve off all read receipts because that future messages.

Track a single message

In the message, top top the Options tab, in the Tracking group, pick the Request a shipment Receipt inspect box or the Request a check out Receipt check box.


Track receipt responses

Open the initial message that you sent with a request for a shipment or check out receipt. This blog post is usually situated in the Sent Items folder.

On the Message tab, in the Show group, click Tracking.


Note:  Tracking go not show up until at least one receipt is received. ~ you get the very first receipt in your Inbox, it can take several minutes before the Tracking button is available.

Change the handling of receipt responses

On the Tools menu, click Options > E-mail Options > Tracking Options.

Select the processing alternatives that you want by law one or much more of the following:

Automatically record responses in the original item Select the procedure requests and responses on arrival examine box.

Delete notifications about delivered and also read messages Select the process receipts ~ above arrival examine box.

Move receipts the end of your Inbox after processing Select the ~ processing, relocate receipts to check box.

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To pick a folder other than Deleted Items, click Browse, and then pick your location folder.


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