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Democratic presidential candidate previous Vice chairman Joe Biden speaks during a drive-in rally at Heinz Field, Monday, Nov. 2, 2020, in Pittsburgh.Andrew Harnik / AP
WASHINGTON — A political year that began with an impeachment trial and botched outcomes in the Iowa caucuses, and that later lugged a deadly pandemic and calls for racial justice right into the country, lastly brings us to choice Day.

Or election Week or election Month — depending just how long that takes to counting the results.

And this morning, we lay out the feasible paths to 270 electoral votes because that both president Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, including exactly how one candidate could get to 270 without learning the results in Michigan, Pennsylvania and also Wisconsin (all 3 of which are expected to counting slowly).


Here’s Biden’s simplest course to 270: victory the 2016 Clinton states, add to Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Here’s Trump’s easiest path: organize on to Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, north Carolina, Ohio, plus success Pennsylvania.

Here’s another for Biden: win the 2016 Clinton states, Michigan, Wisconsin, shed Pennsylvania — yet win Arizona and also Nebraska 02.

But here’s just how Biden might get come 270 electoral votes before you obtain to Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin: success the 2016 Clinton states and Nebraska 02, include Georgia and also North Carolina (both of which might have rapid results), and also that brings Biden come 264 electoral votes. Climate he simply needs among Iowa, Ohio or Arizona to with or surpass 270.

And that’s without Biden having actually to success Florida.

There room three in its entirety scenarios how Election Night/Week/Month might play out.

Scenario #1: The national polls are correct (Biden is front 8-10 points), and also we’ll find out a winner tonight.

Scenario #2: Biden is able to win one of Florida, Georgia or phibìc Carolina — and he’s the clear favorite to success — however it bring away a day or two to contact enough says to acquire him come 270-plus.

Scenario #3: Trump’s numbers are much better than the national polls suggest, and also we’re in because that a long, hard slog to watch who wins Michigan, Pennsylvania and also Wisconsin.

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But under none of those scenarios does Trump have the ability to pave it increase early.