The iPhone provides two varieties of messaging protocols: SMS and also iMessage. Both the these interaction methods are connected to her phone number, despite you can set iMessage come only screen your to apologize ID. To make it appear as if you"re text massage from a different number, usage third-party messaging apps the assign girlfriend a separate texting phone call number, thereby keeping your actual phone number out of the conversation.

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Download and also install TextFree indigenous the app Store on her iPhone. Beginning the application, and then push "Allow" at the location Services prompt. Your ar helps TextFree enhance area password to your existing state. Select your country from the drop-down menu, and also then fill the end the signup form to develop a TextFree account. Push "Sign Up," and then tap "Accept" to agree come the TextFree regards to service. Choose your brand-new TextFree messaging phone number. If you execute not want a regional area code, madness "Change area code," and then type in a zip password to gain a brand-new list of potential phone number with corresponding area codes. Highlight an obtainable phone number, insanity "Get this number," and also then press "Confirm." To blog post someone indigenous your new phone number, tap the "Compose" icon, pick a recipient from her contacts, type your article in the text field, and then press "Send."


Search because that the totally free TextNow software in the app Store. After installation it, open the application, push "Create Account," and then finish the signup fields. Tap "Create Account," and then enter your desired area code. A little flag icon shows up next to your choice, denoting the country that the area password is linked with. Press "Continue" to have TextNow assign you an obtainable phone number. Tap "Done." begin a new message by tapping the symbol that looks like a decided icon. Type in your recipient"s phone number or press the "+" prize to add someone from your contact list. Type your message in the text field, and also then press "Send."


Burner provides a variety of free and paid plans that allow you to create varying amounts of phone numbers and send varying quantities of texts and also calls. Search for the Burner app in the application Store. After installation the app, open it, and click "Sign Up." get in your existing phone number and also it will certainly send friend a password by text. Enter that code in the app and tap "Next." get in your preferred area code, insanity "Search" and select a phone call number. Begin a new message through tapping the speech icon. Type in the phone call number you want to message or search for one in your contacts.

With a cost-free plan, you will have a minimal number the texts and also calls the you have the right to place v that number. Come upgrade your plan, insanity the key menu then tap "Upgrade" and also choose a plan that meets your needs. If you want to create a brand-new number, tap the main menu, climate tap "Create a Burner" and also choose an suitable plan.

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Third-Party message Protocols

The third-party apps comprehensive here use Wi-Fi come send and also receive message messages. If her iPhone cannot affix to Wi-Fi, then the apps move to to move data come send and also receive messages. This way that messages you send making use of these apps perform not count toward the SMS allotment on your cellular plan.

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