How deserve to we rapid look at our contacts and see just how is having iMessage or not? so we deserve to easily contact them, rather of going through all contacts one through one to check them.

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ns don't think friend can. Ns think iMessage is an alleged to be seamless v SMS. If the call doesn't assistance iMessage, it'll fall ago to conventional SMS. It's not meant to be a "standout service," if that provides sense. Probably they had actually to appease the carriers and push it deep right into the background, maybe they want to execute this every along. In any kind of case, it would certainly be nice, however at this point, i don't think friend can distinguish users through iOS 5 and also those there is no (other the the current technique you space using).
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The attribute you are searching for does not exist in iOS 5.0. Ns guess the reasoning is that you just want to send a post to your contacts and also the device will send it via the appropriate route, favouring iMessage wherein it is available.

The closest you can acquire to see who has actually iMessage accessible without visiting each contact"s card individually is if you go to send a brand-new message, kind "a" in the To: field and also you"ll obtain a phone-number drop down. Together you scroll, those contacts v iMessage accessible will have actually a tiny blue speech bubble to the appropriate of their name and also number (or email address).


Other that that, once you"re sending out a message...

If the Contact"s Name and the Send switch are green, climate they don"t have iMessage accessible and you"ll send castle an SMS (or MMS).


If the Contact"s Name and the Send switch are blue, then they do have actually iMessage available and you"ll usage that.


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I have actually been searching for a month but didn"t uncover any method any trick not any third party app or not even a Cydia tweak to determine all my iMessage individuals & the suggest of hitting compose brand-new and include a user to check if the turns eco-friendly or blue.

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In short there"s no means you can find it for this reason don"t rubbish your valuable time for searching.

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