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Is there a reliable way to tell the the email I have actually sent has been review by the recipient?

The quick answer is NO!

There space three key methods offered to examine whether an email has been read.

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A check out ReceiptA delivery ReceiptAn photo in one HTML email.

None that thesemethods arereliable and to a particular extent space pointless.

The read Receipt

Let’s study the first method – The Read Receipt.

Users that Outlook can ask for a read receipt that asks the receiver to confirm you have actually read the email. This is how to carry out it.

Create a new Email messageClick the Options button in the toolbarTick package that claims Request a read receipt for this messageClose the Options box, complete the message and Send in the normal way.

Now as soon as the recipient obtain the post they space given a choice come send the check out receipt or not. And that’s the point – They have a choice and many people select to say NO. In fact plenty of corporate email servers deny review receipts indigenous the server – not even affording the recipient the an option to to speak yes or no. Part email client plainly overlook the "read receipt" protocol - e.g. Hotmail, Gmail etc.

At ideal a read receipt can be offered to connect that this email is important to you. What is fully pointless is setup read receipts in the program (in Tools / Options / Email Options / Tracking Options) so the it is asked for for every email you send. This will certainly serve to annoy plenty of recipients and also foul up the net with unnecessary traffic.

The distribution Receipt

Again in Outlook the delivery receipt attempts to send friend a message to tell friend whether your email has actually successfully uncovered the email server for the recipient. It doesn"t phone call you whether the email has actually actually been read and at best it will certainly confirm the the email attend to you sent out to exists. But many email servers will not even provide any distribution information (possibly to avoid spammers getting such information).

Using photo in the email

The third an approach is slightly much more reliable. Frequently used by massive mailing programs, it uses HTML composed email come include picture that is presented in the email from a far server. Periodically the picture is invisible (e.g. A little white dot). Once the photo is presented the time and date can be gathered (even the number of times it was read). But this method is used by spamming program so plenty of email programs block images till the recipient choose to show it. (Which castle may pick not to)

Ultimate Proof?

So if any type of of these approaches actually work-related - is that ultimate proof?

Even if you obtain a review receipt informing you that the email has actually been presented on the recipients computer, the doesn’t prove that they review it. Lock may have actually discarded it before reading or it may have been check out by somebody else.


There is no trusted method to examine whether an e-mail has been read.

Use read receipts really sparingly for as soon as you desire to interact extra urgent/important emails.

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If you would choose a person to check receipt of an email – ask castle in your email message.