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The Tampa just Buccaneers are in the playoffs because that the first time since 2007. Yes, i know, this has been mentioned often since they clinched the playoffs during their main 16 victory. And also following your Week 17 victory over Atlanta, they locked up the 5th seed in the playoffs i m sorry matches them up against the NFC East department Champions Washington soccer team. The Bucs right now sit together eight allude favorites.

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If Tampa Bay advances past the Wild map round this weekend, it’ll mark their an initial playoff victory due to the fact that the 2002 season — the season they ended up being Super key Champions.

This will be unfamiliar are for numerous of Tampa Bay’s players. However, happily for them they’ll have players choose quarterback Tom Brady, tight end Rob Gronkowski, vast receiver Antonio Brown, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, and also outside linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul that have plenty of games the postseason and Super Bowl suffer that have the right to lead them on a perhaps deep postseason run.

But how far will lock go? The Bucs nation staff provides up some predictions ~ above how far their run may go.

Gil Arcia: This is a joyous time for plenty of Bucs fans. Understandably so. Listening the indigenous “the Buccaneers space in the playoffs” is nearly a gift indigenous the NFL Gods. Or Tom Brady. Regardless, Tampa only is in the postseason and very first up for them is the Washington football team. It’s no that this matchup is straightforward one for Brady and also the Bucs, however a favorable one. They will certainly be without linebacker and defensive captain Devin White and also the status of large receiver Mike Evans is still up in the air. Despite all that, Tampa just should advance to the divisional ring playoffs. With the win, the Bucs will become the shortest seed after ~ losses through the Chicago bear to the brand-new Orleans Saints and also Los Angeles Rams to the Seattle Seahawks this weekend. This will have actually them travel to Lambeau ar to face the environment-friendly Bay Packers, wherein the Packers obtain the ideal of the Buccaneers this time around. There are still too plenty of questions neighboring the defensive backfield due to the fact that their matchup against the Chargers ago in main 4, one inconsistent pass rush to help them, and with a bad record against teams above .500 it’s difficult to confidently speak Tampa Bay can repeat their good fortunes from Week 6 when they beat environment-friendly Bay during the regular season. Still, this must be thought about a successful season because that the Bucs.

Playoff Prediction:Wild map Round - Win at WashingtonDivisional ring - Loss at eco-friendly Bay

James Yarcho: I’m usually among the more optimistic members that this staff however I watch there room some Super key aspirations in here. That said, I believe the Bucs take care of business against the Washington Washingtons, even without Devin White and (potentially) Mike Evans. Native there, the Bucs will head come Lambeau to take on the green Bay Packers who are chomping in ~ the little to gain revenge because that the embarrassment the Bucs served them previously this year. But, alas, they will fail to protect against Ronald Jones in the run game who will help control the clock and wear under the Packers’ run defense.

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Then, the marquee match-up us all desire to view - Brady vs Brees III. Say what friend will about how the Bucs and also Saints gamings went in the consistent season, I do not see Tom Brady shedding to a team 3 times in one season. Not just that, however the postseason nightmares of year past end Brees’ championship desires in his last season. Finally, the Bucs find themselves in their third consecutive constant season rematch, this time through the Chiefs that still just have actually too much speed and firepower. The Bucs get close, but fall just short.

Playoff Prediction:Wild map Round - win at WashingtonDivisional ring - win at environment-friendly BayNFC Championship - victory at new OrleansSuper bowl LV - loss vs. Kansas City

David Harrison: The storyline in the off-season to be all around Tom Brady. Beforehand in the year, Tom Brady to be the focus. Midway with the season however, the rigid turned much more towards Tom Brady. As the team stumbled to a 1-3 third quarter of the season, every eyes to be on Tom Brady. End the past four weeks, Tom Brady’s rebirth has dominated conversations. Heading come the playoffs, I fully expect much more attention to be committed to Tom Brady. And if there’s one point Tom Brady knows better than anyone else, it’s winning and also ruining the Buffalo Bills’ hopes and also dreams.

Playoff Prediction:Wild map Round - win at WashingtonDivisional ring - victory at eco-friendly BayNFC Championship - win at SeattleSuper key - success vs. Buffalo

Bailey Adams: We’ve every waited a really long time for this and also I simply want to be the 1,000th person to allude out just how nice the is the we’re talking around the Bucs’ playoff aspirations below in the very first week of January rather than shifting emphasis to free agency and the draft. Now, the being said, I’m sure the fact that we’re talking Bucs playoff football is also going to lug everyone some nerves, and understandably so. Washington is a tougher matchup for Tampa just than world may desire to admit, yet I think Tom Brady and also the boys get it done and move on to a second-round matchup versus the Packers in ~ Lambeau Field.

