If you’re stuck in a combative marital relationship with a controlling or abusive spouse, he or she might be exerting manage over girlfriend by attempting come track her every move.

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In a people where we’re all constantly associated to our phones, iPads and also computers, there room plenty of avenues for her spouse come track her whereabouts and monitor her communications.

Not only is the an undue intrusion of privacy, but it can additionally lead to dangerous consequences with a spouse who may be upset by what lock see.

More frequently than not, it’s husbands who room guilty the spying, yet it’s no unheard of because that wives to take it on covert operations as well.

I sat under with exclusive investigator Joe Seanor come learn much more about the steps you can take if you suspect your husband or mam is spying top top you.

Why would certainly someone’s husband (or wife) spy ~ above them?


Joe Seanor: There space lots of different reasons that someone’s spouse could spy top top them. Right here are a couple of of the much more common:

Your spouse suspects you of having actually an affairYour spouse is cheating on friend (and is suspicious the you can be law the same)Your spouse may suspect you’re drinking or making use of drugs

In part cases, her spouse could be planning because that a divorce and is gathering evidence to use versus you in court.

How to Tell if her Spouse is Spying ~ above You


What room the methods that her spouse can spy on you?

Cell phones are the primary source that these human being will spy on friend with, because everybody has actually their cabinet phone through them all the time. That a great way that collecting information, so husbands who desire to spy will always try and placed spyware top top there.

Now, the other method is through your laptop, desktop, or tablet as well.

A third means is her car, wherein they’ll put a general practitioners tracker ~ above the car.

Can you go into an ext detail on every of these?

Let’s start with your cell phone. Once a spouse is making use of the cell phone to spy top top you, there room two means to execute it. They can put spyware on the cabinet phone, i m sorry basically records everything on that cell phone come a server external the united States, and then the spouse can connect to it and also see everything.

One guideline off for a spouse is the if there’s spyware top top the cell phone, the mobile battery will certainly die a lot quicker than normal, due to the fact that what’s happening is spyware duplicates every solitary thing you do on the cell phone. So, when you send a message message, the spyware provides a copy of that message message and sends it turn off to the server. It’s doing twin duty for whatever on the phone. That way the battery life is basically cut in half.

You can likewise look at your cell call bill, specifically look in ~ the data. I had one client that ns talked to around this, she dubbed me back and said, “I looked at my mobile bill. It claims I used 4 gigs the data this month.”

I said, “Great. Look in ~ the ahead month.”

Four gigs.

“Look at the month before that.”

Two gigs. Wait a minute, what? It showed two gigs. She went from two gigs a month on median to unexpectedly going to 4 gigs, and also that was the time that she suspected the her husband had put spyware on she phone.

Just prefer with the battery, the spyware’s doing dual duty and also it is sending everything through data. So her data usage immediately doubles. That means if her data setup suddenly goes from 2 gigs a month to four gigs, something’s going on.

Are there any other ways that you can detect spying v your phone?


Battery life and also data consumption are the most typical ways to look at it. If the spouse walk not placed spyware on her cell phone, and you have actually an iPhone and also you have actually iCloud rotate on, if her spouse knows your iCloud account and also your iCloud password, they can obtain pretty lot get precise copy of your cell phone there is no putting any spyware on it. That’s since the iCloud is draft to make a backup of your cell phone call every morning simply in case the iphone crashes, and also then Apple deserve to restore her phone come the method it was first thing in the morning or the job before.

The way they carry out that is by mirroring everything on her phone approximately the cloud, for this reason by doing that the spouse doesn’t have to put spyware on her iPhone. They just simply log right into your iCloud account v your password. There room a couple of websites that all they carry out is placed in your account and your password and also this website download the iCloud backup every morning and also parses it out into all your text messages, internet searches, phone calls, voice messages, internet searches, location, whatever for them. That means your spouse doesn’t need to have spyware on your phone if it’s one iPhone.

If it’s an Android phone, if they recognize your Google account and also Google password, lock can get in your Google backup and also look in ~ all the same info as well.

