Are girlfriend wondering, “what iPhone do I have?” You’ve involved the ideal place. Before iOS 10.3, it to be not simple to figure out i beg your pardon iPhone model you had. If you to be trying to identify your iPhone’s model, you’d require to find the design number and also look that up. For devices running iOS 10.2.1 or older, we’ll cover how to tell what sort of iphone you have based on the version numbers assigned to every iPhone generation. If you’ve updated to iOS 10.3 or after that an iphone phone 5 or later, figuring the end what iphone you have actually is as straightforward as it have to be. If you"ve to be wondering, "what kind of phone carry out I have?" read on come learn what model and iPhone generation friend own, even if it is it"s the first iPhone, the iphone 7, an iPhone 11, or one indigenous Apple"s latest iPhone 12 line.

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What iOS execute I have actually on mine iPhone?

This is the very first question you have to answer prior to continuing. Figuring the end what iphone phone you have actually starts here, iOS 10.3 expedited figuring this out, and the exact same steps use for iOS 14 and also iOS 15. To figure out what iOS your iPhone is running:
Open the Settings app.

 Tap General.
 Select About.
 Where it states Software Version, you’ll check out what iOS girlfriend have.
 Depending on the iOS you have, pick either part 1 or component 2 below. 

Choose which Option describes Your iPhone:

Choose from the choices below to learn how to discover the model number of your iPhone. Then, take keep in mind of that version number and also view iphone Generations & model Numbers to figure out which iphone you have based on the version number friend found.

What Is my iPhone design or Generation? iOS 10.3 or Later

Apple"s release of iOS 10.3 to the public was a smaller update, but included some large features. One helpful brand-new feature was the ability to conveniently look in ~ what iphone you have actually within the setups app. On one iPhone to run iOS 10.3 or later (including iOS 14 and iOS 15):

Open the Settings app.

 Tap on your Apple i would profile at the top.
 Scroll down until you check out your devices. The very first should be your iPhone. Tap on it.
Under Device Info, you’ll check out Model.

There’s your iPhone model! just how wonderfully easy is it understand what iphone you have actually now.

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What iPhone perform I Have? iOS 10.2.1 or Earlier

If you have an iphone that’s no able come upgrade past iOS 9.3.5, you’ll require to situate your iPhone’s model number. You can additionally do this if you’re trying to number out what iPad girlfriend have.

Your iPhone’s version number is situated on the earlier near the bottom of the phone.

It’s in incredibly fine print. You can want to take it it come a home window for more light or have someone through top-notch vision look if need be.

It will certainly say Model: A#### (The letter A complied with by four numbers).

Make note of the design number.

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Find your iPhone design If Numbers ~ above the earlier Are Scratched Off

If you want to know what kind of iphone you have and you"re searching for your iPhone"s design number, you"ve most likely tried feather on the back of your iPhone already. If the numbers on the back are difficult to read, you can try looking in settings under the around menu. Follow these measures to see if you"re maybe to locate the design number. Please note that your display screen may not match my screenshots, but they can still help guide you!

Open the Settings app.

 Tap on General.
 Tap About.
 If you watch a design Number section, it will certainly likely present a much longer number, not a number in A#### format.
 Try tapping ~ above that longer number to see if the reveals her actual design number, which will be the letter A adhered to by four numbers. 

If friend don"t see a version number or if you can"t complete these steps due to your iPhone form or iOS, her last step should be to call Apple Support and the team members there will ask girlfriend specifics to assist identify her iPhone model for you! The screen you"ve just uncovered will provide you some info to carry out when Apple assistance asks for identifying numbers. Ideal of luck! 

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iPhone Generations & model Numbers

Now usage the list below to look up your iPhone design number. I’ve listed castle in stimulate of your generation, starting v the initial iPhone and also moving toward the newest lineup of iphone phone 12 models and also the shortly to it is in released iphone phone 13. Here are all the iPhone version numbers and the iphone models that go with them. In instance you desire to jump to a generation, here is a way to quickly navigate this list:

iPhone (original, 2007) design Number: A1203 

iPhone 3G (2008) design Numbers: A1324 & A124

iPhone 3GS (2009) version Numbers: A1325 & A1303

iPhone 4 (2010) model Numbers: A1349 & A1332

iPhone 4s (2011) version Numbers: A1431, A1387 & A1387

iPhone 5 (2012) version Numbers: A1428, A1429 & A1442

iPhone 5c (2013) version Numbers: A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529 & A1532

iPhone 5s (2013) design Numbers: A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530 & A1533

iPhone 6 add to (2014) design Numbers: A1522, A1524 & A1593

iPhone 6 (2014) model Numbers: A1549, A1586 & A1589

iPhone 6s add to (2015) version Numbers: A1634, A1687 & A1699

iPhone 6s (2015) model Numbers: A1633, A1688 & A1700

iPhone SE (2016) design Numbers: A1723, A1662, A1724

iPhone 7 to add (2016) design Numbers: A1661, A1784 & A1785

iPhone 7 (2016) design Numbers: A1660, A1778 & A1779

iPhone 8 (2017) model Numbers: A1863, A1905 & A1906


iPhone 8 plus (2017) version Numbers: A1864, A1897 & A1898 


iPhone X (2017) version Numbers: A1865, A1901 & A1902 (Japan)


iPhone XS (2018) model Numbers: A1920 

iPhone XS Max (2018) version Numbers: A1921

iPhone XR (2018) design Numbers: A1984

iPhone 11 (2019) version Numbers: A2111, A2223 & A2221


iPhone 11 pro (2019) design Numbers: A2160, A2217 & A2215


iPhone 11 agree Max (2019) design Numbers: A2161, A2220 & A2218


iPhone SE (2nd Generation, 2020) version Numbers: A2275, A2296 & A2298

iPhone 12 (2020) design Number: A2176


iPhone 12 mini (2020) version Number: A2172


iPhone 12 agree (2020) version Number: A2341


iPhone 12 agree Max (2020) design Number: A2342


iPhone 13?

If friend think you have an iphone 13—call us. You may be the very first person. To be it offered to friend by a woman rising mysteriously up the end of a lake? The brand-new iPhone models aren"t due out until loss 2021 (if Apple"s vault iPhone relax schedule deserve to be relied upon). Once it is released, we deserve to probably mean the standard iPhone 13 to remain comparable in size to the iphone phone 12 and also be accompanied by an iphone phone 13 Pro, pro Max, and a mini, too. Follow to Nashville Chatter Class, the design numbers A2628, A2630, A2634, A2635, A2640, A2643, and A2645 were certified by the Eurasian financial Commission in June, while design numbers A2660, A2656, and also A2653 were spotted through China"s 3C safety and security certification platform. These design numbers may correspond to different models in the iphone phone 13 line. To gain the full picture of what to expect from the iphone phone 13 line, examine out our iphone phone 13 rumor coverage.

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