You have the right to watch FS1 (Fox sporting activities 1) without having a cable TV subscription. Every you require is an internet connection and a streaming company that carries FS1 in the channel lineup. This short article will cover all the services that allow you to stream FS1 live digital without needing a cable TV or satellitesubscription.

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How to Stream FS1 Live Online

Below is every streaming organization that supplies live FS1 in their channel lineup. You can use any type of of them to clock FS1 there is no needing cable TV.

Watch FS1 on FuboTV


FuboTV is a streaming service constructed for sports. It offers FS1, and FS2, together with 70+ other channels. Friend can get a 1-week complimentary trial to clock FS1 live ~ above FuboTV. After the attempt on that is “Family Plan” for $64.99/month. The package includes:

You can watch on three displays at the exact same time250 hours of cloud DVR storageThe FuboTV application is accessible on significant platforms, including AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku, and Amazon FireTV.

You cansign up because that a 1-week totally free trialor check out ourreview of FuboTVfor much more details.

Sling TV

The many affordable means to watch live FS1is v Sling TV. Live FOX sports 1 is easily accessible through Sling TVs “Blue Package.” Sling TV often offers specials pricing for this reason be sure to inspect their promo page once signing up.Sling’s Blue package likewise includes access to Fox sporting activities 2 (FS2.) Sling’s Blue Package expenses $35 per month. There is no contract so you deserve to cancel at any type of time.

Sling is sustained on Windows and also Mac PCs and laptops, Android and also iOS devices,Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus player, Xbox One, fourth Generation apple TV, Chromecast, and more.

For details ~ above Slings business offerings and also the difference in between them, check out my evaluation of Sling TV.

Stream FS1 top top Hulu Live TV

Live streaming that FS1 is easily accessible through Hulu Live TV. Just like Sling, there room no monthly contract so the you can try their live TV company without fear of a long term commitment. Previously Hulu was well-known for its vast on-demand streaming library. Hulu Live TV likewise includes FS2. Hulu Live TV is just one of the finest live TV streaming services available. It includes the following features:

The straightforward package comes v 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. (Upgrades available)Watch top top 2 display screens at once. (Upgrades available)It comes through 6 customizable profiles.Includes whole Hulu streaming library

Hulu supplies no appointment 7-day free trial. If you save the service the price $64.99 every month. There is no contract so you deserve to cancel at any type of time.

FS1 is ~ above Vidgo

Source: Vidgo

Vidgois a more recent streaming business that offers reasonably competitive pricing over various other live streaming services. Vidgo contains FS1 in addition to over 60 other channels. New customers have the right to sign up for the Core arrangement for$55 every month. (They sell discounted promo pricing for your very first 3 months.)

Vidgo doesn’t force you into a contract, and you have the right to cancel any kind of time. They carry out offerspecial pricing for brand-new customers. Vidgo is sustained on obtainable on Android, iOS,Roku, apologize TV, Fire TV. You can also stream the company on as much as 3 gadgets at the very same time. We have actually the complete details in ourguide come Vidgo’s live streaming service.

Watch FS1 ~ above YouTubeTV


Another streaming service that uses FS1, a slew of various other channels, and also a nice set of features is YouTube TV. The company costs $64.99 per month and also includes:

unlimited cloud DVR storagestream ~ above three tools at once

FS1 Streaming top top DIRECTV Stream


DIRECTV currently is yet another method you can watch FS1. The channel is a part of it’s “Entertainment” package and also priced in ~ $69.99 every month. The Entertainment plan includes:

watch 20 streams simultaneously per subscriptiona cloud-based DVRchannels prefer FS1, ESPN, and also moresupported top top AppleTV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and more

You can check out whatever this service offers ~ above this promo web page or read around it in our DIRECTV present review.

Watch FS1 because that Free

Six that the streaming solutions that carry FS1 sell a totally free trial. You can take advantage of those and also watch free FS1 for over a month or much longer if friend use various email addresses. Let’s look at the cost-free trials available.

By picking up every streaming service and dropping it prior to the free trial expires, you have the right to watch FS1 free for practically a month! Plus, it will offer you a good idea of which streaming company you like ideal if you decision to save one.

Watch FS1 ~ above Roku

To clock FS1 on Roku, follow these instructions.

On her Roku Menu, navigate come “Search” and press “OK” on her remoteEnter the surname of the streaming service you i ordered it to in the find barSelect the streaming service and press “OK.”Select “Add Channel” press “OK” on her remote. If the channel is currently installed, “Go to Channel” will be one option.The application is now mounted on her Roku. Open the app, and log in through the credentials you provided to subscribe to the service. FS1 will be a channel available through the app’s live TV guide.

Watch FS1 top top Fire TV

To clock FS1 top top Fire TV, follow this instructions.

On her Fire TV home screen, click on the search icon in the upper-left edge of the screen.Enter the name of the streaming company you subscribe to in the find barSelect the streaming service and press “OK.”Select “Download,” and the channel will installThe application is now installed on her Fire TV. Open the app, and log in v the credentials you offered to i ordered it to the service. FS1 will certainly be a channel available through the app’s live TV guide.

Watch FS1 on apologize TV

To watch FS1 on to apologize TV, follow this instructions.

Scroll right to the search icon in the upper-left edge of the screenEnter the surname of the streaming business you subscribe to in the search barSelect the streaming organization click the cloud icon, and the channel will certainly installThe app is now mounted on her Apple TV. Open up the app, and log in with the credentials you offered to i ordered it to the service. FS1 will certainly be a channel accessible through the app’s live TV guide.

The Fox sports App

The Fox Sports app (Formally Fox sports Go) is an all in one Fox sports streaming app available on device browsers, Roku,Apple TV,Google Chromecast,Amazon Fire Stick, and also Fire TV, iOS and also Android devices.

With the Fox sports app, you can watch any type of channel in the Fox sports network that’s included in your cable or live TV streaming subscription indigenous one centralized app. That has Fox Sports, FS1, FS2, Fox university Sports, Fox soccer Plus, Fox Deportes, theBig Ten Network, and also any regional Fox Sports channels you can have accessibility to.

This is described as a “TV Everywhere” app. Typically, you require a cable provider login. However, v the Fox sports app, every streaming company I stated in this write-up will job-related as your TV provider login credentials. Considering every one of these services offer totally free trials, you deserve to stream FS1 live cost-free for quite some time simply by rotating the miscellaneous service’s trial offers.

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