So, the cell phone is a huge, huge way of collecting information. That is the number one means people will always shot and spy on friend is by using your cabinet phone versus you.

What various other ways can your spouse spy on friend electronically?

Yes, absolutely. Now, let’s say you’re managing a human that you captured spying on you and also they say, “Oh no no, I’m no going to perform that anymore.” and your cell phone is clean, there’s absolutely naught on it.

But perhaps you have actually an iPad at home. Or maybe you have actually an Android tablet. If they speak they’re not spying on her cell phone, probably they’ve relocated all the to the iPad or to the Android tablet instead, because they’re not spying on your phone anymore. They’re only doing that on the iPad. Store in psychic the iPad has your account on it. It additionally mirrors what’s going on.

So, a spying spouse have the right to switch the from a direct device, i m sorry is her cell phone, to an external maker such as a tablet.

The variety of times the we’ve seen world spying ~ above computers, installing spyware ~ above laptops, desktops and also so forth, those instances space going down an ext and more. The majority of every little thing is going after the cell phones and also the tablets. That’s whereby the bulk of the spying is right now.

Tell us around how someone’s spouse have the right to spy ~ above them with tracking your car.


Sure. People can placed trackers on a car. We’ve found a number of trackers ~ above people’s cars. The other thing the we’re finding much more and an ext happening is civilization are to buy brand new cars, prefer Tesla’s. The thing around a Tesla is the it is usually a steering network. You deserve to put an application on your phone the tracks wherein that automobile is, how quick it’s going. Girlfriend can readjust all kinds of things with it.

If her husband bought friend a Tesla or one of the other electrical vehicles that has actually an app, they have the right to track you through the application at any point in time.

We had one customer whose husband bought she a Tesla. She knows the he’s tracking her. She has separated from him and also she is make the efforts to obtain as much away as possible from him. The problem is, the bought the car. The vehicle is in his name. Tesla will not eliminate his access, since he is the owner of that car. So, till she can get rid of that car or to buy a brand-new car, that will always be able come track her no issue what.

Is that based on who to buy the vehicle or is that based upon whose name the title is in?

Whoever’s name is top top the title, that is that Tesla goes by.

Let’s speak in this situation wife was awarded the Tesla in divorce and they ended up delivering title over to her, climate that would no longer be a concern? would she have the capacity to override that, but until that happens, she’s at risk?

Exactly. And also that is a vast problem through these cars. There’s a couple of other newer cars that just came out. There to be a Toyota the a client brought end to ours office, and wanted it searched for general practitioners trackers. As soon as I went out to the car and I looked in ~ it, it to be a brand brand-new 2019, and I looked it up online.

What I discovered was, “This thing has actually its very own hotspot. It’s a walking gps tracker. I median it’s a driving gps tracker. There is no method to clean this out. This is all fully a hotspot the this guy could follow where she goes. His name’s ~ above the title, you’re the end of luck v this.”

How walk that situation get resolved?

She ended up having to sell the vehicle to walk to one older auto that doesn’t have any type of of this things developed into it.

This can be related ago to cell phones too. When civilization are making use of spyware or tracking your spouses, the number one method to execute it is v a cell phone

And when it concerns the cell phone, here’s what everybody demands to look at. There space two huge things that bought the phone, and also who pays the bill.

If the husband bought the phone and also the husband payment the monthly bill, most courts have been siding with the husband top top this, due to the fact that he is taken into consideration under 18 USC 1030 to be the administrator of the device, and also therefore he deserve to put whatever manage he desires on it.

So, if the bought the phone and also pays the monthly bill, he deserve to pretty lot put every little thing on the he desires or monitor the phone yet he wants.

However, if she’s bought the phone and he payment the monthly bill, he absolutely cannot execute it.

If the puts any spyware or monitors her account in any way, that is violating state and federal legislation at the point. So many of the time as soon as we meet with our clients, we go v these things as well. We discover out, “Okay, the mobile you have, that bought the phone?”

“Oh, mine husband did.”

“Okay, who pays the monthly bill?”

“Oh, the does.”

