In this video, I’m walk to provide you examples of what come say and do to obtain a girl to prefer you.

First, let’s begin with pointer number one…

1. Be a great guy, however don’t be also nice to she

There’s nothing wrong v being a great guy or also being nice come woman.

Problems emerge when a man is being way too nice to a woman.

If he’s being as well nice come her and laughing at all of her jokes, being an extremely polite and also essentially gift on his best behavior, she beginning to come to be suspicious.


She’s going to see you as charming.

Other guys who room looking on who don’t understand just how a woman’s attraction works, will certainly be thinking, “What go she watch in the guy? Why does she choose him? I’m nicer to her than he is. The doesn’t also seem prefer he’s trying that hard. He’s teasing she at times. He’s speak some things that i think are rude. Why walk she like him?”


She is feeling attracted to his confidence.

She’s emotion attracted to the fact that he has actually the balls to say points that other men are fear to say roughly her.

She likewise understands the reality that he’s just joking.

He’s not being serious about those things.

He’s not turning to her once she’s checking she phone and angrily saying, “No. No one cares about you. Nobody is sending you a message. Why perform you examine you phone for this reason much? put your phone down sometimes, jeez. People are so addicted to their phone these days.”

He’s no being a jerk favor that.

He’s not being one asshole.

He’s no being a stunner weirdo.

He’s just playfully talking to her and saying, “No. No one sent you a message. No one cares about you. Sorry,” and then having actually a laugh through her around that.

In addition, he’s also being good to her.

Generally speaking, once he’s talk to her, he’s gift a great guy and also getting along with her, having actually fun and having a chat, but 20% the the time, he’s adding in some playful feeling to enraged her and make her feeling attracted.

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3. Protect against qualifying you yourself

Qualifying you yourself is essentially about telling a girl things about yourself come hopefully do her decide the you’re good enough for her and also to then offer you a opportunity to be with her.

An instance is wherein a guy is talking to a girl and also she’s complaining around how other males treat her, just how guys are just interested in sex and how they don’t treat females well.

A guy who qualifies himself will then begin saying, “Well, I’m not like that. I would never ever treat a woman like that. I think it’s disgusting. I think the a man and also a mrs should get to understand each other for a couple of months prior to having sex. I think that males should be an ext polite and more considerate of women’s feelings.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a guy having a philosophy like the if he desires to have that sort of viewpoint.

However, if a guy is speak those species of things to hopefully get a girl to view that the is no like various other guys, so she will then decision to offer him a chance, climate he’s doing the in the not correct way.

Additionally, if a girl gets a feeling that a guy is lying in the really hopes of impressing, her guard will certainly go up.

She won’t have the ability to trust him.

She will feel together though he’s placing on one act come hopefully obtain a chance with her.

Another example of qualifying is whereby a male is talk to a girl the he likes and also he desires to gain her to prefer him.

He notices that he’s not mirroring much signs of sexual or romantic interest.

She’s a little bit indifferent around him, for this reason he feels choose he demands to progressive his value in she eyes.

He climate starts talking about his achievements.

He beginning talking about his car if he has actually one, if he has actually an apartment or a house, he talks around that, or if he wants to come to be successful, he talks about that.

If he wants to make numerous money, that talks around that.

If he has money, he talks around that and he hopes that by speak those things, a girl will then decide, “Okay, this man is an excellent enough for me.”

Yet, the way that it functions is that, if a woman gets the sense that a guy is do the efforts to develop himself up in her eyes by talking about his positions or achievements or his desire to succeed, she will certainly actually view him as lower value.

She will watch that the doesn’t feel an excellent enough because that her as he is.

Therefore she starts come think, “Well, probably I’m too good for him.”

Even though she’s not too great for him, that has created that late in she mind.

He has made himself look lower value by do the efforts to do himself look greater value.

So, if you desire to make a girl choose you, don’t do the failure of qualifying yourself and thinking the you have to raise your value in she eyes through bragging about things or talking about how effective you desire to be and so on.

There’s nothing wrong v talking about success or talking around what you’ve achieved, as lengthy as you’re no saying it in a means to hope raise your value in a girl’s eyes so she climate decides to offer you a chance.

4. Talk to her prefer a potential lover, not a potential friend

When a guy wants to get a girl to favor him, one of the biggest mistakes he provides is talk to she in a neutral way like a friend.

He focuses on having actually a neutral, everyday chat and hopes the if that keeps talking to her, she will gradually start to prefer him.

Yet, if a girl is attractive, she will have actually experienced that form of method from guys numerous times prior to in she life and also it’s not exciting.

What girlfriend may have noticed in her life is that part guys deserve to start talking to a girl and hit it off immediately.

Sparks start to fly between him and also the girl appropriate away, without him having actually to acquire to understand her because that a lengthy time beforehand.

She’s immediately happy, she’s smiling from ear to ear, she’s touching him, she’s flirting through him and she’s really happy and also excited to be talk to him.