Now, this is a weird one. The Bucs overcame the Packers ago in October. Yet this time is sure to be different, right? Well, I’m no so sure. However maybe? ns stuck here, folks. I think the Bucs could absolutely beat environment-friendly Bay because that the 2nd time and also get come the NFC Championship Game. And for whatever reason, I’d prefer the team’s opportunities of ultimately getting it done versus the Saints (should they do it the far). However for some reason—maybe the the sub-freezing Lambeau Field, Aaron Rodgers’ current kind or the potential because that the classic “Bucs beating Bucs” trope to pop earlier up—I think this superior season end in the Divisional Round because that Tampa Bay. And just for the services of waffling, ns really perform think this team have the right to make a Super bowl run. I’m simply not confident enough to predict it, i suppose...

Playoff Prediction: Wild map Round - victory at WashingtonDivisional ring - ns at green Bay

Evan Winter: The Wild map matchup versus the Washington football team i will not ~ be as straightforward as it at first appears, however I’m confident the Bucs will obtain the project done ~ watching the Sunday night game. Alex Smith’s calf injury has the Washington violation in a poor spot. If the football Team can’t run the ball, then they’re basically ineffective. And guess what? Tampa just is really great at avoiding the run. That doesn’t take a genius come put every one of this together.

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I choose the Bucs’ chances versus Green Bay, as well. The Bucs violation is on fire appropriate now and can play with anyone. The Packers defense has actually improved because Week 6, but there room still holes to exploit. I’ll go ahead and take the Bucs as long as castle are mostly healthy.

So, that pipeline the NFC Championship. I want to speak the Rams will throw a wrench into everything, however the unknown statuses (stati?) the Andrew Whitworth and Jared Goff weigh too much in the equation. But, I carry out think the Seahawks have the right to —and will— beat the Saints in new Orleans. This method the Bucs would take trip to Seattle for a possibility to punch your ticket come the supervisor Bowl.

But Seattle will be too lot to overcome. Russell Wilson will certainly play his game and do just enough to win, leaving the Bucs one video game shy the the huge dance.

Playoff Prediction:Wild map Round - Win, at WashingtonDivisional round - Win, at eco-friendly BayNFC Championship ring - Loss, at Seattle

Chris Schoenherr: In the wild-card round, the Bucs will challenge a better-than-their-record Washington soccer Team that areas one of the best defensive fronts in the NFL. Despite this, ns don’t think the Buccaneers will have a most trouble with them offensively or defensively and also I predict that they’ll come the end of Washington through a win. It must be a slow start for the offense, and also maybe even the defense, but I don’t think Washington is too much of a problem with every one of the talent the Tampa Bay bring to the table.

In the divisional round, the Bucs would most likely challenge the environment-friendly Bay Packers unless we view an upset from either the Rams or the Bears. If the Bucs enter Green Bay, i would just put a wrap on the season. With the method that the Packers have conquered offensively, i don’t think this defense will be able to hold them to much less than 30 points. If these teams do face off, I completely expect a shootout that the Packers will win in the end. If the Bucs defense close up door them under in week six, they room on a bottom trend and can’t prevent anyone in ~ times. It’ll be close, together it was against the Rams and the Chiefs, but Brady once again won’t be able to pull out any kind of late video game heroics and also the Buccaneers will gain sent house in the second round.

Playoff Prediction:Wild card Round - Win, in ~ WashingtonDivisional round - Loss, at environment-friendly Bay

Ben Hall: prior to this season, following the enhancement of Tom Brady, everybody figured the Bucs would certainly be in the playoffs. Now, it’s their time come shine. Heading right into the matchup through the Washington football Team, there"s numerous things that can happen. The matchup the the day will certainly be Tom Brady and the Bucs passing games against Washington’s secondary. I think Brady’s endure will help push the Bucs past an underrated Washington football Football Team.

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For the rest of the playoffs, ns think the is increase in the air. I don"t think the Bucs will make it past the divisional round due to the fact that they will placed up versus a talented Packer roster. However, we experienced what the Bucs were qualified of the critical time those two teams squared off. Another great sign is the truth that the Bucs are gaining hot at the appropriate time. They’ve won 4 straight and also the offense will be looking also stronger once they get Ronald Jones back. However, ns don"t think this team will certainly have enough to take under the red-hot Packers.

Playoff Prediction:Wild map Round - Win, at WashingtonDivisional ring - Loss, at eco-friendly Bay

Final Predictions

Gil: Divisional RoundJames: Super bowl (L)David: Super key (W)Bailey: Divisional RoundEvan: NFC ChampionshipChris: Divisional Round