It’s good to it is in smart. ~ all, intelligent people earn more money, accumulate much more wealth, and also even live longer. ~ above the surface, being clever looks favor easy living. Yet there’s another side to the story.

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Intelligent human being have a call for make dumb mistakes, specifically in cases that require common sense. The simplicity of these situations and the abundant knowledge of those who have tendency to muck lock up have the right to be downright comical.

“Common sense is not so common.” –Voltaire

After years of research, scientists are finally beginning to know why this happens. Shane Frederick at Yale university was among the very first to conduct research study that described why rational thinking and also intelligence don’t tend to walk hand in hand.

In his studies, Frederick gave people basic problems come solve, prefer this one:

A bat and also ball price a dollar and ten cents. The bat expenses a dollar an ext than the ball. Exactly how much walk the ball cost?

Frederick discovered that some civilization have the tendency to confidently blurt out the dorn answer, stating the the ball costs ten cents. You, of course, knew that the correct answer is the the ball costs five cents, and you’re completely justified if you’re wonder if the, well, less-than-smart people were the persons blurting out the not correct answer.

Psychologists native James Madison University and the college of Toronto wonder the exact same thing. Lock gave comparable tests of reasonable to thousands of people and compared the accuracy of their answers to their levels the intelligence. The researchers found that smart people were more likely to blurt the end the dorn answer since they in reality make more mental mistakes when problem-solving.

Smart civilization are much more prone to silly mistakes since of remote spots in just how they use logic. These remote spots exist because smart people tend to be overconfident in their reasoning abilities. The is, lock so used to gift right and also having fast answers the they don’t even realize when they’re blowing it by answering without thinking things through.

The dummies getting the bat-and-ball concern wrong weren’t so dumb, either. When Frederick provided the concern to students from Harvard, Princeton, and M.I.T., much more than half of them got it wrong. Also students from few of the many prestigious colleges in the civilization make stupid mistakes.

Perhaps the scariest thing about the errors that very intelligent world make is exactly how unaware they are of them. Civilization of all levels of intelligence succumb come what’s dubbed the “bias blind spot.” the is, we’re an excellent at spotting other people’s mistakes and terrible at recognizing ours own. The sillier the mistake, the harder it is for an intelligent human to expropriate that they’ve do it.

“I understand that i am intelligent, since I recognize that I recognize nothing.” –Socrates

While it can seem prefer we don’t invest our days fixing logic difficulties like the bat-and-ball question, the mind functions associated in addressing these problems are the same ones we usage in daily thinking. Hence, the tendency to execute stupid things complies with smart people into the workplace. Take into consideration some the the most common ways in which smart world manage come shoot us in the foot.

1. Smart human being are overconfident. A life time of praise and also pats on the ago leads smart human being to develop an unflappable confidence in their intelligence and also abilities. Once you rack up success while civilization stroke your ego, it’s easy to intend that things will constantly go her way. But this is a danger expectation. Smart world often fail come recognize as soon as they need help, and when they do recognize it, they often tend to believe that nobody else is qualified of giving it.

2. They push people too hard. smart people build overachieving personalities due to the fact that things come so quickly to them. They just don’t understand how difficult some human being have to job-related to attain the same things, and also because of that, they push civilization too hard. Clever people collection the bar too high, and also when people take too long or don’t obtain things quite right, they assume it’s as result of a lack of effort. Therefore they push even harder and miss the opportunity to aid others attain the purposes they’re therefore anxious for them to reach.

3. They always need to it is in right. It’s hard for anyone to graciously expropriate the truth that they’re wrong. It’s also harder for clever people since they prosper so used to being appropriate all the time that it becomes a part of your identity. For smart people, gift wrong have the right to feel choose a personal attack, and being right, a necessity.

4. They absence emotional intelligence. While intelligence (IQ) and also emotional intelligence (EQ) don’t take place together in any type of meaningful way (Smart people, on average, have just as lot EQ together everyone else), as soon as a smart person lacks EQ, that painfully obvious. These high-IQ, low-EQ individuals see the world as a meritocracy. Accomplishments are all the matter, and people and emotions just get in the way. Which is a shame because TalentSmart study with more than a million people shows that—even among the top echelons that IQ—the peak performers are those v the highest EQs.

5. They provide up as soon as they fail. have actually you ever watched a sporting event and also seen the stunned look on the face of one athlete whom everyone meant to win, yet didn’t? Smart human being can quickly fall right into the catch of see failure as the finish of the world since frequent success creates expectations the make failure tough to tolerate. Human being who have to work tough for what they achieve have many of exercise learning just how to resolve failure. They find out to take on it because they know that failure is simply a stepping stone to success.

6. Lock fail to develop grit. as soon as things come really straightforward to you, it’s easy to see hard work together a an unfavorable (a authorize that you don’t have actually what it takes). When smart world can’t complete something without a incredible amount the effort, they tend to feel frustrated and also embarrassed. This leader them to do the false assumption that if castle can’t execute something easily, there’s something wrong with them. Together a result, smart world tend to move on to something else that affirms their feeling of worth prior to they’ve put while to build the grit they need to succeed in ~ the highest feasible level.

7. They multitask. Smart civilization think yes, really quickly, which have the right to make lock impatient. They choose to acquire several things going at when so that there isn’t any downtime. Castle think so quickly that, once they multitask, the feels prefer it’s working and also they’re getting an ext done, however Stanford research mirrors that this no the case. Not just does multitasking make you less productive, yet people that multitask often since they think they’re great at it are actually worse at multitasking than human being who prefer to execute one thing at a time.

8. They have actually a tough time agree feedback. Smart people tend come undervalue the opinions that others, which method they have trouble believing that anyone is qualified to give them valuable feedback. Not only does this propensity hinder their growth and also performance, it have the right to lead to toxic relationships, both personally and professionally.

Bringing It every Together

To some, this short article will read favor I’m trashing clever people, yet I’m not. Several of life’s best gifts, including high intelligence, can also come through challenges. If you no willing to take an moral look at the whole picture, you’re selling yourself short. And that no smart.

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How execute you watch smart civilization acting stupid? you re welcome share her thoughts in the comments section below as i learn just as lot from you as you do from me.