People do mistakes — it’s a fact of life. Once you do a failure on the web, however, they stick approximately for a lengthy time. Publishing a write-up with a negative typo or incorrect information might go viral and also bring friend the wrong kind of attention.

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When you execute make an error, the an initial step you take it is come rectify it. Part social networking platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to freely modify a write-up you’ve mutual with the public.

There’s one social media site, however, the doesn’t allow you solve your goofs. Twitter doesn’t have an edit tweet attribute on that platform.

Can You edit a Tweet? No, however There to be a Conversation approximately It

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There to be talks in the past concerning a feasible edit attribute for Twitter users. Earlier in so late 2016, Jack Dorsey, the CEO and also co-founder that Twitter, offered users a glimmer the hope once he said a time-limited edit option. This feature works by giving users a limit time window, such as a few minutes, to solve typos, grammatical errors and other difficulties as required.

Three year later, Dorsey as soon as again floated the idea of modifying a Twitter short article within a certain time limit. This time, however, you’d only have less 보다 a minute (5 come 30 seconds to be an ext precise) to correct the mistake on your post. Anything much longer than 30 secs won’t fly, as this takes away the real-time element of a conversational flow.

This 2020, however, Dorsey shattered the desires of customers by straight-up saying the an modify feature top top Twitter won’t be continue anytime soon.

Why Twitter won’t Let You modify a Tweet

The Twitter co-founder shown on Q and also A segment through Wired why individuals can’t edit a Tweet. Sunshine (Twitter handle:
taisydorres) asked around getting one edit switch in 2020.

Dorsey said no.

He defined in the video clip that Twitter started as an SMS text messaging service. Once a person sends a message message, they can’t take earlier what castle sent. The social media platform wanted to maintain that “it’s final” vibe in the beforehand days.

What have the right to You execute with a bad Tweet?

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Does this median that you deserve to let that tweet mistake sit on the web forever? not necessarily. Although Twitter i will not ~ let you change a tweet after ~ sending, girlfriend have choices to minimize the damage.

Here room a couple of suggestions you can follow to readjust your released tweets:

The classic “Repost and also Delete” Approach

Reposting essentially means using the content on the old tweet, making the essential corrections and hitting the tweet button again. When editing and enhancing your tweet for reposting, friend could first paste the old tweet ~ above a Word document or an online writing assistant, such as Grammarly, to iron the end the spelling and grammatical mistakes of your post.

The next step is to erase the evidence of your mistakes by taking out her erroneous or ashamed Tweet. Back Twitter might not enable you to edit tweets, you deserve to remove lock from your feed.

Keep these steps in mind once you’re deleting a tweet:

Log ~ above to her Twitter account, then head to her Profile page.Find the tweet you’d like to delete.Click (or insanity if you’re making use of a cell phone device) the symbol situated at the peak of the tweet.Click or madness delete.You’ll see a check box about deleting your tweet. Fight the delete switch if you desire to eliminate your post permanently.

When girlfriend delete a tweet, the post disappears from her account, the search outcomes on Twitter and the timeline that the users complying with you. The retweets the the deleted write-up won’t display up either.

Important Note: Removing your tweet won’t guarantee that your article is deleted on the web for good. If someone to be to copy and paste her tweet or take a screenshot that it, her problematic tweet will stay on the net for good.

Use Covfefe

Something great came the end of Donald Trump’s “Despite the continuous negative push covfefe” tweet.

Corey Gwin, a programmer based in California, occurred a communication that enables users top top Twitter to edit their tweets. He named his editing tool Covfefe after the previous U.S. President’s Twitter gaffe.

This Google Chrome extension allows you come “sort-of” edit your old tweets. What Covfefe walk is to delete the old tweet and also replace it with a brand-new one. It’s like the conventional repost-and-delete approach, yet a lot much more efficient.

Covfefe additionally postpones your tweets indigenous going live through 15 seconds. This gives you ample time to undo or review a tweet before it go live because that the civilization to see.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide in using this extension:

Visit your profile pageLocate the tweet that you desire to editTap or click the modify buttonMake the essential changesHit Enter

Take note, though, the Covfefe does have actually some kinks. If you use this platform to modify your tweet, you’ll shed your retweets and favorites associated with the old tweet. If you’re OK v this limitation, however, then this Chrome extension may just be the one you need.

Use Brizzly+

Brizzly released a platform to serve the requirements of Twitter power users. The that company Brizzly+ comes v the following features:

Undo Tweets – The platform has actually an undo button that allows you take the end a tweet you just posted.Tweet hold-up – It allows a short hold-up between the time you click the tweet button and also your tweet walking live. The lot of hold-up is totally up come you. If you think you can spot grammatical and also spelling mistakes best away, 10 come 15 seconds might be enough time because that you. On the other hand, you could set the hold-up to 10 minute to make certain that you nothing tweet anything you’ll regret in the end.Auto-Delete – You can give your tweets an “expiry date” by transforming on this feature. The platform will certainly delete a tweet automatically after a certain period.Save Well-Liked Tweets – If you have actually auto-delete rotate on yet want to save tweets with a minimum number of likes for deletion, you can activate this “Fave come Save” feature.Customizable note – worn down of see the usual “What’s happening?” prompt every time you job-related on a tweet? continue it but you want. You might say “What’s for dinner?” or “What’s her game arrangement for today?”

Unlike Covfefe whereby you deserve to work through your tweets in ~ no charge, the convenience listed by Brizzly+ comes v a cost. Plans start at $2.49 every month (when you salary yearly). Friend could try this platform the end for two weeks to view if this is ideal for you.

Since You can not Actually modify a Tweet, You need to Double-Check her Posts

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Online is forever, together they say. This method that her tweets, posts, pictures and other ingredient you publish top top the web will continue to be on the web.

If she a job seeker, for instance, you have to be mindful of the tweets and also other short articles you publish online. A survey published in little Business patterns revealed that 9 the end of 10 employers use social media together a tool for candidate assessment.

What friend tweet, share, favor or discuss social media problem a many to her future employers. If your wall surface contains problematic cultural appropriation posts, hate comments around previous employers and illicit content, you’re do yourself much less hireable.

Besides project hunters, providers using Twitter and other society media to boost their virtual presence have to think carefully around what lock posting. The wrong tweet could be damaging come a business’ reputation.

Take the highly infamous this firm tweet of us Airways together an example. The company’s official Twitter account tweeted a photograph of a naked woman v a toy airplane inserted into her exclusive area. Back the airline apologized for the incident and also deleted the NSFW image from your Twitter page, the damage was set.

Everyone, therefore, have to take a good look at your tweets prior to sending them. Here are a couple of best think-before-you-post practices that you deserve to follow to stop a social media disaster:

Fact-check her Posts – The last point that people want to read is fake news. Make sure you inspect the initial sources and determine if castle legitimate.

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Will there be a tweet edit function in the future? maybe — and also maybe not. Till then, the annoyance the typos and also grammatical errors will certainly stick roughly in Twitter because that a lengthy time.