Don't send a video clip directly through text post or a chat app—instead, re-publishing a link to a cloud-stored version.

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Videos have the right to be trickier than photos come share v friends and family. If you’ve captured an ext than a few seconds the content, the original file ends increase too big to send directly through text article or a chat app like WhatsApp or Hangouts. Friend can’t upload and send it as-is.

Fortunately, the default photograph gallery app on your phone need to have integrated features the circumvent this problem. You just pick the video you want to share, generate a link, and then send that URL to your recipient. The application takes care of uploading the record to the cloud and also all the other back-end work.

Here space the details of exactly how to do it.

How to share video on Android


These screenshots show the procedure for share a video through the default photo gallery app through Google’s picture app.

Alternative (secure) method

As stated above, sharing videos in this fashion depends on cloud storage. Samsung’s gallery application uses temporary storage, when Google Photos requires that friend still have free space fastened to her account. In both cases, the record gets put on to a server, and also then the app provides a shareable link.

However, by default, these web links are viewable to everybody—so if your video gets happen on to rather without your knowledge, they have the right to watch, too. You have the right to preserve her privacy by rather uploading your papers to a cloud storage business (like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive) and emailing a attach that restricts viewing come that details audience.

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An example of the much more secure share process, as seen in Dropbox. The procedure is generally comparable in Google Drive, OneDrive, etc, however the details and also layout of the application might be a small different.

The instructions differ a little bit in each service’s app, but you’ll monitor these general steps:

Download your chosen service’s app through the Google Play save app.Sign up because that or sign in to the service.Upload your video. (Usually, you’ll tap a plus-sign icon, then choose from your recent files.)Share this new copy of her video. You’ll frequently do this through long-pressing ~ above it and also pressing the share icon, or tapping a upright three-dot symbol next come the document and choosing Share.Choose “Invite people” or “Send to”—while producing a link likewise exists as an option, that functions the same as sharing through Samsung’s Gallery application or Google Photos and does not restrict access.Fill in the email addresses of the human being you great to send the connect to. In some apps, girlfriend may additionally need to readjust the permission level from Edit to View, and/or enable a sign-in necessity to get accessibility to the file.Send the invites.