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Click the 3 vertical dots to accessibility the much more Options menu. Abbey White/Insider choose "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

select Settings native the call app"s an ext Option"s drop-down. Abbey White/Insider tap "Blocked numbers" in the setups list.

select "Blocked numbers" native the setups list. Abbey White/Insider choose "Add A Number."
friend can include a Number or block every Unknown numbers. Abbey White/Insider

Quick tip: On some Android devices and also versions, you deserve to toggle on the "Unknown" option to block all calls from unidentified callers.

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Manually enter the phone number you want to block calls and texts from then push "Block."
friend will need to get in the phone call number you want to block. Abbey White/Insider

Quick tip: If girlfriend can"t psychic the exact number you want to block, you have the right to copy the number indigenous your current calls perform by pressing down ~ above the number until a menu appears, and then selecting "Copy number."

How come block a number on Android using your call list

Launch the phone app.Navigate to the contact tab.
select the contacts tab on her Android phone. Abbey White/Insider Scroll till you discover the contact you want to block and tap your name.
pick the call you great to block on her Android phone. Abbey White/Insider

Quick tip: girlfriend can also use the Search tool at the optimal of the tab to an ext quickly find a contact.

Tap the three vertical dots in the top-right edge of the app screen.Choose "Block numbers" from the drop-down menu.
select Block numbers from the call tab"s much more Options menu. Abbey White/Insider confirm you great to block the contact by choosing "Block."
you can additionally report the contact as spam. Abbey White/Insider

How come block a number top top Samsung Galaxy

Because Samsung phones are so common, there"s a great chance the the machine in her hand is a Galaxy phone.

Here"s just how to block a number on her Samsung Galaxy:

Start the phone app and also then tap "Recents" in ~ the bottom of the screen.Tap the call number you desire to block and then tap "i" in the expanded choices under the number.
choose the number you desire to block, and also tap the "i" icon. Dave Johnson/Business Insider
At the bottom of the screen, insanity "Block."
insanity "Block" in ~ the bottom that the screen. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

How come block a number on various other Android devices

Start the Phone app view your current calls.Tap and also hold the call number you want to block. A drop-down food selection may show up with additional options.Tap "Block number" in the menu.

On larger versions the the Android phone call app, tap and also hold the number till a dropdown menu appears. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

How come block a number utilizing your to move carrier

Your business carrier might offer tools to assist you block calls. The benefit of utilizing your transport is that a clogged number will remain blocked also if you change smartphones.

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The fence is the in part cases, this is one optional subscription organization that might cost added money.

If you desire to investigate blocking callers at the carrier, right here are web links to the significant carriers" call blocking plans:

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