All right, you need a brand-new cell phone, because he can put noþeles on the cell phone and also could it is in doing anything the wants and you’re the end of luck, therefore you require a different cell phone.” and also then we will certainly help set up a phone because that them.

We constantly make certain we image, we execute a forensic photo of any device, even if it is it’s a cabinet phone, a tablet, a computer that they lug to us, since whether or no they finish up act a full forensics report on a device or whatever it is, we’ve at the very least preserved in ~ that moment in time precisely what to be going on with that device, what is on that device, anything.

Because spyware once it’s mounted on a phone, it deserve to be remotely gotten rid of as well. So if castle come in and also they talk to us and then we picture the maker and then they walk to the attorney and the husband finds the end that they checked out talk come an attorney, he can remotely remove this spyware native the phone, yet now we’ve got a forensic copy to present exactly what was on that phone in ~ the time. If the spyware’s there, we have gained it preserved at that point in time.

If who buys a brand-new phone, ns imagine that would certainly be a red flag come the spying spouse. What carry out you recommend that someone go if they find out your husband is spying ~ above them, and also how deserve to they safeguard themselves?


Well what we normally do once our client come right into the office is the we have everybody close up door off their cell phone. That’s first and foremost.

We likewise have what’s called a cell phone blocker bag the we have them put this cell phone right into so the it block it indigenous any and all signals the will shot and get to the phone call or obtain out of the phone, but we always make sure that once we’re talking to a client, they have no cell phones v them.

They either rotate them off or lock go earlier out to their car and leave lock in the car. We make certain that they understand that, “Hey, there could be spyware top top here. They could be monitoring your account remotely using iCloud or the Google back-up to have the ability to do this. Therefore, this is what you should look out for.”

If you desire secure communications, we always tell our clients to usage an encrypted text massage application to have the ability to contact us so that no one else can uncover out what’s walking on, because when you go to an encryption program, then anybody that’s security what’s walk on with the phone is no going to be able to pick increase what’s going on.

Most of this encryption program now have what is called a virtual keyboard so the if spyware is existing on the phone, it will certainly not be able to mask the virtual keyboard as protest to the cell phone keyboard.

That method it have the right to keep their conversations private, but usually once they’re in a situation where they’re concerned around their spouse finding out, we constantly recommend the they obtain a brand-new cell phone.

Most of the moment we will work with castle to have a cover story because that them to have actually this call so that if a spouse does find it, it’s not going to come to be a problem, since we’re constantly concerned around safety and security v our clients.

So in some instances your client may proceed to keep the spyware on but at least be conscious of it and also covertly have the ability to act secretly in various other capacities. In various other cases, you’re help them develop a believable story to be able to remove the access that their husband has to spy top top them?

Absolutely, since we’ve got to always be concerned around the safety and security of the client.

What rather is important for world to understand if they’re potentially pertained to that their spouse is spying top top them?

If they suspect their spouse is spying on them, they have to think about why they’re being spied on.

The other thing they need to do is make sure that they’re safe, due to the fact that if the spouse is spying top top them, safety demands to be the number on concern.

If that’s the case and they doubt their spouse is spying top top them, castle absolutely must come and see us. They should come and also see a private investigator so that they deserve to talk through an expert that has remained in this field, that is knowledgeable with this form of situation.

We work-related with this one ladies’ group, that as soon as we have clients who room in a situation like that, us will have actually them go satisfy with this ladies’ group, since this is a team of abused women. It’s part of a bigger strategy of them finding the end other means to continue to be safe and also what they might need come do, and also if there’s noþeles they have to be worried about.

If someone is involved for your safety, execute private investigators offer any type of sort of security services? 

We do surveillance work and also bodyguard job-related to protect against an abusive husband (or wife). We have actually instances as soon as the husband is handed divorce papers, us will have one of our agents there v the spouse to make certain that everything goes according to plan, the the spouse suddenly doesn’t strike the end at she or something like that. We will have actually protection there for her.

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If it’s a instance where the spouse needs to move out, then we’ll also have protection there come ensure the the move out walk safely and also smoothly.