And considering your square burgers would certainly be an ext space-efficient because that packaging and shipping...I'm skeptical.

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I think food safety guidelines have actually the "safe" temperature for refrigerated meats at less than 40°F, therefore there space 8° the aren't "frozen."

There was a dude who worked at wendy's top top, and he stated their meat is in fact fresh, never frozen.

1: new isn't a word that is regulation by the FDA or FCC.

2: local distribution way that Wendy's have the right to afford to never ever freeze their burgers and also still preserve their integrity, safety, and also flavor.

Fuddruckers used to be able to say that.... Ns remember back in the 80's, you can watch them part meat best off the carcass, throw the meat in the grinder and straight to the grill. Ns guess too many world complained around that however seeing the fresh meat do me desire to store going back!

What's the big deal with frozen meat? When cooking at house nearly all of my meat has been frozen at once or one more (Either in ~ the sector or in my very own freezer).

People don't understand the sheer volume of service that renowned fast food chains do in one day. I am in the procedure of moving from being a trainer in ~ a McDonald's come a manager for a citizens King. At McDonald's, we get shipments of new stock twice per week due to the fact that of how much we sell in a variety of days. Our meat is frozen yet we have other items the go negative quickly. We obtain smaller quantities shipped come us and they room in each and also every delivery, conversely, the meat is only delivered in among those deliveries every week because we frozen it. Wendy's could choose to acquire their yogurt as soon as per week because they keep that frozen till it's time to cycle it through the refrigerator to be provided while having actually meat shipped to them an ext frequently throughout the week since they get smaller quantities and they can go bad an ext quickly. You can figure this the end if girlfriend met who who functioned at a local store and also asked around their food prices (it will be higher if they room wasting more meat due to the fact that of the going negative than McDonalds throwing the end a couple things of yogurt) or if girlfriend knew just how their circulation worked. Execute they own local farms? How much is the meat coming from? McDonalds and also Burger King both very own their way of production and also regions are collection up with only a pair of cities in between them, fairly than various other chains having actually one source shipping to whole state or much more at a time.

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Someone in ~ my occupational once went to Wendy's top top break and also was miffed as soon as they came ago because temporary that location was not offering tomatoes because that free. Sandwiches that generally came with tomato would certainly come without tomato and also you would certainly pay the 35 cents or so that you'd salary to add it to a sandwich the didn't incorporate it even for those, since something had actually gone not correct with one of their crops and they only had a margin that the tomato they commonly had. Therefore while ns wouldn't bank on it, ns wouldn't be entirely surprised if castle approached your meat likewise - their main rival is McDonalds although few people realize the competition between the 2 industries and also they room constantly beating us (by mine standards) by providing fresher items. Their nutrition team is likewise a thousands times far better than whatever fucks work-related for McDonalds and also managed come screw increase oatmeal. What McDonalds lacks in your nutrition department they make up for in marketing and advertisements, i beg your pardon is ridiculous.