The factor why sparks flies so easily is the the man is using an approach that provides the females feel sexually attracted and turned on.

He’s no using an approach where he’s trying to become a friend and slowly thrive on her over time in a neutral way.

Some guys can acquire laid and also get a girlfriend by doing the (i.e. Farming on a mrs over time), however what friend may have actually noticed is the if a man is using that approach and talking come a girl for weeks or months, all that it takes for him to be driven to the side is one more guy come come along and also make her feel sexually attracted.

Sparks begin to fly automatically between the two of them and she leaves the other guy behind.

What you’ll an alert is that it’s no necessarily since the man is much better looking, or due to the fact that he’s well-off or powerful in society or anything favor that.

It’s simply since he’s making use of a different method to the other guy.

The man who it s okay the girl is not trying to come to be her friend and also slowly prosper on she over time.

He’s automatically making her feel sexually attracted and turned on by the method that he’s interacting with her.

5. Be a challenge, however don’t pat too difficult to gain

The factor why girls prefer guys who are a an obstacle is the if she is attractive, then pretty much every man that she meets desires to have sex with her or be she boyfriend.

It’s very easy for she to gain some sex or get a boyfriend due to the fact that there are usually plenty of guys in she life (e.g. In ~ work, university, through friends) that want to have sex with her or be her boyfriend.

Alternatively, she just needs to go the end to a bar or club and also there space going come be tons of males who space hoping to get a chance with her simply based upon her spring pretty.

This is why girls prefer males who are a bit of a challenge.

However, where guys go wrong is that they come to be too lot of a challenge.

A guy will act together though he’s no interested in the girl that he likes and as a an outcome he will make the whole procedure of gaining her to favor him more difficult than it in reality is.

Getting girls to favor you is a very simple and straightforward process.

You don’t have to put top top an act of not liking her, or anything like that.

It’s much simpler and more straightforward 보다 that.

What you’ll discover is that once you are a an excellent guy and also focus on do a girl feel sexually attractive to you throughout an interaction, however aren’t gift desperate around trying to obtain a connection with she or trying to get a chance with her, she will choose you.

It’s as basic as that.

Additionally, it’s actually very easy to obtain girls to prefer you because most guys do the wrong.

Most guys are on their best behavior and also are being really nice in the hope of getting a possibility with the girl.

The girl to know that many of those men are hope to have sex with her or be she boyfriend.

It’s very obvious and also it’s not exciting to her.

What is exciting for her is as soon as she meets a man who makes her feel sexually attracted best away once he starts talking to her and also he isn’t gift being desperate about trying to obtain a possibility with her.

That peaks her interest.

That makes her desire to seek him.

That provides her prefer him.

Learn More?

Okay, ns hope you’ve enjoyed this video clip and learned something native it.

If you’d like to discover more, ns recommend that you review my e-book The Flow, or hear to the audio book version The flow on Audio.

When you check out The circulation or hear to The circulation on Audio, you will certainly learn exactly what to say and do to do a girl like you in a sexual and also romantic way.

Once you begin using the approaches from The Flow, friend will see that it’s actually an extremely easy to get most girls to choose you in a sexual and romantic way.

When you’ve provided The circulation on one or 2 girls and also gotten to a kiss or sex, you’ll realize that you have your selection with girls.

It’s not about you hope to gain a possibility with 1 out of 100 girls the you meet.

What girlfriend will uncover is that most of the girls the you meet feel sexually and romantically attracted to you and you have actually your an option of them.

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Most girl Are straightforward to Attract and Pick Up

One final point that I want to make for girlfriend in this video clip is that most girls are way easier to pick up 보다 they do themselves the end to be, or 보다 they appear to be.

The factor why is occasionally it shows up that girls are hard to attract and also pick increase is the most guys are using strategy where they’re trying come be liked in a friendly way by the girl.

They’re ~ above their finest behavior and also being nice, friendly and neutral and hoping the something happens.

Yet, what works and also what cuts with all the games and also gets the result, is wherein you interact with a girl that you like and you do her feel sexually attracted and turned on by you throughout an interaction.

You still continue to it is in the an excellent guy the you are, but with one important addition to what you’re doing.

You are currently making girls feel sexually attracted and turned top top by friend in subtle means when you interact with them.

The funny thing, is the other guys looking on can’t work out what you’re doing since it’s no obvious.

You’re not being sleazy or anything prefer that.

Instead, you’re being what women refer to as charming.

You’re being a good guy who additionally makes them feeling sexually attracted.

If you really want to gain girls to like you and chase you, then you’re also being a little of a difficulty to obtain as well.

When you take that method with girls, you will certainly realize that they’ve constantly been means easier to pick up 보다 they’ve made themselves the end to be.

You might have obtained rejected by some girls in the past, but the reality is that you were good enough for many of those girls.